Friday, March 6, 2020

Happy 6th Birthday, Cameron Nicole!

We celebrated family birthdays all week, with Cameron's family party at our house.

All of her cousins were in attendance, which made for one very happy birthday girl.
She requested a strawberry cake in the 11th hour, so I drove over to Newk's to buy the best one we know about!

Everyone sang to this spunky little girl and then got to enjoy the delicious cake.

Afterwards, she got to check out all of the stuff our family brought to donate to Operation Kindness. They were so generous!  Cami was thrilled and couldn't wait to go give it to all the dogs and cats.
A few days later it was time for her birthday party with a few friends.  She chose Urban Air McKinney, because it really is the best one around.  Emersyn and Avery were there, 

along with Allie, Sami, Jules and Chloe.
The girls began on this giant slide... 
worked their way over to the Wipeout apparatus...
did the Ninja Warrior obstacles...
and eventually fell into the balls instead of water.
I was so thankful for Lila and Madison--they were awesome keeping up with the little girls!  The place was a total zoo, with more people in it than I ever dreamed possible.  They made sure we didn't lose anyone!

After 90 minutes of playing, it was time for a snack and the cake.  Cami loved her cookie cake!

The birthday room was festive...
and everyone enjoyed the chicken tenders and fries.
We sang Happy Birthday to Miss Cameron again
and she blew out her 6 candles.
It was such a special day for our special little lady.  This girl lights up every room she enters and we know that God has BIG plans for her!

Thank you to all who helped celebrate Cami.  She loves every single one of you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Birthday Bonanza

6 Days.  3 Birthdays.  A whole lotta cake!

We kicked off the birthday bonanza by celebrating Gigi's birthday on 1/12.  She was surrounded by some of the most precious grandkids in the world.  And that's a fact!

We had a BBQ at her house an a chocolate ganache cake.  Yum!

Three days later, it was Cami's birthday.  She awoke to a decorated house and some fun gifts.

I brought these birthday donuts for her to share with all her classmates.

Such cute treats!

I brought lunch for us, Allie and her mom and we all dined on delicious Chick-fil-A in the school cafeteria.  Fancy!

She's 6 years old, y'all!

After school, I took the girls to get our nails painted.

6 going on 16.

The next day there was still more birthday fun to be had.  It was her good friend Allie's birthday.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

And the day after that it was Colleen's birthday.  We celebrated with bowling and arcades at PINSTACK.  Happy Birthday to all!  Whew!  So many cakes and so much celebration.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Lake Life

We enjoyed the lake so much on NYE that we just had to get back there before school started again. This time we let each kid bring a friend and it worked out so well!

Jared and the boys watched some football...

while the girls and I walked down to the lake.

It was a gorgeous January day and the water was so calm.  I just love the girls that Cami and Lila brought with us, which made it perfect.

As we approached the water, the little girls just couldn't stand it and had to run ahead.

They ran all the way down to the shoreline.

No ipads, no kindles, not really any TV.  Just the great outdoors.  And they loved it.

Jared and the boys came down a little later and started skipping rocks with us.

Then we hopped in the Mule for a quick ride.

That afternoon we hunt out on the back porch as the kids played hide and go seek.

Maverick was loving life!

The boys did some target practice until the sun went down.

After dinner it was time to check out the hot tub.  They approved!

Camp Counselor Crystal helped them get showers and dry hair and then prepared some delicious hot chocolate by the fire.

Cheers to Redi Whip and chocolate syrup!  Next level hot chocolate right there.

The weather was so ideal that we didn't even need blankets!

Everyone got a good night's sleep and wanted to try their hand with the bebe gun the next morning.  Camp Counselor Jared handled gun safety, 

and then assisted Mallory with her first attempt to hit the target.

She preferred laying down to steady her gun, though.

Eventually all 6 kids took turns aiming at the target and then it was my turn.  Happy to report that Camp Counselor Crystal stepped up, took one shot, and nailed the target on the first try.  Bam!  That's how it's done, kids. 

We explored the shore again later that morning, and took Mav along this time.

The girls found a giant "Moana" stick, 

played bean bag toss, more hide and go seek, and then I taught them kids how to play Blackjack. 
 A few of them got really into it, including Cameron and Mallory!

We had the BEST time just being outside and with friends.  Making memories.  Priceless.

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