Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lake Life

Friday afternoon--

There's no place we'd rather be!

We are able to kick back, relax a little and just enjoy the simple things in life, like watching some geese.

We got out the new slip 'n slide before my dad arrived.  Such a great way to beat the heat.
They really should make these in adult sizes--it looks so cool!

Boom's here!

A little post-dinner dancing at The Island and then back home for bed.

By noon, Tucker, Nash and Brentley had arrived with their parents.

The little kids...

big boys...

and big girls all had fun sliding in the cold well water on a HOT summer's day.
Against all odds, we finally made it out on the boat that afternoon!
So many curve balls were thrown our way, but we didn't quit! I'm so glad, too.
Tara and I have been talking about a lake trip for a long time.

These four goofballs tried to convince us that they could all tube at the same time.  They had to settle for only three at once, though.

The next morning, we were at it again.  Sunday mornings on the lake are always my favorite.
Anytime is the right time for snacks on the boat.  This girl is cuckoo for snacks at the lake.

We put the Waverunner in the water and the boys zoomed off.

The girls got plenty of play time on it, too.
The littlest girl is always urging me to "go faster, Mama!"

While boating, tubing and riding the Waverunner is always entertaining, my favorite moment came when Lila put on her water skis.  Her daddy was in the water with her, helping to keep her steady.  I was driving the Waverunner, with Cami in front of me and Bubbie behind me.  I took out the slack, Jared gave me the thumbs up and I pushed down the throttle.  And guess what?  My baby girl popped right out of the water and SKIED for a good long while!!!  She did it!  She was the only kid even brave enough to try to ski and she succeeded--on the first try!  I was SO proud.

We ended our afternoon with a leisurely boat ride to Preston Point and then headed back to the house.  Another weekend full of memories was in the books.  See you soon, Lake Texoma!

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