Tuesday, August 29, 2017

First Day of School!

Monday morning dawned bright and early.  We had dreaded this day all summer long, simply because summer is always so magical.  No alarm clocks.  No rushing around like maniacs.  No sports.  Just lots of chilling in the pool and at the lake.  SO great!  But alas, all good things must come to an end.
Both kids woke up with their alarms and were excited to start a new year at Hunt.
Yep!  That's all 5 fingers that Jackson is holding up.  5th and 2nd grade. My gosh, their elementary career is zooming by.

Memaw came over to stay with sleeping Cami--thank goodness!

Daddy and I loaded up the kids in his truck and were out the door, even a few minutes ahead of schedule.

In Jackson's previous 5 years at Hunt, we have never made it to school in time to get the coveted First Day photo by the school sign.  We were on it, this year, though!

We were meeting lots of 5th graders at the sign.  So many of them showed up!

Our first stop after getting inside was the second grade.  Miss Lila had lots of things to put in her locker, including photos, a mirror, a pencil holder and sticky notes.  The shelf didn't leave any room for her backpack, so it didn't make the cut.

We said good morning to Mrs. Tillery...

Lila's friends arrived and then we were off to fifth grade.

By the time we made it to Mrs. Flaherty's class, it was almost full.  It's her last year of teaching and we are so glad that Jackson gets to have her for homeroom and math.

He's pumped that he's got some good buddies with him in class.
They are all so happy to finally be the oldest at school.
Meanwhile, over at Schell, Miss Madison was having a great morning, too.  She loves her new teacher and was super excited to see her sweet friend Jazlin, as she walked into the room.

We made it out the door a little after the bell rang and then came home to Miss Cameron Nicole.  She was all about helping me bake a cake that morning.  After we had baked and decorated the first day of school cake, she went to visit Gigi. 

And I went to celebrate with some friends at Taco Diner!
Cheers to the kids being back in school and to less arguments to referee all day!

These two made it home on the bus right on time...

and we all enjoyed learning about everyone's first day as we ate some cake.

But wait, there's more!  The fifth graders were meeting up at Baskin Robbins, so we joined them.
The fun never ends!

Safe to say, they loved their first day of school.  And I did, too!
It's going to be a fantastic year.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Weismann Weekend

 We invited the Weismann family over the Saturday before school started.  Our time at the lake with them had been cut short, and we just love these peeps.  It was great weather that evening and everyone enjoyed being in the pool.

When Jared began tossing kids into the air, things really got fun!  Jackson went first...

followed by Lila...

and then Riley!

The two littlest opted for swing set action instead of being launched in the pool.
Sami and Cami.  Double trouble.  They sure are cute, though!

All the kids went down the slide 22 times...

and then Matt even got in on the action with a front flip off the diving board!

We ate dinner on the back patio and the kids got back in to swim.
So many smiles.  So many giggles.  I just love it.

Time spent with good friends.
There's really nothing better.  Cheers to the perfect evening.  

Friday, August 25, 2017

Cinderella--Opening Night!

Meet-the-Teacher was the same evening as opening night for Cinderella.  
There's no way that we could miss either one.  

We even arrived early to school--probably the first time ever!  First, we went to 5th grade and met all three of Jackson's teachers, then we ran down to the 2nd grade hallway and said hello to Lila's teacher.  With no time to lose, we scooted out the door and made our way to the Courtyard Theater in Plano for Madison's first night in Cinderella.

The production was so good, yet again!

Maddie was a trumpeteer at the beginning and then a lady-in-waiting after that.

Ashlyn made such a sweet Cinderella, the mean step-mother was superb and the two step-sisters were hilarious, especially Belle.

Olivia, our neighbor, was one of the girls who tried on the glass slipper, while another neighbor, Madison Beech, played Lady Pinkerton.

So many neighborhood kids had big roles, including Sofia, who is in Jackson's grade along with Olivia.  

Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother were Cami's two teachers at dance camp this summer, so she was in awe watching them in the carriage onstage!
Bravo!  Even though the show was over 2 hours long, it still kept Cami's attention the entire time.  She just loves watching live performances.
The Fairy Godmother saw Cami and Lila and came over to say hello.  Such a beautiful, sweet girl!  Cami got shy when faced with a photo op, but Lila obliged.  They look up to Miss Olivia so much.

We all enjoyed watching these sweet girls and can't wait for their next performance.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back to School--Let's hit the Pool!

The week before summer is over is always bitter sweet.  It's sad that our days in the pool are limited, but so fun to be able to see your friends every day at school.  This year, we decided to ease back into things.  Lauren's mom kicked it off right with a Back-to-school party for the 2nd graders.

My sweet girl was all smiles after getting to spend some time with her school friends.  The best part about it?  We didn't have to wake up at 6:30 am to see them!  

I enjoyed catching up with lots of the moms, too.

Carolyn even made special cups for the occasion!

Most of Lila's girl squad. They might be sassy, but at least they will sit still for 2 seconds...

unlike the boys in her grade!  They are such maniacs.  

The kids swam for a few hours, 

and enjoyed every last minute of summer.  Second grade, I hope you're ready for this crew!

All of this party time for the second grade prompted Jackson to ask for a 5th grade pool party.
At our house.  We were able to round up some buddies at the last minute and two days later, our backyard was hopping.


While the big boys were having fun, Cami buddied up with Ava and Aubrey, Brody's big sister.  These girls were so good with her all night long.  She was really thankful, and so was her mama.

Lila was thrilled when Madi got to our house.
The middle sister can feel left out sometimes, so a friend for her was just perfect.

These kids never stopped moving.
They went from the pool, to playing soccer, to jumping on the trampoline.
It's amazing to me how grown up they are all looking these days.

They are ready to rule the school!

Cheers to a great year!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sierra Slumber Party!

We have waited all year to be able to hang out with the Sierra Family.  Last year we went to their ranch in Blanco, but had to keep running to baseball games, so our time was pretty limited.  This time, we had from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and it was glorious!

We didn't waste any time after they arrived on Friday.  Let's go to the lake!

I just love this girl.  Like Jared said, she's my soul sista.  We met in Lubbock right before both our husbands started law school at Texas Tech.  We clicked immediately and spent the next three years making fantastic memories with Jared and Mike.  We first brought them to the lake before kids were even in the picture.

Fast forward 14 years and we've got our hands full!
Cameron and Diane Claire are only 4 months apart and both are full of spunk.

On Saturday morning, the four boys went down to the dock to do some fishing.  Mike and Sam are expert fly-fisherman, and they showed my boys the ropes.  Within an hour, they had caught 4 fish!

Jared even caught a catfish!

The girls and I went to see all of the action soon thereafter.  Lila was afraid to hold the fishing pole, 

and Cami and Caroline were most fascinated with the live bait--"look at all these big worms, mom!"

So, the boys fished...

and the girls played with worms.

Right before we gave up, Stephanie caught one, though!

Mike almost made her kiss it--eek!

A little while later, we were on the water and ready to have a fantastic day.
We started out with a boat ride and some wave runner fun.  We stayed on the water until the clouds got pretty large and very dark.

It started raining mid-afternoon, but these maniacs didn't care.  The hot tub was the place to be!

When the rain stopped for a bit, we brought out the slip and slide.  Always a hit with the small...

and the tall.

Since our lake day was cut short on Saturday, the Sierras decided to stay a bit longer.  I'm so glad they did.  Diane Claire got a chance to tube with her daddy and loved it!  Such big smiles the entire time.

Not to be outdone, this kid went tubing with her daddy, too!

As we were loading up the kids to go back to the house, my heart was so full.
The Hays/Sierra Reunion was a hit, once again, and we can't wait to do it again next summer.

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