Friday, June 9, 2017

So Long School, Hello Summer!

Last Friday was one for the books!  These two woke up with pure excitement in their hearts.  
Somehow another school year has zoomed by. They are done with 1st and 4th grade.


They read their congratulatory cards and opened their gifts - new pool floats--and were off to school for the last time.

A few hours later, Miss Cameron and I were walking into school.  We went to the first grade to see Lila and Cami immediately saddled up in her lap.
These girls have had such a fantastic year.   All three tested into the gifted program!  Only 6 total students from their grade are in PACE for next year, so this was a really big accomplishment.  Sporty and smart--these girls have it all!
Lila's class signed each other's bags.  Class of 2028!  Sounds like it's in the great beyond, but I'm sure it'll get here much faster than I'd like it to.
We gave Ms. Garner a class picture and she loved it.  Such a sweet lady.
Jackson and his posse.  Such goofballs.  
Meanwhile, in 4th grade, these boys were having a ball.

Jackson came down to see Ms. Garner after his party was over.

She still has a special place in his heart.  He was such a little boy when he was in her class.
Now he's taller than she is!
In less than an hour, we were at Calley's house. Hello Summer!

 Happiness all around!

Such a fun group of girls were there to celebrate the last day of school.

The girls swam...

played in the super-cool playhouse...

flattered their moms with a few cute pictures...

and swam some more!

Little sister enjoyed the pool, but she also really liked the spring-free trampoline.

"Look at me, mom!"

An hour into the party, the rain made an appearance.  No lightning, though, so the party carried on!

After the girls' party was over, we headed over to the 4th grade party.
They had a big crew at the Bartons' house, yet again.

These kids are crazy!  I have no idea how they didn't break this trampoline.

How in the world are they old enough to be going into 5th grade?!

By the time we got there, they were warming up in the hot tub, but then got out for much more swimming, running, four-square and shenanigans.

Hooray for Summer!  We are your biggest fans.

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