Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Angel

For the first half of the season, my little angel's batting average was .133. Then something clicked and she got the swing of it. For the next 7 games it was .588.  A huge jump!

Once she started hitting the ball, she loved the feeling of running the bases and especially loved crossing home plate.  Way to go, #12!

I'm so proud of her perseverance.  That smiles looks great on my angel girl!

The Angels started off pretty slow, but got better and better as the season went on.
Coach Patrick was so impressed with them.

These little first graders surprised everyone by finishing 2nd in the third grade league!

Lila is so thankful that she got to play with some of her favorite friends.

They like to win, but they also like to play!

Lila got her trophy and big hugs from her fan club.

Everyone was so proud of her.

We love our favorite Angel!

As if getting 2nd weren't a big enough high, we found out that she was voted to play in the Allstar game, too!  She had such a great night and got to try out a few new positions, including 1st base, where she made two outs!  She fielded the ball like a pro.  That's my girl!
My girl went 2 for 3 and made two outs!  

The Angels were smiling super big after their team won the Allstar game!
Awesome job, girls!  Play like a girl.  I'll promote that any day.

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