Sunday, June 4, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Lake Texoma!  Our Happy Place!
It had been way too long since we set foot on the back porch of this house and looked down at the lake.  We had nothing on our calendar for the entire three day weekend, though, so we made it happen, and I'm so glad that we did.

In honor of the special weekend, we sported the latest Walmart fashions.
I was only slightly jealous that Jared's shirt was funnier than mine.

These girls have grown up on the lake.  It's so fun that the baby is 3 and things are finally starting to get easier.  I can see the light!

Big brother was looking like all kinds of cool in the front seat.

Meanwhile, little sister had been begging to drive "all by myself," so when we got in open water, her daddy obliged.

Cruising the lake brings out the best in all of us, I think!
Laid back and loving life.

The first afternoon, these kids were smiling, but still pretty timid about the lake.
They probably had as much fun on the slip 'n slide as they did on the lake.

No joke--so much laughter.

Double time!

The next day, Tucker came to the lake and Jackson was ready to show him the ropes on the tube.

Tucker was a big hit with everyone:)

He was up for anything--paddleboarding...


and hitting up the sweet jumps on the Sea Doo with me!  We had a ball on the water.
We even got Boom Pa out on the lake for the afternoon in his new Walmart shirt.  Ha!
And while Gigi wasn't up for a wild ride on the Sea Doo again, she did some very tame paddle boarding with Cameron.

We were so busy on Sunday that the boys didn't have time to break out the four wheelers.
We remedied that right after breakfast on Memorial Day.

Off they go!

With Dad trailing right behind!

We headed down to the lake a little while later.  Why is this our last day, mom?
Jared and I decided to kick things off right.  He skied first and then it was my turn.
And guess what?  We still got it!
The girls were up next and ready for some real tubing.  They were all smiles and wanted to go fast, especially when Cami got back inside the boat.

Get it girls!
The boys couldn't let the girls out-do them, so when it was their turn, they had the need for speed.  They were flying over the wake!

We skied and tubed so hard, but finally stopped for a short lunch.

Very soon we were back on the lake.  Love spending time with this kid!

His sassy little sister is pretty fun, too.

And a weekend with their daddy is my favorite.
On the lake, making memories.  It's what summer is for.

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