Thursday, June 1, 2017

Guess Who Rocked Preschool?

This girl!  Miss Cameron Nicole had the best first year of Mother's Day Out.

We went from all smiles on the first day, to all smiles on the last day.

She loved school, but is very ready for summer!

But first, party day at school!

Pizza and popsicles?  Yes, please.  Happy kids.

She made some sweet friends...

learned to recognize all her letters and memorized all of their sounds.  She can spell her first and last name, can count to 40 and is as smart as a whip.  This kid doesn't miss anything.  Yesterday, she overheard me telling Jared that I was taking Lila to the dermatologist.  Cami casually piped in, "that's the skin doctor," as if she were the adult, not the 3 year old!  

I'm so thankful that Cameron had these two sweet teachers to love on her the whole year.
I'm pretty sure she kept them thoroughly entertained, too!

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