Thursday, June 29, 2017

On the Pontoon!

Like Little Big Town says--Get yourself a koozie, let's go!  
We spent last weekend on the lake and were super excited to check out Boom Pa's new toy--the pontoon boat!

We invited Brooklyn and her big brother, Ben, to go with us this time.  On Friday afternoon, it was hot, but the weather was perfect for some tubing.

There is so much more room on the new boat!  These 5 easily fit on the back.

The front has more than enough room for this little lady to do some fishing.  She was in heaven every time we stopped to switch out tubers.
While we toured the lake, J took time to just enjoy the sun.  Did I mention we love this boat?!

We tried pulling two tubes at once.
It was alright until that long rope started coming across close to Ben's head!
Lake Life.  I think they could get used to it.

Even though we are some pretty rad tubers, we decided to just stick with one tube at a time.
These boys were ready to conquer Lake Texoma.

The boys did great--had some pretty sweet wipeouts--and then it was the girls' turn.

Everyone gave it a big thumbs up.  They are fearless!

After her turn on the tube, little Missy took the wheel, announcing, "I'm the boss!"
That she is.  And don't think she lets us forget it!

The next morning brought even more fun when Sawyer, Colby, Samantha and Riley brought their parents to hang out with us for the weekend.

Nine kids and six adults--we got this!

Cami and Sami. Love these little peas in a pod.

The big boys showed the little boys how to hang on for dear life!

Everyone took turns riding the wave runners.  When Adam drove by and asked if anyone wanted to ride, these two girls were the first to holler, "Me!"  They hopped right on and proceeded to tell him to go faster every chance they got.

Meanwhile, Colby was as happy as he could be pretending to be the Captain.

We swam, fished...

and just enjoyed being together so much.

We came in for lunch and the kids immediately all got in the new hot tub.  Kid approved!
After lunch, there was a lot more tubing.  Get it girls!
Many more rides on the big toys.
Everyone was a fan!
While we took it easy with the little kids, the thrill level was raised with the older ones.  I took the boys to jump some big waves.  We got sweet air and had so much FUN!
Jared took the girls for a spin or 50, too.

With our busy lives, I don't get to see Hayley and Emily as often as I would like.  This was the perfect remedy for that. Love my girls.
We played until Cami just gave out.  Sweet girl fell asleep with the fishing pole still in her hand.
Jackson took the boys on a ride up to the house...

and then kids did the slip 'n slide while we cooked dinner.

After we ate, we celebrated Matt's birthday.
"Happy Birthday, dear Matt.  Happy Birthday to YOU!"

The next morning, we went to fill up the gas tank...

then it was time to hit the water again!

All the kids took turns tubing until we had to call it quits at noon.
Baseball practice was calling Jackson's name back home.  Bummer.

My girl and I cannot wait to get back to Texoma this weekend with my cousin Leslie and Aunt Glenda!  It's going to be another awesome time--on the pontoon!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


  Our favorite weekend of baseball all year--the travel tournament! This summer we went back to Houston, aka, one of the hottest places on planet Earth.  For real. 
When traveling south on I-45, you must always make time to stop at Buc-ee's!  We had already sat in plenty of traffic, so our time was limited.  In five minutes, though, we had acquired warm cinnamon and sugar pecans, sampled and chosen 4 types of fudge, picked up bacon beef jerky and even a Buc-ee's CD!  Roll on.

Two hours later, we were at our first stop.  Lupe Tortilla to meet friends for dinner!  Sweet Kennedy was so welcoming to Cami and all of our kids.  They just love her.  We all think she's a mini-Moana!
I just loved getting to visit with Kelly, one of my friends from Lubbock. 
We still weren't at our final destination, though, so we had to say goodbye.
A few hours later, we had checked into our hotel, unpacked a little and were at the Kemah Boardwalk for a night of fun!  
It was 9:30 by the time we got there and found some of Jackson's baseball buddies.  These boys were having a blast running around, riding all the rides and being silly.
While we were waiting in line for the Ferris wheel, the fireworks show started.  So cool!
The view was spectacular.  Definitely a magical moment for me!
Our party of 6 was too large to go on one car, so the boys hopped in beside us.
Hi Daddy and Jackson!
This little rockstar was so excited about the whole night.
After the Ferris wheel, we bought tickets for the carousel.
She rode the pretty white horse and smiled the entire 8 times we went around!
Then, the girls and I took a train ride around the whole boardwalk...

while Jackson and Cooper rode the pirate ship a few more times.
Jackson was holding on for dear life!

After a good night's sleep, we were ready to watch some baseball.
The Fury started out slow and lost the first game.  Then they brought in this kid to pitch a few innings of game #2.

He's had a great season and he was throwing heat all weekend.

When #7 is on the mound everyone feels good!

These kids were an awesome catcher/pitcher combo and led the Fury to a big win!
Who likes to win?  This kid!

After the games, we headed out to Galveston to meet Cameron and his parents at their house on the bay.

We visited them there two years ago, and loved it then.  Happy to say, it's still just as amazing.
They took us on a boat ride all around Galveston Bay.  What a neat way to kick off the night!

A sunset cruise--it was perfection.
Captain Rob and his first mate!

While my favorite part was being on the water and seeing all the boats, the kids were the most entertained by Bailey, the dog!

After our ride, we relaxed on the second story of the boat dock.  One day, I will get some of these hanging chairs!  I just love them.
So much love for Bailey!

Watching his son play some fantastic baseball, followed by an evening boat ride with good friends.  Father's Day weekend was shaping up pretty nicely for this guy.

The next morning, we got to sleep in because the boys got the 11:00 game.  Hallelujah!  Jared got so many hugs and "Happy Father's Day!" wishes.  He felt the love, for sure.

We got Jared his breakfast tacos from Rudy's and then we headed to 
Big League Dreams.  Let's do this!

Since Sundays are win-or-go-home situations, Coach Mark wanted to make sure we got to the championship.  Our best shot?  You gotta put #7 on the mound.  It was a super-close game.  Jackson was on fire, though, and ended up pitching the entire game.  He was also hitting really well and scored the first and last run. 

Right after the 6th inning started, time expired.  We were up 4-2 and were the home team, so we had last bat if it came to that.  Jackson looked really strong in the 5th inning, so Coach Mark decided to put him back in.  He struck out the first batter.  Yes!  Then came the top of their line-up.  The next batter got a hit into right field for a double or triple (it all runs together!) He scored soon after, I think on a ball that went past the catcher.  It was 4-3 now.  The next kid popped up for out #2.  Then Jackson walked the next batter.  His only walk of the day.  That kid stole second. Coach Mark walked out to the mound and we thought he was going to pull him.  The infield chatted and then Jackson stayed on the mound.  We only needed one more out.  C'mon, #7!  If this kid got a big hit, they would be up on us.  Everyone was alternating between cheering for Jackson and holding their breath.  I just didn't want to see this game slip through their fingertips!  Jackson never looked rattled, though.  He was all business.  Strike #1.  Strike #2.  You can do this, kid!  Strike #3!!!
Game over! Fury wins!  After the game, Coach Mark praised J for a job well done.  

The boys went on to play in the championship game.  They played well, but came up a little short against a solid 11U AAA team.  Way to go boys!

All of their dads were there to see them play their hardest.  They couldn't have been any prouder.

Another ring for his collection!

On a day when the heat index was 106, these boys hung tough.  

It was a great ending to a fabulous weekend.
Friends, family and the Fury played awesome--what more could we ask for?

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