Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul & Boyz II Men!!!
Are you kidding me?  We just had to be there.
Last Tuesday night, this party bus rolled up to my house!  It had 18 other moms from Lucas already on board.  We brought the party to the back of the bus, though!

Every now and then, it's so great to go out without the kids.  These girls are simply my favorite.
The party bus took us to dinner at St. Anne's first, and then we ran over to the AAC to see the show.  Boyz II Men was amazing and was already singing when we got there.  Paula was up next and knocked our socks off, too!  She's 54 and was just killing it on stage.  Amazing.
We met Chrissy and Jenny, too.  These girls and I have a shared love for 90s music!
The entire concert was non-stop action.  Right after Paula finished, NKOTB took the stage.
They played to a packed house, too!

Halfway thru the show, they sang from the stage right in front of us.

We had such a fabulous time!
We were hangin' tough with these guys until 11:30.  On a school night, even!

Cheers to fun with my girls.

And to an amazing night out--even if we did all have to get up and make school lunches the next day.  It was still worth it!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Texas Forever

Softball, Horses and Pat Green.   My kind of Saturday!
Last weekend, we hit up all three--the trifecta of perfection.  
We started out by cheering on Lila at her softball game.  

She swings...

she hits the ball...

and makes it safely to first base!!!  That smile says it all.

Good job, girls!

Within 20 minutes of their game being over, these girls were ready to ride some horses at Addison's birthday party.  Giddy up!  First, they brushed their horse...

then, they led them out of their stall and into the big arena.

Mo (AKA Slow Mo) was a little reluctant at first!

Within a few minutes, all the girls were on their horses and ready to ride.

I was so impressed with all the girls!  Lila was pretty hesitant, but Mo was very calm and followed her directions well.  What a fun party!
Right after the party was over, we ran home, showered and got ready for a Texas sized evening under the stars.  We met our friends in Rockwall and let the kids play before walking to the concert.
This little chickadee was zooming around the yard in her friend's princess carriage.  Watch out!

Her little buddy Dylan was a crazy driver, too.  Thank goodness Teagan was riding shotgun!

Who's ready for Pat Green?  This guy!

Dylan wasn't ready to go until Jackson asked him to walk with him.
All the little kids just love Jackson--so cute.

It was such the perfect night for a concert in the park.  Gorgeous afternoon, corny dogs, funnel cakes, and some awesome music, too.

As far as Jared and I are concerned, it doesn't really get much better.
Cameron danced the night away with her glow bracelet.  

And any night with my girls is a win!

These guys are pretty cool to hang out with, too.

And our kiddos always have the best time together.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

The Emersons are moving to New Braunfels.  Boo!  We had to have one last swim party to say goodbye.  Almost everyone was able to make it and loved being able to hang out with Justin, April, Cowen, Corbett and Baby Wren.

We had quite a crew in our backyard!
We will all miss Justin, the life of the party.  He is always the first one to jump in!

Such a fun-loving person.

We will also miss these sweet boys...

and of course, we'll miss their mama and baby sister, too.

It was so fun to kick off the summer with some of our best friends.  Cami was ready!

She joined Finley, Chloe, Brooklynn and Madison, and was all about swimming with the big girls.

I was thrilled that Baby Josie let me hold her!

My girls!  Anytime with these girls is a good time.
The only stinky part about the night was when Cami got stung by a wasp that flew out of this grill.  Ouch!
Other than that, everyone was all smiles.  Jackson was thrilled that he got to invite Beau.

I'm pretty sure Beau enjoyed himself, too!

These boys played all night long.

The girls did, too, and only stopped for dinner for a few minutes.

The guys hung out near the pool and some were even on baby duty!
Meanwhile, Jared was at the Angels playoff game watching these cute girls WIN!  They beat the Sweet Cleats, the undefeated team in their league, and won 12-11!

And guess who scored the winning run AND made the tag that saved the runner from getting to 3rd base??  This blondie on the right!  That's my girl!

I was so sad that I missed it, but very happy when I got to hug her neck that night.
She was just beaming when she got home.

The kids swam until way after dark.  Full pool--just the way we like it!

They went back and forth between the warm hot tub and the cool pool.

Cameron was thrilled to pieces to go down the slide.  She had such a great set-up.  Madison would go down with her, while Teagan and Allie waited for them in the water with the rafts.  Now that's what I call good friends!


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