Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's Great to be a Hunt Hound

This past weekend was full of fun with school friends.

Friday was Walk to School Day.  For some reason, the kids love this!  It means getting ready early, but they think it is really neat.  They met lots of other friends at Tucker and Brentley's house and all walked together. 
Friday night was school night at the Frisco Rough Riders baseball game.  The weather forecast was dicey, but we decided to chance it, and I'm so glad we did.  
A few showers and lightning don't scare us!
Lila invited Reagan and Jackson took Ben.
When we arrived, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous afternoon.

We found Malee and then immediately were greeted by one of the mascots.  So cool!

By game time, many more friends were there, like Madison...

Brandon and Brody.  Our section filled up and everyone had a fantastic night.

We enjoyed the amazing lightning show and were so happy that they didn't call off the game.

The rain held off until half-way through the 7th inning.  We wished the Rough Riders good luck for the rest of the night and made a run to our car.  Just in time, too!
Early the next morning, we were at the Murphy Middle School 5K Color Run.  Jackson and his buddies were racing in it--it was much colder than we expected!  These boys are tough, though.
They started out by throwing color packets all over one another...

  and then took their place at the starting line.  On your mark.  Get set.

GO!!! Their group was at the very front, 

and took off in a dead sprint.  Oh my!  I was sure hoping Jackson would pace himself!  This was his very first timed race, so we really didn't know what to expect.

I shouldn't have been surprised when I saw him sprinting towards the finish line, but I was!  I hollered, "Oh my gosh, is that Jackson?!"  He finished 12th out of about 500 racers, of all ages.  This kid is so good at all athletic events--he amazes me!  He ran the 5K in 23 minutes and 30 seconds.  Pretty respectable for his first race!

He said he started sprinting when he saw the finish line, but paced himself the rest of the way.
His strategy worked.  I was so proud of him!

This trio was so impressive.
Blake came in a tad behind Jackson and then Tucker followed a minute later.  

A few minutes later, Gage and Caleb crossed the finish line...and shenanigans started when Gage brought out even more color packets!

Way to go, Hunt Hounds!  Y'all are awesome.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

It's your time to shine, Madison! Now you're Nine!

9 Things I love about Madison:

1.  She's got so much personality!
2.  She's such a loving cousin.
3.  She's got talent--doing accents, memorizing raps, she can do it all!
4.  She has gorgeous hair.
5.  She's got to-die-for dimples.
6.  She's got a great singing voice.
7.  She's a loyal friend.
8.  She's super-athletic and an awesome soccer player.
9.  She's creative and loves to make new things--slime is the latest obsession!

We spiced things up this year with a pottery party for Madison's birthday.  

She was lucky that her birthday fell on a school holiday this year!  How cool!  We had the party at Quiggly's Clayhouse for a small group of her best friends.

Every kid got to choose their piece of pottery to paint.  Cami picked Ariel...

Jackson picked a baseball box and Lila chose a cute dolphin.

Friends from soccer and school were all there...

and everyone liked painting--we were all working so hard!

Ta da!  Madison and Maheera both painted the gumball machine.  Very cute.

They took us on a tour to see the kilns that will fire our masterpieces.
Everyone can't wait to see how they will turn out!

We lit the candle on her cookie cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl.

"Happy Birthday dear Madison, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!"

Nine friends to celebrate her 9th birthday--perfect!

Cheers to fun with family..

and with good friends, too.

Dinner with the fam followed that night and she got even more presents and dessert.

Madison Reese, we are so glad that you were born!
God created a one-of-a-kind superstar when he made you.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Easter!

Easter 2017 - Such a special day.
It was nice weather, no rain and no mud!
Our little family was all together.  What more could we ask for?

This cute bunny had been reminding our neighbors that it was Easter all week.

The kids woke up to find their Easter basket full of goodies.
They immediately put on their bunny ears and opened their gifts.

It did not take long before little sis grabbed her brother's funny glasses.

Daddy had run to the store to buy icing for our still-to-be-made Bunny Cake, and said that he saw something unusual in our front yard when he got back.  We ran out front and found the yard covered in Easter eggs!  The kids didn't know what to make of it, but they didn't want to waste time running back inside for their baskets, so they used their clothes instead.  Such a fun surprise from the Easter Bunny this year!

Somehow, by the grace of God, we were all dressed and ready for church on time.
The girls even had their hair curled!

We walked into church and saw one of our faves--Miss Karlie!  She used to babysit these kiddos when Lila was only 6 months old.  Now she's a NICU nurse!

Everyone was well behaved during church, and I only had to leave once to take Cami to the potty.  We will count that as a win.

We were thankful to have Aunt Lyndsie and Uncle Scott join us this year.
Such a great family picture--the year that Cami may or may not turn around for the camera!

If I'm taking the picture, then she's all smiles.  Such a funny little girl.

Jenny and Dusty sat right behind us in church with this little guy.
Lila loves JP!  It's easy to see why--he's got the best smile!  His big brother was too busy running for me to snap a pic of him, but he's a cutie, too.

We ran home and began preparing lunch.  I finally got all five of us for a family Easter photo.
It's so rare that everyone is this dressed up--I love it.
These two have such a special bond--Gigi loves her only grandson so much.  He's actually taller than she is now, but she was in heels and he had taken his shoes off.  

We got the ham, smoked turkey, potato salad, mac and cheese, strawberry salad and fresh fruit all ready.  After I added the rolls to the table, it was time to enjoy the meal.

After lunch, were all so full that we couldn't even think about eating the Bunny Cake, but it sure was cute!

The girls hula-hooped with their new toys while we hid the eggs.

On your mark...get set...


This was the first year that Cameron really understood the point of hunting the eggs.  She did get distracted a time or two, though, by stopping to see what was inside them!  I had to remind her that there were still more eggs to find.

There was so need to remind the others that this was a race.  They were full-steam ahead!

Lila even got creative and began throwing rocks at the eggs that were up in the trees to try and get them down.

Cami got back in the game and scooped up a lot underneath the trampoline.

This guy was running around so much that most of my pictures of him are blurry!

Madison was trying her best to get eggs, too...

but also stopped to help Cami a time or two.

By the end, there was even egg stealing!
Big daddy remedied that by threatening to throw J in the pool if he didn't return Lila's eggs!

Alas, the egg hunt was finally over and guess what, they all got a ton of eggs.  

They counted out each one--Jackson got 82, Lila got 67, Madison got 65 and Cami got 58.
My gosh!  So many eggs!

Happy girl.

Such a proud little egg hunter.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon outside...

then came inside for some pudding dessert and Aunt Lyndsie Easter cookies.  Yum!

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