Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Vacation Bible School

VBS--one of the best ways to kick off your summer just right!
Mandy has volunteered to be the girls' leader for the past two years.  She pours her heart into loving on the girls.  She's amazing!  This year they had lots of friends join them--so much fun.
Jackson and his buddies were still the boys in blue.  He was thrilled that Ben and Gavin joined him and the Ahman brothers this year.
On the first day, the girls made this craft...

and on the second day, they got to play water games outside.

When I picked up this whole crew on Tuesday afternoon, they were smiling from ear to ear.
They had won the Coin Challenge!

They were also super stoked for our VBS Girls' Swim Party!

Cameron was right in the middle of the action all afternoon, going down the slide just like a big girl.

After the girls did the diving board and slide, they moved on to chicken fighting.  Ha!

We decided that the pool was a better spot for this than the spa.

So many belly laughs!

When Cami asked if she could do it, too, Reagan offered to "fight" her.

Reagan is so sweet.  She let Cami win her first ever chicken fight.  Go girl!
After that, the girls had relay races, played on the trampoline and then made many more trips down the slide.  They wore me out just watching them!

The next morning, Jackson was determined to win the Coin Challenge. He and Lila both gave so generously all week long.  It made my heart so happy to see their giving spirit.

But alas, Purple Power was still dominate!  Not only did they win the Coin Challenge that day, they also won the Spirit Stick, for being the group that exhibited the most Christ-like behavior and good sportsmanship.

On Wednesday afternoon, Lila and Brooklyn went to play at Calley's house with her big sisters.  In addition to their fun pool, trampoline and playhouse, they made an enormous slip and slide.
So great!
The next day, it was the boys' turn for a swim party at our house.  Thank goodness for Little Caesars pizza and crazy bread.  Fast, easy and cheap.
They played a little bit of soccer first...

and then soared into the pool.  They were some very happy campers.
Blue Thunder had finally won the Coin Challenge!


These boys were non-stop from the moment I said go, playing plenty of water basketball...

all with this little lady right up in the mix.

They were all so good with her, often letting her "play" too.  She told me, "Bubbie will keep me safe."  She adores that big brother of hers.  And she's right--he's very protective of his baby sister.

Their chicken fights were a little more intense!

They had a ball seeing who could beat who.

Cami got to play again and beat Ethan this time!

The whole afternoon was full of fun and shenanigans...like riding down a slide, carrying a noodle and landing in a donut float. Hey, why not?!
These boys were flying high!

They were convinced that they were going to win the Coin Challenge for the last day.  Jackson emptied out his piggy bank!  Red Rocks came up really strong, though, blowing all the of the groups out of the water.  It was Purple Power, though, that won the entire week!  Way to go, kiddos!  All of the money raised will go to provide safe and efficient home kits for families in Guatemala.  This means that these families will now have stoves that do not emit smoke into the home, solar lights to provide light after the sun goes down, and a water filtration system that will provide clean drinking water.  I'm so proud of be part of a church that spreads the love of God world-wide.  VBS was amazing again this year and helped enrich my children's souls, as well as open their eyes to the needs of others.  I am so thankful!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Love

Our first week of summer was so nice.  With not many things planned, we were ready to sleep in and relax a little.  We kicked it off on Sunday afternoon with Lila's softball party at the neighborhood pool.
The girls had cupcakes and pizza...
did a lot of good jumping...
and had a great time with their friends.
While we were at the pool party, Jared and Jackson got invited to the Frisco Rough Riders game with Gavin and his dad.  Since the boys didn't have school the next day, why not?!
It was also my first time back at work in 10 years!  In between taking care of the kids, I've been trying to help Jared get his new office set up.  I worked with him for a few days last week and found out that he's a great boss!
Summer also means that we get to have lunch with Dad sometimes, especially since his office is so much closer now.  Happy kids.  Happy dad.  Happy me.

Madison spent the night a few times with us, too, and got to try out our new floats.  She was a fan of the alligator...
and all three girls loved the angel wings.

When were weren't in the pool, we were going on bike rides around our neighborhood, visiting the library and playing with friends.
On Saturday, we invited Lyndsie, Scott, Andrew and Maria over to swim and cookout fajitas.  We let the kids invite two kids each.  Caden and J played basketball for hours.
The kids jumped off the diving board...
and went down the slide at least 125 times!

It was a beautiful afternoon to be outside.

Cami enjoyed hanging with the big girls immensely.  They took a break from the pool, but then were ready to hop back in before dinner.
After Blake got there, the boys invited Uncle Scott to play Spike Ball with them.

Blake went home after we ate...
and even though the sun was setting, these kids still hadn't had enough water time.

They stayed in the hot tub until it was pitch black outside...

only getting out periodically to do chicken fights.  This little girl even won a round!
The next day had more water fun in store for the girls.  Not only did they swim in our pool before church, but they got to go to Emma's birthday party after church as well. 
My fearless little girl was all over their fast slide.

Happy Birthday to Emma, and Happy Summer to us!

Friday, June 9, 2017

So Long School, Hello Summer!

Last Friday was one for the books!  These two woke up with pure excitement in their hearts.  
Somehow another school year has zoomed by. They are done with 1st and 4th grade.


They read their congratulatory cards and opened their gifts - new pool floats--and were off to school for the last time.

A few hours later, Miss Cameron and I were walking into school.  We went to the first grade to see Lila and Cami immediately saddled up in her lap.
These girls have had such a fantastic year.   All three tested into the gifted program!  Only 6 total students from their grade are in PACE for next year, so this was a really big accomplishment.  Sporty and smart--these girls have it all!
Lila's class signed each other's bags.  Class of 2028!  Sounds like it's in the great beyond, but I'm sure it'll get here much faster than I'd like it to.
We gave Ms. Garner a class picture and she loved it.  Such a sweet lady.
Jackson and his posse.  Such goofballs.  
Meanwhile, in 4th grade, these boys were having a ball.

Jackson came down to see Ms. Garner after his party was over.

She still has a special place in his heart.  He was such a little boy when he was in her class.
Now he's taller than she is!
In less than an hour, we were at Calley's house. Hello Summer!

 Happiness all around!

Such a fun group of girls were there to celebrate the last day of school.

The girls swam...

played in the super-cool playhouse...

flattered their moms with a few cute pictures...

and swam some more!

Little sister enjoyed the pool, but she also really liked the spring-free trampoline.

"Look at me, mom!"

An hour into the party, the rain made an appearance.  No lightning, though, so the party carried on!

After the girls' party was over, we headed over to the 4th grade party.
They had a big crew at the Bartons' house, yet again.

These kids are crazy!  I have no idea how they didn't break this trampoline.

How in the world are they old enough to be going into 5th grade?!

By the time we got there, they were warming up in the hot tub, but then got out for much more swimming, running, four-square and shenanigans.

Hooray for Summer!  We are your biggest fans.

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