Sunday, December 17, 2017

December Magic

December.  Everyone's favorite month of the year.  There's just something so magical about it.

This year is no different.  Our elf, Johnny, made his first appearance of the season on December 1st.  The big kids found him hanging out on our front porch right before they left for school. 
That tricky rascal!  

Lila's basketball team, the Murphy Magic, kicked off their season with a big win. 
These girls are awesome.  Go Magic!

We are all about trying new experiences every holiday season. We did the Journey to Bethlehem at a nearby church and were so impressed with it.  It's a drive-thru nativity scene...

where people tell the story of Jesus' birth.  The narrators read a few important pieces of scripture at your car window, as you check out the scene.

So cool!

The live animals were the biggest hit, for sure.

I loved the wooly sheep that was looking at the Star...

but my favorite was the camel at the end!  Cami said her favorite was Baby Jesus, which made me feel bad for not saying the same thing!  Out of the the mouths of babes.  #truth #jesusisthereasonfortheseason
Our night of new things didn't end there. 
We journeyed on to the Galleria to introduce our kids to the magic of ice skating!

Standing in line wasn't half bad, since we had a view of this magnificent tree AND got to watch ice skaters wipe out left and right.  Ha!

A half hour later, we were on the ice!  Maddie was the only experienced skater, so she helped out Jackson at first.

Jared and I switched off between helping Cami and Lila.  Both were pretty unsteady, but then Lila finally got the hang of it.  Miss Cameron looked like she was .2 seconds away from wiping out at all times.  By the grace of God, we avoided that!

"Look mom, I'm ice skating!"

We ended our weekend with a magical time at church.  All three big kids went to the service with us, joined in by singing some Christmas Carols, and listened to the message. 
I love this time of year.

Disney On Ice

Cameron has been begging to go to Disney World, so I jumped on the chance to take her to the next-best thing--Disney On Ice!  It was only 20 minutes from our house, too. 
Samantha and Emily joined us for a magical afternoon.  Perfect!

We ran around like maniacs, but made it inside the building with 10 minutes to spare!

These girls were as excited to see all the princesses as we were.

Little Ariel and Little Anna were simply too cute.

Our seats were so fab, too!  First up, The Little Mermaid.  We got to see Ariel and all of her good friends.

Ursula was scary, as always!

Ariel's high-flying tricks were my favorite, though.

Next up, Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder.

Disney does special effects so well.  The glowing lanterns were spot on.

and the parade at the end with horse was awesome!

After intermission, the girls were super stoked to see more princesses.  First up, Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Be Our Guest was my favorite act of the day.  It's over 25 years old and still so impressive!
While the girls loved seeing Ariel, Rapunzel and Belle, they were most excited about Elsa and Anna.  Their faces were priceless when these two took the ice.

Kristoff and Sven were awesome as well...

and everyone loves Olaf, the dancing snowman!

All of the performers skated together for the finale.

And Elsa ended the show with a bang.  So very entertaining!

We went to lunch afterwards and then this little lady promptly fell asleep on the ride home.  I'm positive it was one of her very favorite days of the year.  And I love that.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Be Thankful

It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  We all have areas in our life that are not perfect, but we are all abundantly blessed.  Sometimes it's nice to sit back and reflect, which is why I love Thanksgiving.    Time to give thanks!

I'm thankful for the health and huge smiles on the faces of these four little turkeys.

I''m thankful for Uncle Dan and Aunt Ruth being able to make the drive from Oklahoma to spend the day with us.

I'm thankful for Meme being able to come over for lunch, see her sister, and visit with her great grandkids.

I'm thankful that these kids get along more often than not these days--a huge blessing!

When Jared and I used to talk about our hypothetical family, we always envisioned three kids, with at least one boy and one girl.  In our wildest dreams, though, we never imagined being the parents to three kids as amazing as Jackson, Lila and Cami.  They are all so unique and special.  

I'm thankful that Meme got to give these girls big hugs and be entertained by Cami's Turkey songs:)

I'm thankful for an active family that knows how to have a good time.  Football after lunch is Jackson's favorite part of Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful that his little sister can run like the wind and score a touchdown on him!  Go Lila!

Jared (and I ) are thankful for his sweet mama, and I'm grateful that she raised such an amazing man.  Well done, Mama Hays!

Maddie and I are thankful for nice aunts and uncles.

Lila and Jackson are thankful for supportive grandparents, like Poppi, who come to all of their games!  Soccer, football, softball, baseball, basketball--he's one of their biggest fans.

We are all thankful that he was born on 11/24 and that we get to celebrate on Thanksgiving sometimes!  Thanksgiving meal AND chocolate cake?  Now that's a big day! 
Happy Birthday, Poppi!

I'm also thankful for good friends.  The day after Thanksgiving, we went to the Pointer's house for Friendsgiving.  So awesome!  The big kids...

medium kids...

and little kids all had a blast!

2017--a year to be full of gratitude and happiness.  We are thankful!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Growing Up!

How in the world is it already time for braces?

I have no idea how this happened, but it did!

The cutest Brace Face I ever did see.

On the same day, Cami and Maddie got their flu shots AND Lila was chosen to represent her school in a Martin Luther King, Jr. essay contest.  Such a big day!  I had tears in my eyes as Lila read her letter to me.  She wrote it to MLK and told him all about how his vision for a kinder world changed her life.  It ended with "If you didn't do what you did, I wouldn't have one of my very best friends."  Proud mama moment for sure.

A few days later, this little turkey was out for Thanksgiving break!

We met the boys' football coach at PSA and grabbed their 1st place trophies.  Way to go, Cowboys!

First up on our list for a fantastic Thanksgiving Break was to go see Calley in Annie, the musical.

Such a fantastic outing for me and my mini-me!

The show was awesome!  Super cute and Calley did great.

The girls even got to meet "Sandy" after the show.  It solidified the fact that Lila and Cami both really, really, really want a golden retriever for Christmas!  Oh my word.

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