Friday, August 18, 2017

Belle and Cinderella

Warning--Cuteness overload!

Belle and Cinderella were in our house last week and it was too precious for words!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Since our second home this summer has been the lake, we haven't seen much of Memaw and Poppi.  We invited them to join us one Friday night.  The lake was gorgeous, with pink clouds over it.

Jared arrived shortly after we took them on a golf-cart tour of the lake, and we went to dinner.

The next morning, the boys got down the dock early to try and catch some fish.
Lila was so apprehensive!

This girl sure is cute, but she's a bit loud, according to the fish.

Daddy didn't have much luck and neither did Poppi.

The fish didn't bite for Cami, either, but she thought holding the rod was pretty darn cool.

When did he start looking like a teenager?  All grown up, sporting his new PFG hat.

On our ride back to the house, we agreed that it was getting to hot to not be in the water.
A short time later, we had remedied that and were on the lake, with Cami at the helm.

Cheers to a fun day!

Floating on the water and hanging in the shade. Two thumbs up.

Daddy's girl, when he's driving the boat!

Blondie in her cool shades.

And our main-most goofball.

Memaw and Poppi went home after lunch, but our crew stayed another night.
As the sun was setting, we took the boat over to dinner at The Point.   I just love my peeps!

I told Jackson that I was about his age when we first started dining at The Point after a long day on the lake.  I have so many great family memories of summers at Lake Texoma.

Big sister and little sister both thought sitting outside at sunset was pretty cool, too.  And we even got to listen to live music after the sun went down. Our idea of the perfect night.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summers are made for...

last minute swim days with friends.

Races to see who can touch the bottom first...

lounging on the Island with Lexie and Lauren...

and being by mommy's side.
Playing with the water hose on the trampoline...

catching up with Presley, Teagan and Brooklynn...

and smiling till it hurts.  We love summer and are not ready for it to end!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cedar Creek Lake

We discovered a gem of a lake a few weeks ago when Mandy and Tim invited us to their lakehouse.  Cedar Creek Lake is so cool!
Before we even had the car unpacked, these kids had joined the Shubzda kids on the dock.
They simply had to check out the slide!

It's such a great set-up.  Big yard with the dock right out back.  Perfect for all ages to enjoy.

The slide is one thing we do not have at Lake Texoma, so the kids were all about it.

Whoa, little lady!

There were plenty of slides and even a few jumps sprinkled in the mix. 
The two littlest were doing a fantastic job keeping up with the big kids. 

Brooklynn and Finley's grandpa brought his boat over...

and the kids all loaded up on the Hot Dog.
They had a total blast flying all over the lake.
Giddy up!  
Very soon after we got back on the water, this little one was down for the count.  It was loud, kids were screaming and she was oblivious to it all.  Sweet baby girl just needed a nap!
I just loved hanging out with one of my favorite girls!

Grandpa Jimmy dropped us all back at the house a little while later and the kids started playing on the giant floating mat.  One minute everyone was smiling and having a great time, then we heard Finley scream.  Sweet girl had jumped off the slide towards the mat, and somehow broken her leg before she hit the water.  It was so scary.  Her daddy swam to get her and carried her out of the water, while holding her broken leg in place.

This tough little cookie broke her tibia and fibula and is now in an enormous cast for a while.
We are all so thankful that she's going to be OK.   And when she is, we will have a big swim party to celebrate:)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Happy Anniversary with a Splash of Work

When your husband asks you to join him on a work trip and attend a conference all day on your anniversary, what's a girl to do?  Say yes, of course!

Last week we flew into Washington D.C. Since I had never seen much of our nation's capitol, we decided to spend the evening there.  It was a surprisingly easy city to navigate our way through.  We found a parking garage and walked towards the Capitol.
It's so much more impressive in person than on TV!
We sat outside just admiring it's beauty and the amazing-ness of 75 degree weather in July.

Directly behind us was this view--the sun setting to the right of the Washington monument.

It was such a fabulous way to kick off our trip!

There was even a band warming up on the steps of the Capitol.  So cool.

We found a restaurant within walking distance and set off on a nice stroll.  As we were leaving, we were struck by the magnificence of the Capitol--makes you proud to be an American!

Sitting on the patio enjoying a cold glass of Rose and Stella on tap--now that's our kind of night.  We were highly amused by the scene next to us, too.  So many interns and young people that work on Capitol Hill.  We totally felt like we were in an episode of Veep!

The next day we spent most of our time at the Data Center Conference.  We chatted up some industry peeps, passed out business cards, and tried our best not to show how boring we thought the panelists were.  By 4:00 we were done--thank goodness!  We didn't want to waste any of our time there, so we researched cool places to go see.  Turns out Great Falls, VA is amazing!

God's Beauty is always impressive.  While we were looking at this gorgeous scene, we noticed 10 bald eagles flying overhead.

A few hours later, we were enjoying our awesome dinner at Eddie V's!  We started out with cocktails in our special rose petal-decorated booth.  Cheers!  Dinner was outstanding, and the service was on par, too.

They treated us to Bananas Foster for dessert.  SO good!

It was the perfect way to celebrate 14 years together.
Happy Anniversary, babe! Here's to many more!

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