Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Poppi's Birthday Trip to the Zoo

It's the second year in a row that we have gone to the Fort Worth Zoo for Poppi's birthday.  Some might start to call it a tradition very soon.  We love it!  His birthday is always the week of Thanksgiving, so the kids are out of school.  The weather was fantastic, making our day outdoors even better.

First things first--gotta measure our little monkeys!

We watched this orangutan for a minute...

then went to check out the chimps--my fave.

There was a baby and a toddler and they were so playful.

We said hello to the zebras and antelopes, but these kids were in search of the big animals.

Ready or not, elephants, here we come!

We found this mama and her baby.  Such fascinating animals.

I could watch the elephants for a long time, but we decided to move on to try and see the hippo.
No luck with that guy...
but we did find these beautiful creatures!

It was a great photo op (I thought), but the shadows were not my friend.

After bribing Cami, we got her to turn around.  Much better.

She liked the giraffes, but the fish were what really intrigued her.
This little lady just wanted to feed some fish!

Next up--the big cats! We saw the white tiger and then two male lions--we waited for the big ROAR, but they just weren't feeling it.  Oh well, there's always next year!

The birdhouse was next and this year, Cameron could feed them all by herself.  Happy girl.

Sometimes the birds were way up high...

and other times, just a foot away.

Too tall Jones could reach them just about anywhere.

We had lunch in this shaded area..

then Park Ranger Cami found her lost Zebra Car--watch out!

We couldn't leave without a spin (or 12) on the carousel...

which was a hit with these girls...

as well as this crew.

Next up--a meet and greet with two owls!  

The kids thought it would be fun to travel in this old timey wagon.

The adults preferred taking the train back to the entrance, though.

In no time at all, we were back to the front.  Choo choo!

We got one last look at the pretty, yet stinky, flamingos and called it a day.
The zoo birthday celebration was a big success! Can't wait to do it again next year.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cowboys Football

After a year and a half of complete domination, the Cowboys decided to play up a year this season.  They knew it wouldn't be easy, but they wanted some competition.  They still had a winning season, coming in third place in the top division and advanced to the playoffs.

This was seriously impressive, especially since it's almost a totally new team.
Only Jackson, Yusuf, Brock and Brady were even on the team last season.

They got fancy new uniforms this year, too.  Looking fly!

Their playoff game didn't go as planned, but that was partly due to #12's mom, who took him clear across town to the wrong PSA.  We realized my mistake with only 17 minutes until game time, and we were a solid half hour away.  Oh my gosh.  I did my best, and got him to PSA Murphy by 7:05, but the game had started early...why, oh why?!  They were already 10 minutes into the first quarter and down 13-0.  I felt awful.  Really awful.  They came back and had a chance to make it 20-21, but J's pass to Brady was dropped at the goal line.  After that, the Firestorm pulled away and won.  The only good thing was that we got to visit with these two boys and their sweet families afterwards.  Aiden, Jackson and Blaise were all on the Cubs baseball team together for many years.  My favorite team!  

These girls were proud of Bubba even if he didn't win the championship this season.
We'll get 'em next time, and you can bet I'll double-check the game location from now on.

Pioneer Women

In honor of our nation's upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, the first graders had Pioneer Day at school last week.  They needed lots of parents to volunteer to work the different stations, and encouraged everyone to dress up for the event. Oh my!  I was scrambling to find us outfits, when a friend offered me her matching mother/daughter pioneer attire.  Yes, please!
I thought it was hilarious.  My 6 year old was mortified by this bonnet--said she was not wearing any of it to school.  No way was I going to school dressed like this and she was not, though!

Little sister, on the other hand, found the humor in this get-up right away!

And what do ya know?  Lots of her friends were little pioneers, too!  Score for mom.

My friend Lisa and I worked the bead necklace station...

where we helped the kids dye their pasta, then string them into a fun piece of jewelry.
Pioneer Girl Lila's turned out pretty well!

There was also quill writing, butter making, antiques, and a soap making station.
It's fun to be in First Grade!

Surprisingly, it was very entertaining to be Pioneer Women, too!
We laughed all morning long.  It was impossible to do otherwise.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sports Marathon

Whew! We knew that this past weekend was going to be a doozy, but I'm still not sure we were ready for it.  Two tournaments.  Two days.  Eight games.  And a two year old that attended every single one of them.  Have mercy!

As luck would have it, we got the 8 am game on Saturday morning.
The Bees came out swinging, though, and beat their opponent 13-1.

Jackson was so proud of his little sister.  I even overheard him tell her, "Lila, you played really well."  Even if she won't admit it, I know that means the world to her.  The next two games didn't go as well.  Their second one would have been tied, but they accidentally scored a goal for the other team while trying to clear it out of the goal, so the Bees lost 2-1.  Bummer.  By the last game at 2:30, the girls just didn't have any more gas in their tanks.  And who could blame them?
Three games in 8 hours is a lot!

The Bees lost their last game, but Coach Dad was still so proud of his favorite player.  I had to leave after the first quarter, so I didn't get to see it, but he said that she never did quit.
Love our little Bumblebee.  

While the Bees were finishing up, Jackson, Cameron and I were headed to Mansfield for baseball.  They both napped on the way over and were all smiles when we arrived.  "Look mom, no hands!"  Jackson pitched most of the first game and led his team to a victory.

We had a quick bite to eat and then were back at the fields for our 5th game of the day.
The boys got to play under the big lights.  Pretty cool!  

The boys may have lost the game, but the fans were still winners.
Cameron thoroughly entertained everyone with her Lion King performance that night!  The girls and I left around 9:30 and didn't get settled into our hotel until after 10:00.  The boys arrived a little bit later and we all attempted to get a good night's sleep.  That didn't really happen, but 6 am got there pretty quickly and we were up again!   The boys had the 8 am game, of course.
Thank goodness for coffee. 

Jackson pitched the first game and the boys won again!  They were all hitting well, too, which is always fun to watch.  We were on a roll!

Big League Dreams - Cami's favorite ballpark because it has these larger than life baseballs.
It's the little things in life.

We ran into Cole and his parents after the first game, so we headed to McDonald's to feed these hungry boys and help them refuel for game #2.
Ian pitched the second game and Jackson played short stop.  They won a hard fought game 6-3, beating the team that had beat them the night before.  Go Fury!

Cami kept singing for our fans and Lila practiced her splits.
What else are little sisters going to do all day?

Much to my surprise, they really did watch the games quite a bit.  

The Fury played well and came up just a little short in the championship game.
Coach Mark was really proud of them, though.

Now that's some impressive bling!

Second Place in the Santa Cop Tournament.  Way to go, boys!

As promised, Tyler let them do a dog-pile on him.  A highlight of the day.

Two winners for sure!
They give it their all, every single game, which is much easier said than done.

Freedom!  Finally!  Running on the big field was the highlight of the little one's day.
We got home later that afternoon and just crashed on the couch.  Thank goodness these sports marathons only happen once in a blue moon!  

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