Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Birthday Bonanza

We love celebrating birthdays, especially with some of our best friends.  
On Friday night, it was time to raise a glass for Hayley's birthday.
We went to Del Frisco's Grille and started off with some VIPs.  So good!
I have missed hanging out with my girl!

It was a fantastic night, filled with so many laughs that my face hurt from smiling.
I just love these peeps.

The next day Cami and I saw Emily and Matt once again at Sami's 3rd birthday party.  She had it at The Coop--a really great kids' playroom in Frisco.  This little girl climbed up high...

jumped in the balls...

finally went down the slide...

and just had a terrific time.

We had pizza and then sang Happy Birthday to Sami.  I was thrilled that Cami didn't try to blow out the candles...that little stinker did manage to get some icing off the corner of the cake, though.  Look at her left hand--busted!

Happy Birthday, Samantha!

We had so much fun celebrating with you!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Marathon Kids

The kids are currently participating in a program designed to encourage kids to move.  Just get outside and run!  It's no surprise that Jackson and Lila are plowing through those marathons.  Jackson is currently playing football and baseball, and Lila is playing soccer.
On Monday night, these two dominated a 5th grade team in flag football.  Since the Cowboys went undefeated for the past year, their coach asked the boys if they wanted to play up a year.  They decided to go for it and had their first game last week.  Everyone, including the QB, was a little bit anxious.  No need, though--these boys were a force!  Jackson hit his new receiver, Caden, for three touchdowns and then they reversed it and Jackson caught one pass for a touchdown.  The final score was 48-0! Way to go, Cowboys!

Cami isn't old enough to enter Marathon Kids, but if she were, she'd breeze through it in record time, I'm sure.  Thank goodness for her cousin, who chases her around while brother plays!
That night, Lila was especially wiggly, too.  Not because she had so much energy, but because she had a loose tooth.  She got up three times to go pull it in the restroom and was finally successful on the third attempt.  She's now missing 4 teeth on the top row!  Four!

A few days later, we were all at the school for Family Fit Night.  There was basketball and scooter games inside...
jump rope, bike riding and all sorts of games outside.

Snow cones were a big hit with Lila and the big girls.  Madelynne is in J's class and she bought Lila a snow cone.  So sweet!

Of course, that meant our whole crew needed to get one, but I didn't mind.  It was HOT!
They devoured their treats, then we ran to get dinner on our way to soccer practice.  Never a dull moment--maybe I should enter Marathon Kids, too!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

One Last Hurrah

We did it!  We squeezed in one last weekend at Lake Texoma!  It was touch and go for while, waiting on sports schedules and then trying to see if the weather was going to cooperate.  The stars aligned, though, and we made it.
Jackson and Riley were so excited to be hitting the water that morning.
Lila opted to stay home for Lion King practice, so this was my only girl for the weekend.

These kids are so much alike!  Riley and Jackson could be the head of the Safety Patrol, and Cami and Sami are our little spitfires that keep everything interesting!
We took a zip around the lake to kick things off.  Imagine everyone's excitement when we found the pirate ship--there were even two pirates on board.

Ahoy Mateys!

We played at the beach...

took turns on the wave runner...

let the kids play on the tube...

and then decided to take the boys for a spin.
These girls loved to sit on their perch for the boat ride, but we had to move them down a bit:)
Riley did great for his first time on the tube! Jackson is still not a fan of water splashing on his face, and actually told me it would be smart to tube while wearing a mask.  For goodness sakes!  Toughen up, son!
The Queen Bee.  Loving life in the boat. 

We attempted nap time for both girls that afternoon.  Jackson took Riley four-wheeling outside...

then we all played a quick game of baseball.

That afternoon we were back on the lake.  Captain Riley at your service!

Such a fun afternoon with one of my favorite girls.

Cameron and I tubed and showed Sami and her mama how it was done.

They were up next and did very well...

as did Riley and Matt.  Yeehaw!

After a little rain storm early that morning, the skies cleared and it was another gorgeous day.

We tried to feed the fish, but I guess they were all still sleeping.

Thanks for joining us for our last minute, last hurrah, Weismann Family!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Buddy and our Star Student

Two weeks had gone by and Lila had yet to come home with Buddy the dog.  Every Thursday she would leave the house with such high hopes and come home a little bit sad that one of her friends was chosen as the Star Student. All of us, even big brother, thought that she should have been the first one.  She's such a great kid, is so helpful to others and is super smart, too.  I know, I know--we're not biased or anything!

Imagine our excitement, then, when she came home carrying Buddy and the star student bag last Thursday.  Finally!  She was SO happy and proud of herself for being honored by her teacher.

We celebrated at Sonic with a cookie dough blast.  Yum!

Buddy had a busy weekend with his new friend Lila.  First, he went to soccer practice and watched the Bumblebees.

The next afternoon,  he went to Brooke's birthday sleepover and helped with all sorts of things, from painting these little dogs...
to learning how to braid hair...
to helping Brooke open her gifts...
to supervising a swim night.
He was such a crowd favorite that he got to check out the pinata up close and give Lila some strategic pointers!
He even encouraged the girls to try a dog pile.  Such a silly dog, no wonder the girls loved him!

By 11:30 that night, Buddy and the girls were sound asleep.  

The next day he got to hang out with Madison, Gigi and Boom.
They worked on braiding once again...

and then treated him to fries at Braum's.
After lunch, they dropped off the girls at Lion King rehearsal.  

A couple hours later, they picked up the girls and went straight to the Plano Arts Festival.  Lila, Madison and most of the Lion King cast performed five songs on the big stage.  They had snowcones to cool down and got meet a beauty queen that day, too.  

On Sunday night, we completed Lila's poster, she wrote her weekend journal entry, and packed her favorite toy and book.
Shine on Lila!  You're our star every week, but I'm so glad this is your special week at school.

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