Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Muffins with Mom & Soles4Souls

We have been collecting gently used shoes at Hunt Elementary for the past month.  The deadline was last Friday, but we waited to pick them up until yesterday.  It gave the stragglers a few extra days, and kept us from making an extra trip to the school since we were already going on Tuesday.

We arrived at 7:10am for Muffins with Mom, stood in a really long line, and didn't get much to eat.  There was such a great turnout this year!  Thank goodness my kiddos had already eaten at home.  We had a little time to run over to the Book Fair...
and then I snagged the King sisters and the Tran brothers to take a photo with the most recent shoe donations.
We contacted our local newspaper and they have agreed to write an article on our awesome shoe drive.  I got a few more kids rounded up from 3rd and Kindergarten, and took a good picture in the front of the school.  Local celebrities in the making!  After we left school, Sarah and I went back to my house and counted the last batch.  Our final total--544 pairs of shoes!  All will be donated to poverty stricken areas, both in our community and in other countries.
It was a good day to be a Hunt Hound!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Championship Sunday

These girls simply dominated this tournament.  They scored 28 goals in four games and didn't allow one single goal to be scored against them--that's amazing!  Coach Jared said every other coach asked him if he was sure we had a team of only Kindergarten girls.  Everyone was in awe of their mad skills!

 We started out Sunday with one more win for the Bumblebees.  Hooray!
Lila loved it so much and got her biggest trophy yet.  She said she wished that she could play soccer every day.  If it's possible, her daddy is even more proud of her after this weekend.  
The only bad part of the tournament was when sweet Addison fell during the game on Saturday night.  We found out later that evening that her collar bone was broken.  She's such a good teammate, though, that she came to their last game, sat on the bench and helped Coach Jared sub the players in and out of the game.  
Madison had to leave halfway through the Bees game so that she could get to her own championship game.  They got down early and it was 1-0.  Then they finally scored, tying it up.  With 8 minutes to go, Madison Reese scored the winning goal!!!
Sydney, Madison and the rest of the Blue Thunder have had another amazing season.
They played up in a U9 league and still won the championship.

They celebrated like true champions, too, dumping a water bucket all over Coach Becca!
These girls were on cloud 9. Way to go Blue Thunder!

Right after Madison's game ended, we hiked across town to Mesquite to cheer on Jackson at his baseball game.  It was a tie game, then the Mavericks got a few runs.  Jackson had been playing short stop the whole game and made some awesome plays--he even made a double play by catching the ball that was hit to him, then throwing the runner out at first base.  With his team down 4-1, and the bases loaded, his coach put him in to pitch.  Talk about some pressure!  He handled it like a stud, though, and pitched really well.  They got one run off of him, but he struck the other two out.  The last inning started and we scored a run.  Then Corbin got on base and was standing on 3rd.  Elliott got a big hit, but should have stopped at 2nd base.  He was trying to go big for his team and stretch it into a triple, but he got thrown out.  Game over.  All the boys were so disappointed, especially #7.  By the time we got home, though, he had perked up and asked his dad to help him with hitting drills in the backyard.

One of these days they will win another championship.  After all, there's another tournament this coming weekend....

which is why this is on my front door these days.

There's always time to play ball!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Soccer, Baseball and Football, Oh my!

Super-sized weekend in every way possible.  The madness began on Friday night with the Bumblebee's first game of their tournament.  They played hard, played smart, and walked away winning 11-0.  Wow!
This team is legit, y'all!
Lila gave it a thumbs up.  So far so good!  We celebrated with dinner at Breadwinners and my soccer girlie fell asleep right after we began to drive home.

Saturday morning started bright and early for the boys!  Jackson came in at pitcher after we got down 5-0 and shut down the other teams' offense.  That's my boy!  The Fury won 11-7 and the went on to win their next game, too.

I had already committed to hosting a baby shower for Hayley, though, so I couldn't be at either of his games.  Thank goodness for grandparents!  Memaw came over early to watch the girls and then she and Poppi drove them to Jackson's second game.  There were times when I was doubtful we could get the shower ready by 11am, but we did it!  Without a minute to spare, we were ready for our guests.  And I think it turned out so cute!

Sweet baby Josie will be here before we know it.

We served all sorts of yummy brunch foods, and then had sweet pink lemonade and mimosas, too.

Baby Matthew joined all of us girls as well.  Such a good baby.

Hayley has been waiting a LONG time to have a girly, pink shower!

She got so many adorable outfits for her little girl, but this sign was my favorite.
It reads: Motherhood--powered by love, fueled by coffee, sustained by wine.

Happy Shower, Hayley!  Angele, Emily, Taylor, April and I loved celebrating you this weekend!
I cannot wait to meet Miss Josie.  I have a feeling she will be as beautiful as her mommy.

Right after I left the shower, I rushed home to get my two little girls.  The littlest one got ready to cheer for her big brother in his flag football championship game.  The middle one had a game of her own to play.

Cami cheered so loudly for Bubba and guess what?

He won!  The Cowboys beat the Chargers 22-10!

It was a defensive struggle and this kid got the first points for his team by intercepting a pass in the end zone and running it all the way back for a touchdown!

These boys are so talented and it's been another fantastic season for them and Coach Allan.

Ian even came to support his baseball buddies.  We're #1!

J also had his Uncle Andrew, and Memaw and Poppi there, too.  Right after he got his trophy, we ran across the street to catch the second half of Lila's game.

While we cheered for the Bees, this girl played in the sand.
Madison and Lila played hard and won their second game 4-0!

While the little girls were busy winning, so were the big girls.  Madison's big sister, Sydney, and our Maddie won both of their playoff games on Saturday, too!

By the afternoon, we were running on fumes, but so happy.

These kids like to be the best and they give it their all on the field.  Lila won her third tournament game later that night, too, so we finished 8-0 for the day.

Stay tuned for a recap of Championship Sunday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jump Street!

Madison just knew she needed her birthday party at a trampoline park this year.  She picked Jump Street, and it was actually a really good call.  The kids loved it!  They didn't waste one second...

and got to jumping right away.  Get it girl!

Madison invited some friends from her soccer team and from school.  

I saw nothing but smiles the whole time:)

Gigi didn't feel like she needed to practice her flip flop, so we could only snap this pic when the girls came to grab some water.

Savannah and Maddie--two goofballs!

Since Cameron isn't 8 years old yet, she could only go in the little kid area.  Luckily she's got a cousin who happily went through the maze...

and even rode in the miniature teacups a time or two!

Happy girl.

There were so many cool areas that it was hard to keep up.  I found more soccer girls in this trampoline area...

and even got a hug from the birthday girl during one of her pitstops.

Of all the cool things to do, this kid kept going back to the teacups!

After 90 minutes of bouncing, it was time for some cake.  We rounded up most everyone for a group shot.  The promise of dessert helped.

Hooray for Madison's birthday!

Her soccer cake was a HUGE hit.  I was so impressed with our baker and Maddie loved it.

"Happy Birthday dear Madison!"

Happy 8th Birthday to YOU!

You are one lucky little girl to have these two by your side.  

After cake, it was time for some high-flying flips.  So cool.

I heard that these three cuties also rode the mechanical bull, but I missed it!  I did get to see them flip and then climb up these pillars...

Who knew Madison was such a spider monkey?  She was so fast!

She may have a future competing in American Ninja Warrior one day.

The height didn't bother her one bit and she was super speedy going up those obstacles.

We ended the birthday celebration with dinner at Maggiano's.

After dinner, they brought her a special dessert and some festive lit candles.  

Happy 8th Birthday, Miss Maddie.  You are so very loved!

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