Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter

  Easter Sunday 2016.  
The Easter Bunny was a little sleepy, but she made the rounds before breakfast!
Cami was thrilled to wear her bunny ears...

and the other kids were, too!
After breakfast we got ready for church.  I asked everyone to get ready early so that we'd have time for some pictures.  They obliged!

Big, medium and baby bear were in their Sunday best.

This handsome guy was sporting his new size 10 navy pants and size 10/12 shirt. Stop growing!!
Lila wore one of Maddie's old dresses, but it was new to her.  She loved it, and so did I.
Curly Sue got a new dress and bow for the occasion.  

We had to ask Bath Lady (dad) to do her funny voices and just look at the fantastic smiles we got from them!  It's pretty genius schtick and gets the kids laughing every time.
We got to church early and met the Shubzda girls at the entrance.  They were helping their parents be the greeters, but decided seat-saving duty sounded better, so they came with us.
Everyone did well during the service and I was so proud of Jackson, Madison and Lila.  They sang along when they could, prayed when asked, and were really good.

After the service, we went to pick up the little ones. Love these kids and all of their parents!

Sweet Lila wasn't looking, but this is the best we got that day.

Cami's happy place--with Maddie!

After naps, we headed over to the Hayses for dinner and an egg hunt.  Ready, set, go!

Jackson is an old pro...

Lila was on the go...

and after two previous hunts, Cami knew just what to do.

Nillas?  Bonus!

Maddie started on the other side of the yard and cleaned up!

Eyes on the prize.

It was a beautiful day and everyone loved spending it outdoors.

These little peeps got SO many eggs, too!

There was plenty of goofing around...like climbing this tree...

and plotting to get daddy with the confetti egg.

Bam!  He got you, Daddo.

Of course, turn about is fair play.

And then Maddie got Lila, too!

Lyndsie, Scott, Boom, Maria and Poppi all stayed out of harms way, 

but Uncle Andrew got some confetti thrown his way.

The kids were mesmerized by all of the Easter eggs for the longest time.

After that, they discovered the greatness of the hammock.

We all enjoyed being together and celebrating our Lord and savior.

He is Risen!  We are so grateful.


 Lila's first Wipeout party was to celebrate Noah and Eli's 6th birthday.  They are twin boys in her class at school and are a little crazy, I think.  A wipeout party fit them just right!
The weather was perfect for such the occasion.  The kids started out by making their own t-shirts, then got ready to run the obstacle course.

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

My little Ninja Girl was all over this course.  She sped thru the monkey bars and never thought about dropping down into the soapy water!

Next she did the potato sack hula hoops...

followed by bouncy ball through the cones.

The shaving cream event was my fave--she got covered in it as she tried to leap over the balls.

Too bad the carwash didn't have any water in it!

She climbed up and over this contraption...

walked across the beam while being pelted with balloons...

and finally rung the bell at the top of the climbing wall.  Way to go, girl!

It was a fun party for crazy boys and silly girls. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Egg Hunts and Easter Treats

 Easter week had some fun activities, including an egg hunt at open gym.  We didn't show up with a basket, but when we saw a little girl walk in with one, I put two and two together.  Ah yes, week of Easter, it must be egg hunt time.  Never fear, CVS was near!  $6.99 later we walked in with a new purple basket.
A bonus was that one of Lila's favorite peeps, Nash, was there, too!

After watching for a few seconds, this girl got busy.  She was a good little egg hunter.

So happy with all of her goodies!  She immediately opened them all and ate the two chocolate treats she found inside.  That's my girl:)

Two days later it was time to try a new treat--Pretzel Easter flowers.

The big kids liked making the treats, but Cami preferred eating the icing and M&M's!

Ta-da!  Our masterpieces were done!

The next morning we had an early Bees game, and then raced down the street to church for the egg hunt.  Cami's group was up first, and she knew just what to do.  Get those eggs!

The girl did good, too!  Just look at all of her loot.

She sat down next to her buddy Dylan and they showed each other their goodies.

Lila and Maddie both told Cameron they were really proud of her.

Next up, Lila.  There were so many kids and not too much room to run.  She got a few eggs, and told me afterwards that, "I was one of the only kids who followed Rule #1: Don't Run, so I didn't get very many eggs."  Oh well!  

We made the Bunny Cake that afternoon, so that made up for any lack of eggs.
Who doesn't just love a good bunny cake?
Easter Sunday coming up next--stay tuned! 

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