Monday, February 29, 2016

Fury Baseball with a side of Bumblebee Soccer

After a 3 1/2 month off season, it was time for these boys to take the field again.  On Saturday, the first baseball tournament of the season was upon us. 
These boys were ready to rock and roll in their new camo jerseys.  There was excitement and lots of anticipation in the air.  The teams they were up against were all legitimate AAA ones, and one was even a Majors team. 

Even their coaches were a little nervous, but ready to see how our boys would do.  We lost three boys last season and gained one, but we are so much more fundamentally sound now.
Jackson was up first as the starting pitcher.  He got the first batter to pop it up, had to run 15 feet and then dive for it, but he caught it!  It was a fun way to start the game.  He struck out the next two batters--even better!  We were off to a great start.

Jackson batted third in the lineup and we already had Ian on base.  He hit it hard towards third base, got thrown out, but Ian advanced to third.  Go #7!

Meanwhile, the Bees were playing against the Little Leopards, which meant Lila got to play against her friend Chloe.  So fun!

I heard my baby girl played hard--go Lila!

The Bees just couldn't quite hang with the older team and lost 3-2, but Coach Dad said they played well.  As soon as the game was over, he loaded Lila and Cami in the truck and drove out to meet us at baseball.

While it is always good to see my fam, I really did enjoy my time with Angie, Tammy and all the other baseball moms.  I actually had real conversations!!  The fam got there to see Jackson pitch the end of the second inning and The Fury won 7-0!  The second game didn't go as well, but we all left feeling good about the day. 

The next morning the boys were at it again.

I'm pretty sure these new jerseys could fit all of the dads.

Or at least the moms!  It goes down to his knees, for goodness sakes.

This time Gigi, Boom and Maddie were with us.  They were excited when we heard that Jackson was the starting pitcher again.

Such a great group of boys--Elliott, Jackson, Gavin and Brock.

Let's go Fury!

On the way to the game, Daddy and J had to buy some new baseball cleats.  His were a size and a half too small!  No wonder his feet were bulging out of them.  Now our 9 year old wears a size 6!

He started off the game really well, striking out batters and throwing really well.

He got in a jam in the second inning.  No runs had scored, but the bases were loaded with two outs.  He was having a tough time finding the strike zone.  Never fear, though, he held steady and didn't cave under pressure.  Then he struck out the batter!   Whew!

Ian got on base the next inning and Jackson got a hit to move him to third.  Coach Justin told Jackson to try and steal second, which he knew wouldn't work.  Sure enough, they threw him out, but that meant they took their eyes off of Ian, who was rounding third.  He stole home and we were up 1-0!  The next inning, the Rangers stole home, making it a tie game. 

It was still tied after an hour and a half.  Can you tell these two were over it?  We had to go into a Texas Shootout, which means the bases are loaded with one out.  The Rangers were up first and got 2 runs.  It was our turn after that, and we just couldn't make anything happen.  No tournament win this weekend, but they played really well. 

Lila and Maddie were just happy that they finally got to go ice skating!  We were right next door to an indoor rink, and they were dying to check it out.  Boom had offered to stay with them, so he and Gigi got their skates while we went to Fuzzy's Tacos with the team. A win for all!

Friday, February 26, 2016

The View

The end of basketball season was such a let down.  I got tired of seeing J's face all sad and upset.  He was frustrated, and rightfully so.  Thank goodness that's over!
This huge smile is a much better view!  The Cowboys had their first game of the season earlier this week, and came out swinging.  They beat the Dragons 70 - 0.  Wow!  It was an impressive display on both sides of the ball.  This kid even caught two interceptions and returned them both for touchdowns!  He also threw at least 4 or 5 touchdowns, and caught one from Brock, as well.  Quarterback, receiver, or safety--this kid can do it all!

We are so lucky that he got on a team with two very dedicated coaches.  They have a very extensive playbook that he prides himself on having memorized.
We also struck big in the good athlete category.  These boys are awesome!
So while Jared was at a data center conference in San Fran this week, and had this amazing view of the bay...(yes, that's the Golden Gate Bridge!)

I'll take this view any day of the week.  Watching my oldest play one of his favorite sports...

and seeing the joy on my youngest child's face as she learns how to swing "like a big girl."

She said, "I swinging mom!  This is fun!"

Ok, ok, so maybe I could be persuaded to take in this view for a few days. 
I don't think I'd turn it down!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ready, set, let's party at Wylie Rec!

Rise and Shine!  Another busy Saturday was on hand this weekend, except this time we also had a birthday party thrown into the mix at the end. 
We drew the early time slot and the Bees were on the field by 8am.  It was our turn to bring drinks and snacks, so we swung by the donut shop on our way to the game.  Lila and her teammates played so well and came away with another win.  Buzz on!

Next up, Madison's game in Wylie.  The Blue Thunder played some big girls, but held their ground and got the win.  So far, so good.
We came home, ate lunch, Cami took a nap and then we were back at PSA for Jackson's basketball game.  It was his final one of the season and the winner got 3rd place.  The Mavericks were leading the whole game, but just couldn't hold on to the lead at the end.  They lost 16-12.  Not so fun, but Jackson played hard--just look at the intensity on his face.  I love it.
Thankfully, it was his birthday party night and he was ready to just go have fun with his friends.  I had no doubt that it would bring a smile to his face. 
Jackson enjoyed seeing his old friends, like Cole...
and new ones, like Maceo.
Very soon we had a gym full of boys and they were ready to go wild!

Who wants to play some basketball?  I do!  I do!

We attempted to pick teams and have a scrimmage, but then they all just ran off and started playing their own games.  What evs--they were having fun, so it worked.

A few minutes later, the climbing wall opened, so the birthday boy went to check it out.  Turns out he's pretty spidey-like and got to the top after a couple tries.

Maddie Mae made it about half way up before she bailed out...

and Lila made it about 3/4 of the way up by the end. 

These kids were some rock climbing maniacs!

Meanwhile, the rest of the group was busy playing foosball with Boom...
and posing for goofy pictures for me.

This kid was loving life.

Sweet baby sister was having a ball, too, just running all over the place.  Thank goodness Gigi was there to keep track of her!

The kids played more foosball...

tried their best to ring the bell at the top of the wall...

played soccer...

and more basketball until it was time to go eat pizza.

"Did someone say cheese pizza?"

Lila and Brooklyn gave that idea a big thumbs up.

The kids chowed down and then we sang to J man. 

Sean and Maddie gobbled up their cupcakes, but J didn't get too far with his super-sized one.  I didn't remember to bring him a fork, and it was so big, all he got was frosting!

Something tells me that would have been just fine with Cooper and Brock.  Oh my word!

The party was a big success, but those crazy kids left quite a mess.  Thank goodness Cameron was on clean-up duty.

We finally got our picture with the birthday boy. 

Happy 9th Birthday!

Anyone ready for bed yet?  Not this kid!  We kept the fun going once we got home, and watched him open his gifts.

He got lots of great things, but this Prince Fielder button-up jersey was at the top of the list.  I think it will come in mighty handy in Surprise, AZ for spring training--the perfect gift!  And a really special night for our oldest kid. 

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