Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas

The most excited little girl on Christmas morning--Miss Lila Grace!  This girl came bounding into our room at 6:00 am and began jumping up and down as she sang, "It's Christmas, it's Christmas, it's Christmas!"  Even though we were pretty tired, we could not deny her the excitement of the day.  A little while later, we all ran out to the living room to see the gifts that Santa had brought.

One of the first things she saw, even in the dark, was that he had brought her the American Girl Doll she'd asked for.  Introducing Lea--she's so cute.

He also brought her a new bike!  

We let Lila wake up Bubba at 7:00 and he was over-the-moon-excited to find that Santa had come through BIG TIME for him, too.  A new, giant-sized ping pong table was in our house!  He also brought Jackson a drone, Madden 2017 and FIFA 2017.  Wow!

After the big kids checked out all of their loot from Santa, we began opening gifts we had bought for each other.  The first ones I opened were the gifts they had bought me from the Holiday Store at school.  Jackson got me a cute Mom key chain and Lila got me a pretty silver heart necklace.
So sweet and some of my very favorite gifts.

By 7:45, this little goofball had woken up as well.  She didn't want to come down at first, but when Lila showed her that Santa brought her the "puppy dog with black and white fur" that she'd asked for, she perked up.  Then she saw the mini-trampoline and literally ran across the room.  One of my favorite moments of the day.

Get it girl!
This girl loves all things Frozen right now, so she was very happy to get a new ice blue coat, as well as three talking dolls from Frozen--Elsa, Anna and Kristoff.
Holding Elsa and Anna while jumping on the trampoline--combining her loves.

Such big smiles--the magic of Christmas really is amazing.

Daddy and I gave the kids a few more gifts.  Jackson was thrilled to get sunglasses, since his had broken during the end of last season, and Lila loved her new personalized stationery.  She is always writing us sweet notes, so I thought she might really enjoy this more grown-up gift.

We gave J some new cologne (since he's so big at the age of 9!) and they gave me the new Juicy perfume that I love.  We will at least be smelling good in 2017!

After the gifts were opened, we moved on to their stockings.  They were overflowing this year with books, magazines, DVDs and candy.

Jackson and Lila got some sweet aviator sunglasses.  J surprised Lila with a handmade gift that he'd spent hours coloring.  Cami was just as happy as all get out with her Maren Morris CD and Trolls candy machine--this girl's jam is My Church, so she was thrilled to have it at her finger tips now!

A little bit later, Lila and Cameron came downstairs wearing their new gear.  Lila had received this new USA soccer jacket and was wearing her new USA soccer shirt and red shorts underneath it.  Her daddy had bought her new shin guards, so those were on as well!  Miss Cami was dressed in her new Elena of Avalor nightgown, and was wearing her two new princess necklaces with it.

The last gifts they exchanged were the ones they had picked out for each other.  Cami gave J Blitzball, J gave Lila a new basketball and Jackson gave Cami a new farm puzzle.

This may very well be Tyson's last Christmas, but he's still hanging in there.  He got a new haircut and now we call him Max since he looks like the little dog from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

We all cleaned up and zipped over to Gigi and Boom's to celebrate with them.  Lila was so excited about the gifts she had bought at the school store, that she insisted on giving them first.  Boom got  a very cool keychain that doubles as a measuring tape.

Time for more presents!

Cameron loved her new BIG Barbie doll...

Lila was thrilled to get the other American Girl Doll - Rebecca- that was on her wish list.  Maddie got clothes from Justice and this cool purple necklace, and Jackson got a new Fitbit!  

While these girls can appreciate nice gifts, they still love the small ones just as much.  Case in point, this "L" emoji pillow and light-up "M" brought some of the biggest smiles to their faces.

Jackson shouted, "oh yeah!" when he opened another Cowboys jersey.  He's a huge fan of the Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott.  Anyone else notice that he's this close to being as tall as Gigi?

Maddie, Boom and Gigi liked the canvas print that we gave them, as well as the 2016 Yearbook...

and Papaw enjoyed looking at his new 2017 calendar that I created for him.

Time for lunch!

The kids get very little out of holiday meals, so this princess was playing with her new scepter about half-way through the meal.  

A few hours later, after the girls had taken their naps, we were at Memaw and Poppi's house for dinner.  This girly got a super cuddly unicorn from Aunt Lyndsie and Uncle Scott.

They got so many other great gifts, including light-up chess, Princess puzzle and a new locker.

Memaw loved her new snuggly blanket from Lyndsie and Scott:)

I really should have taken a picture before we picked up all the wrapping paper!  This was the after, as everyone was starting to check out their new gifts.  Lila was playing with her horse and Jackson was trying his best to win at Perplexus.

As far as Christmas nights go, it was very laid-back.  So nice!

Before Andrew had to leave, I snapped a brothers pic.  We missed having Aunt Maria at Christmas this year, but were thankful we got to see her the night before.

My little bookworm.  Reading one of her new books, while snuggled up in her new mermaid blanket.  Love it.

Ta da!  So proud of her fancy princess.  She asked for me to take her picture with it, by the tree.

We made it!  Another Christmas is in the books.  It is such a magical holiday, but so exhausting at the same time.  Thank goodness I've got this guy by my side.  He helps keep me sane and reminds me of what's truly important this time of year.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve

My favorite night of the year!  Christmas Eve!
We decided to jazz up our Christmas Eve this year, and go to the main campus of Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall.  The singers are amazing and we love listening to Pastor Steve preach in person.

I got to sit next to this little beauty.

We all enjoyed listening to the orchestra play before the service began.

We rolled deep, too!  Gigi, Boom, Maddie,  Aunt Lyndsie, Uncle Scott, Memaw, Poppi, Aunt Maria and Uncle Andrew joined us.  

Everyone was all smiles and in a great mood.  Three out of these four were very well behaved.
Any guesses who the stinker was??  Here's a hint--during the second to last song, Heavenly Child (a beautiful, slow song), she was sitting in my lap.  She started trying to wriggle out of my arms and when I finally asked what was wrong, she whispered, "I just need to dance!"  So I let her.  She swayed and twirled to the rest of the song.  I knew if I scooped her up, she'd scream, so I just gave in.  She danced through most of Silent Night as well, until I offered her a lit candle to hold.  Right after the service was over, a lady came up to me and said, "Mama, you just gotta let her dance!  My husband and I were watching her and it just brought tears to our eyes.  She's so innocent and we just loved seeing her dance."  It made me feel a little bit better that perhaps we didn't ruin Christmas Eve service for the people sitting near us.  I did think it was precious, I was just worried about disrupting others, and that sweet lady made my night.

  These two loved singing Silent Night.
I was simply thankful their sister didn't catch herself or anyone else on fire! 

Love these people. 

Cami is thankful that there was snow on the stage!

Scott and Lyndsie joined us for dinner at The Fatted Calf after church, along with the rest of the fam.

We had fried green tomatoes with the best pimento cheese ever, then moved on the honey butter chicken and halibut.  It was all delicious!  

By 7:30 we were heading home to get ready for Santa.
Only 1 more day until Christmas!

The kids set out cookies and milk for Santa Claus...

then we let the kids open one present each.
Jackson was stoked to get this Ezekiel Elliott Cowboys jersey!  Feed me!

Cami loved her Elena of Avalor barbie doll, and Lila was so happy about her new red shorts and USA soccer shirt.

They fed the reindeer and were off to bed.

And the stockings were hung by the chimneys with care, in hopes
that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

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