Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Christmas Cousin Reunion!

It had been almost 2 years since we'd seen my cousin Shelly and her Family. 
The girls have grown so much!
On Monday, they drove up from Montgomery to hang out with us for the day.  My kids were super-excited to see the three Michetti girls.

By age: Emily (12), Hannah (10), Bella (8), Jackson (8), Madison (7), Lila (5) and Cami (1). 
Poor Jackson was the only boy!

My sweet cousins!  Shelly and Leslie are the daughters of my dad's two older siblings.  I treasure my time with them both so much.  It's been a very long time since I've had them in the same place and it was really nice:)
Despite the bored-beyond-words look on Cameron's face, she loved being doted on by Hannah, and took to her right away.  Hannah toted her up and down the stairs, made her a second lunch, got her a new drink...anything Cami wanted--she was on it!

Since it was freezing outside, the Michetti girls brought their new hover boards into our house for our kids to try out.  After a wobbly start, J and M had mastered them.  We couldn't get them off of these little gadgets and they were zipping all over our house.

Lila didn't quite weigh enough, so she couldn't really do much hovering.  She was content to watch the show with cousin Leslie, though!

When two hover boards just wasn't enough, Emily ran out to the car and grabbed hers.

Bella and Lila spent some time putting together this puzzle...

and after a half hour they were done.  Ta da!

Everyone had a great afternoon!

After playing Candyland upstairs, the kids made their way down and started Just Dance on the Wii.  Dancing on hover boards--now that's next level stuff!

Too soon after, it was time to say goodbye. 

Big thanks to Shelly and Joe for driving all the way to see our crew.

It was such a fantastic afternoon filled with smiles.  We love all of you!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Christmas morning started bright and early for Lila and Jackson.  They woke up Daddy at 6:15 and told him that Santa had made it to our house the night before!  I was upstairs holding a sleeping Cameron, who had woken up at 5:30 that day.  She desperately needed a couple more hours of shut eye, so I did the best I could.  I could hear the rumblings of my oldest kids downstairs for a while, though, and at 7:15 I just couldn't take it any longer--I laid Cameron down in her bed, patted for a minute and then ran downstairs.  The looks on their faces was priceless when they said, "Mom, Santa came last night!  Look what all he brought us!!"
Lila got Grace the American Girl doll, a singing Barbie, a Kindle and this cool hot pink moped!

Jackson got two new Xbox games, a FitBit and this sweet red moped!
Since they know how much I love stockings, they waited on me before opening them.  They had all sorts of goodies, including activity books, new pens, stickers, Kit Kats and gum.  Jackson got two pairs of his favorite Nike Elite socks...

and Lila got this classic movie--Troop Beverly Hills!  I can't wait to watch it with her.

Baby sister woke up at 7:30 and was still very sleepy when she came downstairs.  She did see her new pink stroller from Santa, though, and began to perk up.

Then she noticed her big Minnie Mouse and gave her a big hug as she sat in her new monogrammed pink chair.

Finally, we talked her into joining the group and trying out her new four-wheeler.  Watch out, Murphy friends!  These kids are about to be on the loose!
After looking at their presents from Santa and their stocking stuffers, it was time to open the gifts we bought for each other.  When I handed Cami this gift, she said, "for me?"

She got this cool little fishing game and immediately started playing it.
Lila got Cinderella Barbie from us and this immediately made it to the top of her list, along with singing Barbie!
The kids picked out things for each other.  Jackson got Cami these five little babies.  To say she liked them would be a massive understatement.  She couldn't take her eyes off of them!  He was so pleased, especially when she gave him a giant hug and kiss and said, "dank you Bubba."
One of our favorite things this year for the big kids was that they got to go shopping on their own at the school Holiday Shop.  Jackson was so excited to give everyone their presents.  He got me a "Mom of the Year" coffee mug, but when we opened the box, it was actually a "Dad You are My Hero" mug!  Oops!  He was sad at first, but then I told him that was even better because it was so funny.  I had my morning coffee in it that morning and it was perfect:)
The last boxes to be opened from us were new ski clothes and snow boots for all three kids. 
Boom and Gigi are taking us skiing for spring break this year!!!

All three skiers are ready to rock, and this little girly was all set to take her four wheeler for a test drive.  Happy to say, she didn't wreck it one time!

Lila was a little wobbly at first, but she was still smiling:)

Vroom, Vroom!

The kids absolutely loved Christmas morning and did not want to come inside.  Alas, it was so fun, but we had two other houses to visit that day.

First up, The Raines home.  Merry Christmas, Aunt Glenda!

Two happy ladies.

The kids loved having special visitors this year, and so did we.

Cami spent an unprecedented half hour snuggling with Leslie while we exchanged gifts with them.  We vote for Leslie to move here!

Jackson got this cool neon jacket from Glenda and Leslie and wore it around for a long time.  Later that night he told me, "I really, really like my new jacket, mom!"

Jared snapped a group shot because one thing Santa did not bring was a selfie stick, then we exchanged some more gifts.

I made Meme a customized 2016 calendar...

Maddie gave Cami this pet carrier...

and dad gave mom this super-sized mega box of Millionaires chocolates!

We had a good meal and were too full to break into this red velvet cake!

After lunch, Cami still had one more present to open--Minnie Mouse tutu outfit with matching hot pink shoes.  She immediately started undressing and begged me to put it on her.  I think that means it was a hit!  Soon after, we had to load up our cars and go home to regroup.  The kids rode their mopeds while Cami napped, and I got our things together for our next stop.

By 5:00 we had arrived at the Hayses.  Merry Christmas, Aunt Bina, Memaw and Aunt Maria!
The kitchen smelled so yummy!

Lila insisted on bringing her new doll and liked introducing her to Poppi.

Cami brought in one of her new babies, too, and showed Aunt Lyndsie what a good little mommy she is.

New guests this year were Lyndsie's mom, Tonya, and her husband Dave. 
They were thoroughly entertained by our kids!

He's still got a ways to go, but he's getting closer to being as tall as Uncle Scott.

Memaw and two of her favorite boys.

It was so good spending time with my two sisters-in-law.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and then were ready to open more presents.

Lila got so many cute things from her aunts and uncles.  She was smiling from ear to ear all night long.

When Cami opened this singing Minnie, she hopped up by her daddy and said "take mine picture, Mom."  Pure happiness.

Lila got this precious Elsa tutu dress and shoes, but Cami loved it so much that she insisted on putting it on! 

Jackson got this sweet new camo sleeping bag.  He's never had one and is very ready to use it soon.

Cami loved her baby Cinderella from Aunt Maria--such a good mommy.
She also got this precious monogrammed pink bath towel--thanks Memaw!

We gave Memaw and Poppi this chiminea, complete with firewood, for their backyard.  We hope they enjoy cool nights outside by the fire just as much as we do.

By 9:15pm, it was finally time to call it a night.  These precious kids had had SUCH a great day--they did not want it to end.  Thank you to all of our family for everything.  We greatly appreciated all the time you put into it--preparing good meals, shopping for just the right gifts, wrapping our presents and then hosting our party of five.  We love you all so dearly.

Christmas 2015--a very Merry Christmas!

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