Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Poppi!

When you turn 65, that calls for a celebration! 
We did it up right this year with dinner at Casa Milagro's on Saturday...
complete with good food and even better dessert!
For his actual birthday we went to the Zoo today. 
It was around 60 degrees and perfect for a day outside.

Let's do this!

First up, the monkeys.  This baby monkey stole Cami's heart!  He was so cute.

The orangutans were pretty sleepy...

but the rhinos were on the move.

So far so good!

Cameron liked the antelopes...sort of!

She kept asking to go back to see "more monkeys," so we did.  Hello Silverback gorilla:)

It really was one of those rare days.  They were all being so good.  Hallelujah!

All four kids got along great the whole day.  Let's go see some elephants.

Cameron just wants to climb like the big kids.

Big sister thought the elephants were cool--much unlike little sister, who declared "elephants--scared."

The rest of us thought the baby elephants were so neat.

We were at the zoo right after they were born and they are two years old now.  Guess that's right, because I was pregnant with Cami back then.  My how time flies!

We all loved watching the giraffes, ostriches and ducks.

This is my favorite spot in the zoo. So pretty!

The white tiger might have been the coolest animal we saw, though.

Cami kept calling it a "big kitty" and meowing at it.  Yes, baby girl. That is definitely a big kitty!

The tigers had a beautiful area to lounge about in...

and one even crossed the river to come see us.

We saw the lions, too.  No daddy lion this time, but we did see the two babies.

After that, we fed the birds...

which everyone enjoyed.

After all that, we ate lunch in the Wild West and then hopped on the carousel.

This kid was LOVING all of her firsts today--she got her own horse this time, too. 
Where did my baby girl go?

Hi Ladies!

We decided to take the train back to the entrance and bought tickets on the Yellow Rose Express.

The birthday boy and his bride enjoyed seeing the horse and longhorn...

and in a few minutes we were done.  We got to see the flamingos on our way out. 
They are really beautiful, but pretty darn stinky! 

Happy Birthday, Poppi!  65 looks good on you! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bumblebees Party Down!

We hosted the Bumblebees and their families on Friday night for an end-of-season party.  All the kids were thrilled, from the big boys to the little girls.  We really enjoyed hanging out with their parents, too.  It was nice to be able to visit away from the soccer fields.  I wasn't always looking over my shoulder making sure my youngest hadn't run away!
We lured the kids downstairs with the promise of pizza and dessert.  It worked!

Then it was time for the trophy presentation by Coach Jared. 
A certain little girl decided she was on the team, too.

Coach Jared presented all the girls with their trophies and said something nice about each one.

Since we didn't have two girls show up, we had extra trophies on hand.  This worked out quite well for Cami, who kept hollering, "me! me!"

Congrats, Cameron, on a very good season.  You get the "cutest mascot" award:)

One, two, three---Gooooooooooo Bumblebees!!!

We are so proud of this little team. 
They played mostly 1st graders this season and still came in 2nd place!

Undefeated Flag Football Champs!

The Cowboys had a heckuva season!  They were better prepared than any team every single week and their hard work really paid off. 
This kid LOVED leading the team as their quarterback.

They only had 9 kids on the team, which meant most played offense and defense every game. 

First place!  Way to go, boys!

Matt Gomez with Focused on Fun Photography came out to practice one night to shoot the boys in action.  Here are some of my favorites:

The boys think "Odell-ing" the ball is so fun!

Little Maceo made this catch!

Add caption

And J made both of these catches, too!

It was a really fantastic season.

From baseball to football--these kids can do it all!

Coach Allan devoted so much time to this season.  We were lucky to have him.

Jackson's entire fan club showed up for the big game, but we only got us 5 in the picture.
We love #12!

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