Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Picking

We're a little late to the party, but we finally made it to Murphy Rd. Baptist Church yesterday to pick out our pumpkins.  It's so hard to find the time after school!  We squeezed it in between homework and football practice.
I'm so glad that we did.  I used to put the kids in fall colored clothing, preferably matching, but these days we're doing good just to get somewhere!  The big kids wore their team jerseys to school for Red Ribbon week, so they just stayed that way.  I think it captures our life perfectly.

This kid is getting SO TALL!  Love him.

This goofy girl was showing me how fat some of the pumpkins are at the patch.

And this one was happy as could be with all of the pumpkins. 

Hi Cameron!

Full of mischief!

We picked out four little pumpkins and three medium ones. 

We even painted the little ones once we got home.  They loved it and so did I.
Happy Fall, Y'all!

I wish I could go to Kindergarten

Lila really hit the jackpot this year. 
She gets to practice writing her letters and numbers in super-fun ways. Pencils are so last year.  Let's bring out the shaving cream!
She gets to practice being an engineer by doing cup-stacking.  So cool!

Her class all has 3rd grade buddies, and they get visits from them regularly. 
Lila loves her buddy Ava.

Their class also got a visit from their PALS at Murphy Middle School.  Very cool.

Lila and her classmates get to practice their letter of the week sometimes by writing them directly on the table.  A big hit with Charlotte for sure!

Their school has added an extra counselor this year as well.  She comes to Lila's class every two weeks to teach them a lesson.  This one was on Peer Pressure and how to make good choices.

The lesson really sank in with our little girl.  She came home that day telling me all about negative and positive peer pressure and ways to handle negative peer pressure.  She could recite many of Kelso's Choices and told me which one she could use in different scenarios.  I was really impressed.  I never remember our school counselors doing anything besides our schedules!

The technology the kids get to use in Kindergarten is so awesome, too.  I do love that they get to do so much hands-on learning, but it's really nifty too that they have 6 computers plus tablets, too. 

It's not always fun and games, though.  Their teacher had them brainstorm what it means to be a good citizen.  I was so impressed that they came up with all of these good ideas.

It's also cool to go to school because sometimes you get to play the drums!  It's Red Ribbon Week, so they brought in a drum line and gave every kid their own drum.  They loved it!

To top it all off, today was jammie day at school.  Follow your dreams--don't do drugs!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hunt Hound Award goes to....

Miss Lila Hays!!!
This morning Lila was honored at the first school assembly of the year.  She was chosen as one of two students by Mrs. Pool for exhibiting all the traits of a good Hunt Hound.  She has shown outstanding behavior in the classroom, is kind and compassionate to others, does her best school work and is just all around awesome!

Her sweet friend Charlotte was the other lucky one in class to get the award, too. 
These girls were so proud of their first dog tags.

An added bonus was a special visit to their room by the school mascot!

"Lila Hays has shown an extraordinary amount of Hark Work and Dedication!"

Lila, your daddy and I really could not be more proud of you.  Not only are you an excellent student, but you have such a giving spirit and a kind heart.  You rock, girly!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Our Day with Dylan

Last Wednesday, October 14th, our good buddy Dylan turned 1 year old.
It was a gorgeous day, so we were thrilled to meet him and his mama at Crowley Park.
This kid is all smiles.  All the time.  Time to swing?  Sure!

His girlfriend is not as easy going.

"Whah!  I don't want to swing!  It isn't nearly enough work for you, mommy!"

After 32 seconds in the swings, she was out and back to being a monkey again.

Within no time at all, she had shimmied to the top of the playscape and was sliding down on her tummy.  When did she grow up?  This girl looks so BIG to me!
Soon after, we decided to go see the ducks.  Her chill compadre was so happy to sit and watch the ducks.

Cameron thought they were neat until one got in between us.  Oh no!  Mama save me!

Dylan - so serene.  Talking to his mama about the ducks and even posing for a picture, too.

This girl was very wary of those ducks, but she eventually came around.  She liked getting the bread out all by herself.  That's what big girls do, I guess.

She did her best throwing to feed the ducks, too.

By the end, she was so happy, she was literally spinning in circles.  Great success!

It was such a great way to spend our morning--we will most definitely be back.
A few days later we got to see him again at his big birthday bash.   Hooray!

  Happy Birthday, Dylan!  We're so happy you were born!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Singing their Praises

Tuesday was picture day at school.  Lila and I were so excited that we woke up early just to roll her hair on the curling iron.  It looked so pretty, too!
I am so very proud of both of these kids.  They are fantastic students and each got an excellent report from their teachers.  They are excelling in academics, and both got praised for being helpful and kind to their classmates.  In fact, I got a text yesterday from another mom whose daughter is in Lila's class. It said, "I was lunch helper today and when I left, Malee was a little sad.  I watched her walk to recess and then watched as Lila came up to her, held her hand, and led her to go play. Sweet girl!"  That just made my heart happy.  Jackson's teacher sang his praises also, telling us "Jackson is so awesome. I wish I had 20 of him!"

That being said, our third child may need some more guidance.  She's such a little stink pot!  This was her first mess of the day at the fine time of 8am.  Tiny tornado strikes again! 
Clearly, I've got more work to do with her. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Columbus Day at the Dallas Arboretum

The kids had no school this past Monday, but we did have parent/teacher conferences.  My head was barely above water as I tried to just keep up with running our house that I mistakenly thought this was simply a PISD holiday.  I had NO idea that it was actually Columbus Day and that no other humans were going to work that day!  So we set off for the Arboretum.  It's one of my favorite places to visit every October.
We got there a little before noon and the kids were quickly in awe of the pumpkin mounds that seemed to be everywhere.  Cheese!
"Why am I sitting on this huge pumpkin again, mom?"  Because it looks cute, child!

Lila was all about it, though.

As was long-legged Louis!

And Madison found the perfect pumpkin to sit atop of for her picture.

Most of the time this is what the littlest Hays kid thought about taking pictures, but every now and then we snapped a good one. 

In her defense, there was a lot going on!  Look at all the people!  It was so crowded...

but so beautiful, too.  Postcard perfect!

This was our crew as we made our way to the pumpkin houses.  One running, one babysitting close behind, one carrying a pumpkin for the running child and the last one hurdling a cone. 
This group cracks me up.

Very soon, the runner was starting to get away.  Mah Mah to the rescue!

A few minutes later we made it to Pumpkin Village--just look at the masses.

"There are how many people here, mom?  Two million? Oh no!"

Jumping off hay bales is always a hit, especially to this 7 year old...

and 8 year old.

The 5 year old is much more into posing these days:)  Sweet child!

By this time it was closing in on 95 degrees and our enthusiasm for things was waning.  We noted that it was neat how they built a Sheriff's office out of corn...

and admired how much time it must take to build this pumpkin house...but the kids were just dying to get over to the Children's Garden, so we forged ahead.

I was so thankful that sitting inside Cinderella's carriage no longer holds the same allure for the girls.  The line was at least 75 people long!

Being on this cute little bridge was as close as we got to that action.

On our walk over to the lake, I admired why I love this place so much.  It's just gorgeous!
We set up our picnic lunch and enjoyed the view of White Rock Lake as we chowed down.   One memorable thing--Lila asked me why I only made her a cheese sandwich.  I thought for sure she was mistaken, but no, I really did forget to add the turkey to her sandwich.  Oops!  She survived and actually ate Cameron's sandwich because all that kid wanted were her Cheetos.  She's got good taste at least:)

We came in the back way and got to walk inside the grotto near the waterfalls. 
Why not do a little whip and nae nae to celebrate?

By this time it was seriously warm outside, so we were seeking water for sure.  This little chica loved this kiddie area so much.  By the time we left, she was soaking wet.  I bet she wasn't hot any more, though!

The kids did a few more of their favorite things, like climb in the gigantic tree house, and then it was time to go home.  As we were walking out, Lila said, "I sure regret all this walking, but I'm so glad we came here today because it's really fun."  I'd call that a win.  Until next time, Arboretum.

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