Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Silly Willies

Parenting isn't that hard.  Just let your kids go skinny dipping and they will be all smiles.
The older two were thrilled to be in the hot tub after dinner, on a school night, none the less!

The youngest was thrilled beyond words that she got to hop in naked! 
We were thrilled that she didn't go potty in it.

Making alligators at school with mom and friends is also a big hit.  Today, Lila waved her wand and said, "I wish my mama could work in Kindergarten every day."  Ha!  Every day might be a bit much, but I do love going every week.
Hanging out with these two Varsity Cheerleaders was a highlight for Lila and Madison.
Getting to do a stunt was even better!  Go Plano East!

When I ran into the grocery store the other day I just needed three things.  Dog food, salad and a Cranergy drink.  They were all out of Cranergy, so I went to grab a Coke Zero at the checkout.  This one was the first one I saw--I felt silly, but it made me smile:)

Cameron and I started a Kindermusik class last week.  She loves it!  We are super goofy, dancing, marching, singing songs, rolling on the floor, and playing with toys.

The really big smiles come out when it's scarf time, though.  Where's Cami?!

This girl is such a little maniac these days, especially in public.  She does love her brother, though, and cheered, "touchdown Bubba!" at his game last night.

He's got a devoted fan club for sure.  All that's missing is my big bow.  Don't hold your breath!
(In all fairness, Cami isn't usually sporting such a gigantic bow--she broke her white one and had to borrow Lila's.  Couldn't go without one.  That would really be silly.)
These three goofballs not only rock it on the baseball field, but they dominate at football, too. 
Cowboys won big last night! 34 - 0. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Denton 10U Tourney

Every other weekend you can find us and all the other Fury folks at the baseball fields.  This time we were in Denton and the boys were playing up against 10U AA teams.  But first, we had to squeeze in a few more things.  Saturday morning, Lila and Coach Dad had team pictures for the Bumblebees soccer team.
Love them in their black and gold!
Then he ran her over to Plano East HS for Cheerleading Camp with Madison.  While the girls enjoyed learning new cheers and using their black and gold pom poms, the rest of us headed north for some baseball.

Since we were down to only two kids, I found myself with some free time!
I snapped a few mom/son pics like this one of Brock and Angie...

and Tammy and Cooper.

I also got Corbin's family right before the game began.  Go Fury!

Jackson had a good game and got on base twice.  Here he is on 3rd base getting ready to score.

I was too busy cheering to get him crossing home plate, but he made it there safely!

When Corbin was on 3rd base, I just had a feeling he was about to steal home.  And he did! 
He hustled and then dove head first.  SAFE!!

Jackson played short stop the whole game and made some good plays. 
I love his intensity...even during warm-ups:)

The boys ended the first day with one win and one loss, which put them as the #4 seed on Sunday. 

We got to the fields at 9am and were ready for another championship day.  The sun was out, and the boys looked ready to go.

Gigi and Boom surprised us by coming to the game, too, which made Lila Lou very happy indeed.

Everyone was excited to cheer on the starting pitcher--#7 Jackson Hays!

He started out well...

and I know he tried his best.

In the end, it was just an off-day for him and his whole team.  Some days you got it, some days you don't.  As Ron Washington would say, "that's just the way baseball go!"

Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy 85th Birthday, Meme!

It's not every day that your sweet Meme turns 85.  We wanted to make sure that she felt the love from everyone on her special day, so we pulled out all the stops. 
I ordered a cake from Annie's Bakery--Mexican Chocolate and Italian Cream. 
Both were crazy good. 

I also ordered party favor cookies from my sister-in-law.  Sugar by Lyndsie came through again!  They looked, and tasted, fabuloso!

These three girls were all dolled up and ready to celebrate with their great-grandmother.  In all honesty, the littlest was just concerned about chasing the cat around the house and hollering for me if I got too far away!

Colleen and my mom gathered lots of photographs of Meme, starting back when she was a little girl.  That's a lot of years to include!  I made a collage of them and we had it displayed in the living room for everyone to see.  So many great memories!

Colleen insisted that we have the 85 balloons and even ordered them at a separate Party City, just to make sure we had them.  Like I said, we pulled out all the stops:)

By 5:00, our guests began arriving.  Mom's cousin Gerald and his wife Linda brought his mom, who is Meme's sister.  My cousin Jenny (due on Nov. 2nd!) came with her little boy, Aunt Ann and Uncle Doug.

Mom's cousin Ruth came with her husband Bobby and brought her dad, who is one of Meme's brothers.

Gerald and Linda

Maddie, Lila, Cami and Kalen getting ready to yell, "Surprise!"

We did it!  She was so surprised!

And so very happy when she saw everyone who had come to help her celebrate.  She hugged my mom's neck...

then hugged Doug:)

She was beaming when she walked over and saw her brother Ben, along with Papaw. 
More on that in a minute!

Meme enjoyed visiting with her nephew JD and his son James...

and was thrilled to pieces to visit with two of her siblings.

Everyone enjoyed their lasagna or fettucine and then it was time for some cake! 
This girl was just happy to be in Gigi's arms.

We all gathered in the dining room and I found myself near Meme and Papaw.  I have such fun memories of playing at their house when I was a little girl, before they got divorced.  I honestly never thought I'd see the day when they would both be together again.  But miracles do happen!  They were both so happy together--really good to see.

We almost had everyone from Mom and Doug's families there, too.  We were just missing my cousin Jeff and his family, who live in South Padre Island.

We lit her candles, sang Happy Birthday, and then she blew them out--with a little help from Lila.

After dessert, we got to chat a little bit more before the party was over. 
Dad entertained everyone as usual...

and Meme got to hang out with her grandson Justin and his wife, too.  She was on cloud nine. 
It was so awesome seeing her that happy!

Happy Birthday, Lois/Mom/Aunt Lois/Meme!
Cheers to 85 years! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bumblebees Win!

After great anticipation, Lila's soccer season finally started last weekend.  She was so excited she could hardly stand it.  She had lots of fans, too.  All of her grandparents, her cousin, aunt and all four of us were there to cheer her on.
Papaw even made it there, too!

Our fearless little Bee REALLY wanted to play goalie, so guess who was the goalie for the start of the game?  You got it.  This girl!

The referee lined up the girls and checked their numbers (wouldn't want any rogue players getting in the game!)...

Then it was time to warm-up.  Get it girl!


She started blocking some shots, even with those monster gloves on, and was ready to go.  Her practice really paid off, too!  No goals were scored on her--GO LILA!

Lila wasn't the only one working hard--Assistant Coach Jackson was giving plenty of directions, along with his dad and Coach Brent.

I was so glad that I got to try out my long-range camera lens!  It worked great far away...

and up close, too.

And this little bumblbee was all over the ball.  She was fantastic on defense, often stopping girls much bigger than she is.  That's my girl!

She'd hustle to it and start turning it towards our goal.

She kept up that intensity the whole time she was on the field. 

Soon she got to take a penalty kick and scored her first goal of the season!!!

I was so excited for her that I temporarily forgot my role as photographer.  I did snap this shot of her huge smile right after, though!

Not long after that, we were cheering for all the girls as they ran through the tunnel.  Go Bees!

Flash Gordon right there.

It was a very successful morning for all of these Kindergarten friends.  They won 10-0!

Way to go, Coach Dad!

You're both #1 in my book.

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