Monday, August 31, 2015

Back in the swing of things

Lots of big changes this week.  The kids rode the bus home on the second day of school and Lila absolutely loved it.
She feels like such a big girl and I'm totally cool with it since big brother is on there with her.  They may fight like cats and dogs at times, but he really does watch out for her.  He even asked the bus driver if they could sit together because she was his sister.  I think he likes her more than he lets on.
Jackson tried his hand at select soccer this summer.  His last game with Roma was on Tuesday night.  He enjoyed being on the team and is definitely a more skilled soccer player now, but his heart is with baseball and flag football. 

On Wednesday, I volunteered at school to help out with Kindergarten lunch time.  The kids were much more self-sufficient than I remember them being when J was that age.  I got to visit with my favorite girly much more than I thought and she loved seeing me there.  She hugged me goodbye, walked off to recess, then ran back and gave me a kiss.  Melted my heart.

By Friday I had two bus-riding pros. 
Little sister was even awake and got to walk down to the bus stop with me.  She showed them how to get back home with the biggest grin on her face.
"Finally!  My peeps are back home!"

Friday night we had dinner at the ball field.  Jackson had practice, so the girls ate their chicken nuggets while they watched the boys.  After they were done, Lila went to watch.  Her sister followed suit, but wasn't content with being on the sidelines.  She kept running and was almost to the pitchers' mound before I could scoop her up!
As if the day weren't long enough, we still weren't done!  J missed the paintball part of Tucker's party, but I got him there in time for swimming and snow cones.  Not too shabby:)

He was up bright and early the next day and in Greenville for the first baseball tourney of the season.  Game #1 was at 9am.  The girls and I made it just in time to watch #7 bat. 

We went to lunch after that game and were back at the fields for the next game.  By then it had warmed up.  A LOT!  Photographer Cameron was in full effect.  She knows it's important to try and get a good shot.

"Pretty sure I got some good ones."

"Oh man, how did I miss that?!"
The Fury played better and won the second game.  

Cami and the boys celebrated with some Rice Krispy treats.  They love her! 

Goofball boys

We were so thrilled that our friends could come over that night for an impromptu swim party.  Summer nights really are the best.  Especially with good friends.
By 9am Sunday morning we were back at the fields.  The boys played so much better and were ready to win it all.  Play ball!
Jackson started it off with a bang, hitting the ball to far left field for a double!  Way to go, Jackson!  It scored a run, so we were on the board.  Then he took the mound as the starting pitcher.  He threw an outstanding game, pitching the entire 6 innings.  We were up 4-2 at the end of the 6th inning and he just couldn't get that last out.  His teammates made a few errors, then he walked a batter.  The third baseman over threw first base and two runs scored, tying the game.  His coach brought in another pitcher to try and close it out and get the win.  He threw a wild pitch and the kid stole home.  We lost 5-4.  It was a tough loss for sure, but the boys played the best I have seen them play.  And I couldn't be prouder of Jackson.  He kept his cool, gave it his all and pitched one heckuva game.

Go Bubba, go! 
The Fury not winning had a silver lining, though--we got to go to Aunt Lyndsie's birthday party!

Her party was in a pool--so much cooler than we had been all day.  Hooray!

Everyone enjoyed the pool time, dinner and then our favorite part...

the birthday cake!  Happy Birthday, sweet Aunt Lyndsie!

A Sunday Funday for the books.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First day of school

After a full week of inching back their bedtimes, we actually did it!  Everyone was awake at 6:30am with smiles on their faces, and ready to start a new adventure at school this year.
It was a really big day-- Kindergarten and 3rd grade!

After enjoying some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, Jackson rode to school with me, and Lila went with her daddy.

We saw lots of friendly faces on the way into school.  The sun even got up with us earlybirds, too. 
It was a beautiful morning.

We had them practice walking into the building together and made them hold hands. J is going to escort his little sister to class for the first week, so we wanted to make sure they knew the drill--and it was a fantastic photo op, too:)

I asked the kids which room we were going to first and Lila shouted, "mine!"  She was SO happy when we turned the corner and saw Mrs. Pool's smiling face.  She put her arms out wide and Lila ran up and gave her a big hug. My heart just smiled.

Big Kindergarteners even have their own lockers. 
Lila's happens to be #6, her daddy's favorite number:)

Our sweet girl is so ready for this new chapter in her life.  She already has a love for math (and is good at it!) and can read pretty well, too.  Her daddy told her that they might just go ahead and promote her to 1st grade!  I hope not.  Kindergarten is going to be way too much fun!
After making sure she was all good, we said goodbye to our newest Hunt Hound 
and headed to 3rd grade.

Third grade!  Where the lockers are HUGE!  Jackson is one of the tallest in his grade, and he still looked small next to his mammoth locker.

I was able to sweet talk these two into taking a quick pic together.  They have been in the same class all four years.  Not only is Lucy cute and athletic, she's also really smart.  Jackson may or may not have had a crush on her back in the day...
Weren't they just too precious?!

Now they are in the older half of the school, where they have textbooks and get real grades. 
I know they will both continue to excel.
I couldn't leave without checking on my girl one more time.  This time when I walked in to her class, she had a table full of friends with her.  Doing good!


A few hours later, the whole gang was at our house! 
Aunt Colleen made them these fun signs.  Too cute.

Cami and I had had a wonderful day together.  No crazy brother and sister running around?  This is genius!

She even helped me bake the back-to-school cake--and got to lick the batter off the beaters, too!  Now that's what I'm talking about, mom!

All three had an awesome first day of school.  Whew! 
Lila said, "Mom, this was my most exciting day ever.  And I've had a lot of really exciting days!"  I think that says it all.  Could not have gone any better!   

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

41 Years!

Yep, my mom and dad have been married for 41 years!  That's over 4 decades.  Wowsers.
We celebrated their anniversary a day late this year because they were in Alabama on the actual day.  They had so much fun hanging out with the whole Rawlins family and were able to celebrate Betty's birthday, too.  Mom and Dad--I'm thankful for both of you and so are all of your grandkids!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Meet the Teacher!

We had a whole summer jam-packed with fun.  Last week it was finally time for one of my favorite nights of the school year--Meet the Teacher!  I guess it helps when you are really excited about who your kids got.
We arrived a little early and went to the gym to check out the different tables and buy me a Hunt Hound shirt for this year.  When the clock turned 5:30, though, we headed directly for Kindergarten.

This little girly was a little nervous, but she handled it like a pro.  She was so ready to finally meet her new teacher.

And it was such a huge success!  From the very first minute, Mrs. Pool welcomed Lila with open arms!  All of her nerves left the building.  Whew!

While Lila and I went on a scavenger hunt around the room, Cami checked out their computers.  She approves!

After saying goodbye to her teacher, we went out into the shared area so that Lila could see the Big Centers.  This is Home Living and just has Lila's name written all over it.  There are even cradles with baby dolls...

and a fully-stocked kitchen.  The smiles just kept getting bigger.

After all that excitement, it was time to go meet Mrs. Galvan.  She is such a perfect fit for Jackson!  She has three boys of her own, is all about math, and is still a really fun person.  Hooray!  And she even has Jackson and his best buddy, Ben, sitting next to each other.  Now that's cool.

We have a third grader!  My gosh.  He was Cameron's size only a few months ago...

Bring on school!  We are ready.

Soaking up some Summer

We spent the last week of summer just trying to soak it all in.  Somehow it was time for me to send not one, but TWO kids to school today. In all honesty, though, she was so ready!
  We went to Popsicles in the Park--a meet and greet for her Kindergarten class.
It was a fun way to meet new kids and hang out with some old friends.

Meet the Class of 2029!

Even though it was 7pm, it was still 100 degrees!  This little girl didn't seem to mind, though, and loved exploring the playscape.

We met a couple of friends at the park a few days later since Charlotte didn't get to the meet and greet.  All three of these cuties are in the same class.  So much cuteness, I can hardly stand it.

In a few more years, these little monkeys will be joining them as well!

As luck would have it, a cold front blew in the morning of our last swim day.  It was 70 degrees outside and felt wonderful!  Not ideal swimming weather...

so we met our friends at Lil' Ninjas in Dallas.  It was CRAZY!

There were about a million kids in this joint.  Thank goodness my older monkeys were good on their own and could do fun things like scale this wall...
and climb through this cool obstacle course.

It's a good thing, because I had my hands full just trying to watch this one!  The kid zone was totally bonkers and even with me watching her super-closely, a boy still did a flying front flip and kicked her in the head.  I was so mad!  He just looked stunned after I hollered, "don't do that!  It's not nice!" and then started tearing up.   Thank goodness she's tough.  She grabbed her head and looked at me like "what was he thinking?"  I know, girly.  Boys are just bananas sometimes.

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