Friday, June 26, 2015

Big League Dreams

Sunday morning we awoke bright and early--it was Father's Day, but Jackson's team was the 4 seed, which meant they had to play at 7:30am!  The boys left for the field at 6:30, and I let these two sleeping beauties continue their slumber until 7:00. 
Lila had joined us for night #2, and honestly, it couldn't have worked out any better.  Her little sister loved it and they both snuggled together (on their side of the bed!) all night long.  Genius.  They are starting to look so much alike, too, I think:)
In honor of Father's Day, my dad flew down the night before!  He got to watch Jackson's team win their first game of the day, too.
There's no better way to start off Father's Day than with an early-morning win at the Ballpark.

Continuing in our celebration of Dad, we had breakfast tacos at Rudy's...

followed by some bowling at Main Event!  The perfect day for Dad!  Happy Father's Day, babe.

We made it back for the semi-final game.  Jackson had his best hit of the tournament, hitting it all the way to the wall in left field and ended up with a triple!!  We had high hopes that they could beat the #1 seed!  But this time The Fury just didn't have the right stuff.  These boys were struggling big time with defense and couldn't make the plays.

Even though they didn't get to play in the championship game, we were all really proud of this team.  They had some awesome games, and their bats came alive!

A great group of boys that Jackson got to play with this season.

And now, a few months off from practice.  Hooray!!

Go Fury!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sweet Summertime

You know your weekend get-a-way is off to a good start when you get to sleep in--and when there are three kids involved, it's a small miracle.  We did just that, had breakfast at the hotel, and then got ready for the day.  Since J didn't have to be at the fields until 12:45, we headed over to check out Kemah.  It was so cool!

First up, a ride on the Ferris Wheel.  Yeehaw!  They said that Cami counted as a 5th person, so we couldn't all ride in one cart.  Bummer.  Guess all 25 pounds of her might have just been too much for one cart to handle.  The boys got in one...
and us girls hopped in the other.  These girlies loved going way up high and seeing the ocean and other fun rides. 

And while I knew this one couldn't get over the side, she did make me a little nervous by always standing up!

Next up--a train ride!
It was a great way to see everything on the Boardwalk and I had the cutest boy sitting next to me, too.  Lucky me!

Such a cool area:)

After our two rides, we high-tailed it over to the Aquarium for lunch. 

Our table was literally right in front of the main aquarium and the kids thought it was super fun to watch all the fish.  Lila said, "it looks like there is a baby shark in there."  When I told her that yes, indeed, that's exactly what it was, her eyes were wide with amazement.

Almost as entertaining as the fish, were these two goofballs that sat at their table.

But we weren't as awesome as hanging with Bertha!

Very soon we were on the move again and headed to play some ball.
Let's go #7!

J's fan club was substantial, especially since they had to travel a long way! He had us, his two sisters, an Aunt, Gigi and cousin all there to cheer for him.

The cutest cheerleading squad EVER!  Go Fury!

The boys were all smiles after winning their first game of the day.

They scoped out the competition and were ready to go for Game 2.

We thought they had the game won and all the parents were standing up and clapping in the stands.  Then the umpire said we still had 2 and a half minutes left to play, so we had to start another inning.  The other team got a few runs and we ended up losing by one.  Boo!  It was so hard to lose, but they walked out of the ballpark that day with their heads held high. 
Stay tuned for highlights of day 2.

Road Trip!

For Jackson's last tournament of the season, we had to hit the road.  There were three smiling faces as we loaded in the car and headed South on 45. 
League City, here we come!
About an hour into the trip, the newness had worn off, and this little girl was asking quite loudly to get, "OUT!"  She kept grabbing at the harness and trying to get the job done herself.  Thank goodness it was almost lunch time and there was a Dairy Queen in sight.  Nothing a few French fries and ice cream couldn't fix!

We dodged rush hour Houston traffic and finally arrived at out hotel that afternoon. 
These kids were so happy to be free!

Cami loved everything about the hotel--the elevators, waving to random people, our rooms and was especially happy to see that she could fit into this little nook.
A few hours later, we arrived at our friends' home on Galveston Bay.  It was awesome!!

It was two stories, with this amazing back porch.  We could see all the way across the bay. 
What a view!

It was so wonderful seeing Carol again.  She and I were college roommates at UT, but hadn't seen each other for a few years.  It was as if time hadn't passed at all...then we looked around and there were four children running some things had definitely changed!

While Rob grilled fresh shrimp for us, the kids dined alfresco.  Not too shabby:)

Cameron took them to see the boat house...

and then he and my Cameron shared the sweetest hug.  Aww!!

Everyone was enjoying the greatness of this back porch. 
Could you not take the best nap in one of these?

After dinner it was time to head downstairs for some fun pool time.

I know three silly gooses who had a ball.

What a great way to end our day. 
Baseball mania started the next day.  Get your game face on!

Monday, June 22, 2015

I Heart Summer

I love summer.  I really do.  No homework.  More fun!
Last week, this little cutie turned 17 months old.  She is close to running now, and loves to try and keep up with "Yiya" and "Bub."  She thinks both of them are so very cool.

I also love summer because it's VBS time.  Jackson went to our church's Vacation Bible School this time, and two of his buddies joined him.  He loved having Caden and Cole in the Blue Thunder with him, and I was so happy that Ms. Laura was their leader. 
Blue Thunder rules!  These boys had an awesome week together.

Lila was still too young to go to VBS at our church, so she went to The Heights with her friends Henlee...

and Brooklynn.  She memorized the verse on the first day - "God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9" and made lots of crafts every day.  They were some busy little bees.
We brought Brooklynn home with us one afternoon and the girls were so happy that they had a princess dance party.  Love it! 
We continued the fun on Thursday night with a BIG night out in Dallas to see the musical Cinderella.
Memaw and I took Maddie and Lila down the Fair Park to see the show.

I love it that these two love the theater.  We get them a program and a booster seat, and they are good to go!

Thanks, Memaw, for a special night.

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