Monday, April 27, 2015


We hit lots of highlights during our weekend of cancelled ballgames.  It really has a way of freeing up two whole days--amazing!  Jackson got to go to a friend's birthday party and played tackle football in the mud on Friday night...then he had a friend over on Saturday and spent the day hanging out, swimming and playing ball.  It really was a great weekend, full of many favorites.
Holding his baby girl is one of Daddy's favorite things...
especially when he gets to help her feel like a "big kid" at the park.
Hanging out with his old buddy Matthew is one of Jackson's favorite things!  These two had so much fun together on Saturday that they asked if Matthew could just stay the night.  We agreed, then took them out to dinner and downtown to Klyde Warren Park. 

It was a beautiful 77 degree night and perfect for these two monkeys.

And by some miracle, this guy finally got back on the ballfield on Sunday afternoon, too!  A true favorite passion of his.  His team played great, beating a team of 4th graders (those are 10 and 11 year old boys!) 9-4!  Jackson pitched so well the last inning, striking out the first two batters he faced and getting the third batter to ground out at first base.  Yeehaw!  I love, love, love watching this kid play ball.  Might be one of my favorite things, come to think of it!

Lila really looks forward to her Tuesdays with Memaw at BSF.  She loves learning all about Jesus and God, and then likes her playtime at Chick-fil-A, too.  I'm pretty sure she gets ice cream every time, too.  Who wouldn't love that?

Lila Lou also loves riding on her big brother's shoulders while they play around at home... 
but maybe the biggest smile of the week came when she donned this luxurious blonde wig at Gigi and Boom's house. Ha!  Now that's high humor right there.

And finally, for my sometimes odd 15 month old...her favorite of the week is none other than a tube of Aquafresh. Yep! 

She carried this tube of toothpaste around for three days straight last week.  It went for a ride with her on the lamb...

had a tea party with her at the Dora table...

and insisted on being right in the mix during Lila's hairstyling session.

The child even slept with the toothpaste for two nights in a row.  I kid you not.  And then she insisted that it come to breakfast with her, too!  It even took over the chocolate milk spot on the tray.  Now that's strong love right there.  Such a goose! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Maddie's 7th Birthday Party

Madison is still really into gymnastics and now goes to a new gym.  She chose it for her 7th birthday party and lots of her friends came to celebrate with her this past Sunday.
Soccer girlies, crazy cousins and such were all in the mix.

Strike a pose!

Sweaty, happy kids:)

Such a gorgeous girl!  And she had a fabulous birthday crown, too.

The kids chowed down on snacks first...

and then it was time to sing happy birthday to this pretty girl.

We turned out the lights, lit the candles, and sang "Happy Birthday Dear Madison!"

She tried hard to blow out her candles...but they just wouldn't stay out.
Reinforcements were needed!  After cake and ice cream, it was free time in the gym. Hooray!
This kid practiced his long jump into the pit and then worked on seeing how high he could jump.
His sister hung out in the pit and also loved doing her toe touches on the bouncy trampoline. 
 Get it girl!

Since this little cousin was napping during the party, she just had to go help Maddie open presents afterwards.

Both Cami and Lila were big helpers and made sure that Madison got all of her gifts opened--they approved of everything!  We think Maddie had a pretty great time celebrating her birthday this year.  Seven is so sweet!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring is in the Air

It's been the rainiest spring that I can remember.  The kids have had more cancelled games than they have played, but when it's been sunny, we have loved it.
The Golden Strikers should have been finished their season this past weekend, but both of those games got rained out, so they've still got 4 to play.  These boys loved their last game--they won and had fun doing it!

In between days of rain, Lila and Memaw went to the Arboretum with some friends after BSF.  They had a picnic lunch by the lake...

and then ran over to play in the Children's Garden.

By the time this one got home, she was a sweaty, tired, but happy little girl!

I'm sure it rained for the next week, but the sun finally came back and Henlee came over after school to play.  It gorgeous outside.  The girls played so well together and then rode style to the bus stop to pick up Jackson.  We roll with plenty of pink:)

Double Trouble while cruising the streets of Murphy!

A few days later, little sister got to ride shotgun with Lila.  It's a challenge for this novice driver, because her passenger regularly opens the doors, turns on the radio, or sometimes even throws the car in reverse without notice.  She keeps Lila on her toes for sure!

When Cami sees that big yellow school bus coming down the street, she starts waving and saying, "Bub, Bub!"  I love it. The whole scene.

Dear Rain,
Please go away and don't come back--anyday.  Our lakes are full.  Our grass is soaked. 
We are trying to put in a pool.  This is not a joke.

We like the spring, but are ready for summer.  Please, oh please, do not be such a bummer!

You're welcome for that charming little ditty.  Happy Monday, folks!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trike-a-thon and Maddie's Birthday!

Friday was a big day in our world.  It started bright and early at our house.  After we got brother off to school, Lila put on her workout clothes so that she could do some serious bike riding.
This was a special day at North Star--the St. Jude's Trike-a-thon was finally here!  The kids had been learning about bicycle safety all week and watching videos about St. Jude Children's Hospital.  Lila raised $160 for this great organization and was so happy to be able "to help sick children who get bad diseases."

Cami and I met her class outside just as they were lining up at the starting line.

Very soon they were off and zipping around the "track."

Go Lila, go!

Equally as exciting in the world of five year-olds were the popsicles that they got to eat afterwards:)

Cami and I left school and drove to Madison's school next.  It was time to wish her Happy Birthday in person!  We met Gigi and Colleen there, too, and they brought her these fun donuts to share with her class after lunch. 

At lunch, we asked Maddie how in the world she was already so OLD?!  I remember this baby girl like it was yesterday.  For real.  Gotta love her cleaning man, Jackson, with his trusty dust pan, too!

She has always had the most to-die-for dimples...

right from the start.

And while they might not always act like it, they do love each other!

Maddie has always made friends very easily, and has been tight with the Pointer sisters from the start.
She also been a "little mama" starting with Lila Lou.

So sweet to her cousin!

Now she takes just as good of care of Cameron, too, and is such a fun playmate for her.

And these two girlies have grown up to be the best of friends!

After a yummy dinner at El Fenix, we lit the candles on her cookie cake, sang her happy birthday...

then watched her make a wish and blow out all 7 of her trick candles!

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!  We love you!

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