Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy 35

There's nothing catchy that ends with "look who's 35," but there sure should be!
I think it's most definitely a milestone birthday.  One that makes you feel O-L-D.  Thank goodness I've got plenty of young 'uns around to help keep me moving!
My birthday began Sunday morning with Jared taking most of the kids to Krispy Kreme to pick up donuts for the birthday brunch.  I got to shower BY MYSELF. With no interruptions. 
It was glorious.  Then we headed over to my parents' house for the first celebration of the day. 
We had a feast, beautiful flowers and birthday balloons.  Perfect!

After they sang to me, I got to open some presents and once again, they spoiled me rotten.

Then it was time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!  Jared and I sat on the back porch, in the rocking chairs and chatted while the kids played.  It was a really nice 10 minutes.

Then I was back on duty!  If I were a celebrity, this is what I imagine our picture might look like.  Totally unflattering of me because I wasn't sure if I should smile, since I didn't know if I was in the picture or not, and completely precious of Cami.

Jared played soccer with Jackson,

while the girls and I did tricks on the trampoline.  They love to do "airplane,"

but I think launching them sky high is more fun!

Crazy hair shot:)

Thank you, sweet mother of mine, for a wonderful start to my birthday!  And for giving me life.  And for rocking me around the world.  I'm sorry I was such a hard baby--hopefully I've made up for it by being a sweet daughter:)
A few hours later we were at the soccer fields watching J and the Golden Strikers.  The girls played in Cami's outdoor playpen the whole time, and Lila did great entertaining her baby sister.  Did they play with toys?  Nah.  Pouring water on themselves did the trick, though.  Go figure!

Let's go #10!   J played well, but his team still lost the game.  Bummer.

At least we got to spend more time in the sunshine, though! 
A little while later we met the Hays crew up at Tokyo Hayaci for an awesome hibachi dinner.  The girls love the food--even the baby ate the soup, fried rice, grilled shrimp and chicken. 
I was amazed, then again, the kid loves to eat.
I think their carnivorous big brother was feeling the pressure, and he even went out on a limb and ate plain white rice with his steak and chicken.  Whoa!  Living dangerously! 
Everyone was so well behaved the whole time.  I think the key was the random fires that were popping up throughout the meal.  Keeps ya on your toes.

We went back to our house for cake--these two were ready to sing and try out Jared's masterpiece.

"35?!  Say it ain't so, Mama!"

Love these peeps so much.

Even this one, who is literally glued to me most of the day and night:)

It was a fantastic day!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who helped me celebrate.  Y'all made this not-so-young girl feel pretty darn good!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Frozen on Ice!

I first saw Disney's Frozen on Ice advertised this past October.  It was coming to the AAC at the end of March and I knew that we just HAD to go.  My little girly girl would be all over it.  I made a phone call and got the hook-up on four really great seats.  I gave two of the tickets to Lila for Christmas and she very sweetly asked if I would go with her.
This child has counted down for the past three months and yesterday the big day was finally here.
She wore her precious Anna and Elsa tutu dress, along with her Frozen necklace and bracelet, and completed her ensemble with a light-up tiara.  Perfect!

The show began with a bang and Lila waved to every character as they skated onto the ice. 
So darn cute.

Minnie and Mickey started the show and then out came many other Disney favorites,


like Snow White and her Prince.

Goofy, Ariel, Prince Eric, Buzz, Woody, Dori, Nemo, Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, Cinderella and Prince Charming were all there.

Then the main attraction started and out came Anna singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" to her sister, Elsa.

They danced with Olaf...

and then Elsa accidentally struck Anna with her magical ice power.  Whoa!

We got to see so many of the characters up close, like one of the trolls.

Then it was Coronation Day and Elsa walked out onto this moving stage. 

Everyone danced at the ball--so cool.

After that, Sven and Kristoff came out in their ice sled and picked up Anna.  There were a few more songs and then it was intermission.

We figured that instead of cotton candy, we'd embrace the whole frozen theme and get snow cones!

The second half was a little shorter and had Anna singing with Olaf...

and then they were joined by all of these other characters.

Then the scary Ice Monster inflated right before our eyes!

The trolls did a fun number with Anna and Kristoff...

and then Anna saved her sister at the end.  Hooray!

Everyone came back out for the finale and Lila waved to all of them:)

Anna, Elsa, Sven, Kristoff and Olaf gave one last wave and were gone.

Such a lovely way to spend the afternoon and one I know these two girls won't forget any time soon.  Simply magical.

Buzzing Bumblebees!

The cutest little co-ed soccer team made their spring debut yesterday morning.  It was a gorgeous spring day--just perfect for playing outside.
All of the little Bumblebees huddled up with Coach Clay and got ready to rock it.

One thing is for sure.  #12 was ready to go!  She predicted that she would score 10 goals:)

Cuteness overload!

She waited her turn to play and went in for the second quarter.  Lila was a little bit timid at the start, but then warmed up...

and started making good contact with the ball.

A few minutes later she got a goal, too!

Way to go, Lila!  A fabulous start for the season. 
We can't wait to keep cheering for her and all of the bees.

Do we have a walker?

Not a chance!  Cami has taken her sweet little time from Day 1, and walking is no exception.
She didn't crawl until after she turned 10 months old...

but was very good at it when she finally did.
Her first birthday came and went.  No interest in standing, let alone walking.  We just passed her 14 month birthday and she's starting to at least stand up every now and then.

This is her favorite new trick and she is so very proud of herself.  Just imagine how exciting it's going to be when she figures out how to move those feet!

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