Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spring, Is that You?

It has been so beautiful here this week that we are beginning to wonder if Spring has come early.  Elsa is still embracing winter, though, with her long jammies!

Ha!  Maddie got Lila this gem of a hat at Walgreen's and we love it.

This kid is all set for Crazy Hat day when she is in Kindergarten next year!

It's been a big week for Miss Cameron, too.  She's moved out of the baby car seat and into the toddler one.  She thinks this is a really great thing and loves being able to see out the window as we zip around town.

Yesterday, though, we tried to limit our car time and spent all afternoon outside.  The girls got their snacks and drinks and I took them around the neighborhood in their red wagon.  We ended our walk at the bus stop and waited for big brother to hop off.  He had fallen getting onto the bus and hurt his knee, so the red wagon actually carried him back home!

While J was inside icing his knee and doing homework, the girls and I went out back.  We discovered that the swing is Cami's happy place.  She loves it! 

This kid was all smiles the entire time she was in it and wouldn't let me even think about getting her out for the longest time.  Every time I'd ask, "Cami, do you want to get out now?" she'd shake her head fervently and say, "no!" 

Pretty soon she'll be asking me to push her as high as her big sister.

What a good afternoon.  I look forward to many more with my kids.  We are going to ask brother if he'd like to go on a bike ride after he gets home from school today.  Love, love, love this 72 degree weather.  My kind of day:)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Super Saturday!

These two had great games this morning! First, Jackson and the Mavericks won big, beating the Heat 24-9.

Papaw was so happy to watch J man in action.

Then Lila had her best game of the season and helped the Bumblebees win big, too. She scored three goals and looked up in the stands after each one with the biggest smile on her face. Go Lila!! I think Papaw must be their good luck charm:)

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Friday, January 23, 2015

1 Year Report

This week Lila and I took Cami to her 1 Year check-up at the doctor's office.  It's a visit that I both look forward to, and dread, at the same time.  I love seeing how much she's grown and visiting with her doctor about how well she's learning, but I hate it, because I know there are always shots at the end. We had the first appointment of the day, which was awesome!  I can't tell you how many hours I have wasted just waiting around at the doctor's office.  This was a beautiful thing!

No pictures on the scale this time, but Cameron is growing very nicely:)

Her stats
Height: 30.5 inches (90th%)
Weight: 20 lbs. 15.5oz (50th%)
Head circumference: 18 inches (75th%)

Of course, her daddy and I think she's brilliant! Some of her recent accomplishments include pulling up on all furniture, telling everyone "bye" when she figures out they are about to leave, talking all the time--new words are "Dog", "Meow" and I heard she said "Gigi" the other day, too.  She's still a mama's girl, but she now lets her daddy, grandparents and sometimes friends hold her, too.  She got to try whole milk this week and didn't hate it, even though it was cold.  We've got a ways to go before she drinks 8 oz., though, so she's still nursing a couple times a day.  She has not met a food that she didn't like, and she's CRAZY about dessert!  This weekend, she's getting moved on up to the big girl car seat, but she'll still face backwards in the car.  She has officially outgrown her baby carrier.  She is also starting to play with more toys, but she's most interested in odd things.  Like Lila said, "she's such a random kid--she'd rather play with toilet paper or Kleenex than anything else!  Ha!  So true.  But we still love you, baby girl. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Look Whoo's One!

We had a really great time celebrating Cameron Nicole's first birthday. 
We did a "Look Whoo's One!" themed party with cute little owls.

Lila was the first one to sign the Owl matte that will go in Cami's room. 
She wrote, "Dear Cameron, I love you!  Happy Birthday! Love, Lila"

Aunt Lyndsie made her cake and matched the Owl from her plates to a tee!  It was strawberry on the top layer and dark chocolate on the bottom one.  Divine.  It was beyond delicious!

I printed pictures from this whole year and intended to use them to create a giant number 1...

but I had too many, so I made signs that said, "Hoot Hoot" with the rest of them! 
Who are we kidding?  I love pictures, and a year is a long time:)

By 3:00, this little girl was well rested and ready to party down.

We only invited family a handful of friends because large groups make this little girl nervous.  As her guests began arriving, she was checking them out, that's for sure!  Turns out it was a gorgeous, sunny, 65 degree day, so everyone got to go outside first.  That was perfect and let Cami warm up to everyone.

After the kids played outside for a little bit, we came back inside and played a little game called Pass the Cupcake.  Daddy played music as the kids passed the cupcake around the circle.  When the music stopped, the kid holding the cupcake got to give Cami her present.

It worked pretty well I think, and held her attention much longer than I expected.

"Opening gifts is so exhausting!"

That's why I opened most of them--sort of like my baby shower for her!  Isn't this dress too precious for words?

After presents, it was time to dive into the cake.  Such a patient little princess.

The kids went bezerk with these blowers before we started singing and I was really second guessing my intelligence for having them at the party!  The blowers, not the kids.

Happy Birthday, Dear Cami....Happy Birthday to You!

And now, for her favorite part of the day--CAKE TIME!

This little girl ate almost half of her giant cupcake!

After everyone ate dessert, we handed out the favor bags and brought out the big Owl piñata.

Who wants some candy?

We do!  It was a different sort of piñata, and you just pull the strings instead of hit it, to make the candy fall out.  Ready?  Set...

Go!  These crazy kids scooped up the candy in 15 seconds flat.  It was impressive.
 Thank you for helping us celebrate Cami today!
She loves her Aunt Maria & Uncle Andrew...

her Poppi & Memaw...

her Uncle Scott & Aunt Lyndsie...

and cousin Maddie, Boom & Gigi, too.  We are thankful that all of you are in her lives. 
What a lucky little girl. 

Monday, January 19, 2015


Snapshots of January:

Girly lunch with my most favorite four year old on the planet at The Chocolate Angel.

Cheering on our Cowboys to a big win. We told them, "Go big or go home!"
Cami and I joined Gigi, Meme, Gloria and Aunt Fayna for a good birthday lunch for my mom. Sweet ladies!

Cheering on Jackson at one of his Hulk soccer games. They have been fierce lately and won 10-0 the other night. A few days later, they won 14-1 and Jackson scored 3 goals!  Way to go, kid!
The Bumblebees are still going strong, too, and Lila enjoys playing.

Sometimes her big brother even watches her!

The Hulks and Bumblebees have been having lots of good games, but the Mavericks have been struggling lately.  J man doesn't like losing, and frankly, neither does his mother!  Hopefully they can turn things around soon:)
But no need to end on a sour note, so I'll leave you with one of my favorite snapshots:

This kid loves some Kleenex!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sweet Cami!

How in the world did you get to be a year old?  I have no idea.  It really seems to have happened in the flash of an eye some days.
You woke up all smiles and were so very happy to see this enormous birthday cupcake balloon that had been tied to your highchair.

Then you even humored me and your sister by wearing this birthday hat for a few seconds!

"I'm not really digging this strap around my chin, mom."  We played with you after breakfast and then thought you were tuckered out enough for a nap.  Wrong!  After an early lunch and a little fit, you finally settled down in your crib for a much needed nap.  Lila and I got busy making your birthday cupcakes, but you woke up before we even got them all baked!  We took a timeout from baking and got you ready for the day.

I'm kinda sad, too--this is the last sticker and it says "1 Year."  Sniff.  Oh my sweet child, you are growing up so very quickly.  We adore your precious smile...

and can't get enough of your giggles.

You've learned to pull up on everything and can see so much more this way.

Take a seat!

You've also started wearing shoes--and I just love these.

One going on five:)

You do not like Lila or Jackson to hold you, but you'll play with them any day of the week!

"I can sit like a big girl, thank you very much."

Two peas in a pod.

After a long hour of basketball practice with a very tired one year old, we made it home, ate dinner and then sang Happy Birthday to Cami.  Jackson tried to show her how to blow out her candle,

but when she didn't take the hint, he and his sister took matters into their own hands.

We gave her a few presents--she loves these new people for her VTech house,

but mostly enjoyed pulling out all of the tissue paper!

Happy Birthday, Cameron Nicole Hays!  We love you to the moon and back.  A thousand times.

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