Monday, October 27, 2014

Because I'm Happy!

Like Pharrell says, "Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.  Because I'm happy!" 
It's the truth--these things make us happy...
Jackson came home last Monday with good news.  He was the Hound of the Week!  According to him, he would like to "visit every MLB ballpark" one day.  He loves to read, is good at math, and wishes that he could drive a Lamborghini.  Ha!  Don't we all?!
Lila had picture day at school and chose this precious outfit.  She even humored me by wearing her hair half up because she knows that makes me happy:)
The remote and a Barbie doll make this little girl very happy.  That's pretty easy.
Sisters, outdoors, on the trampoline, perfect weather, sunshine.  Happiness all around.
Watching this kid play baseball makes us happy.  It's his favorite sport and probably mine, too.

It's been so fun getting to watch him pitch this season.

He's had some ups and downs, but he's really turning into a pretty darn good pitcher.

#24 can bring the heat!

Speaking of #24, I heard he pitched a great game while I was at a wedding on Saturday night.  I was getting constant updates from his daddy and was so glad to hear he was doing well.  There are not many reasons that I will miss a game, but the wedding of a longtime friend is one of them.  I gotta admit, it was nice getting all dressed up and not having to worry about anyone but myself, but it was a little bit lonely, too.  I had my parents there, but it's just not the same as my usual hot date!
On Sunday, I took Lila and Maddie up to our church's Fall Festival.  We ran into lots of our friends and Lila was all smiles when one of her favorite girls, Miss Chloe, was wearing the same shirt.
Sunday night, Jackson fed Cami a bottle so that Jared and I could whip up a gourmet dinner for our crew.  Not cooking with a baby on my hip--that sure does make me happy!

And finally, this is who I got to spend the day with after her big brother and big sister went to school.  She is the epitome of HAPPY. 

She loved doing the "airplane" and flying around with her arms out to the side.

I could not get enough of her sweet smile and giggles.  Maybe she was so happy because her mother finally figured out a way to keep that long hair out of her face!

Pebbles and I had a wonderful time outside and look forward to doing it again this week. 
It just makes us happy:)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkins Galore at the Dallas Arboretum

It's been a long time since we ventured all the way out Garland Road to the Dallas Arboretum.  Too long, in fact!  I really do love it every time I go there, so I'm not sure why it takes me forever to do it.
Anyway, Cami and I picked up Shelley and Lila from BSF yesterday and made our way out to Pumpkin Land.  Lila loved this cool display at the entrance and insisted on sitting on the "big pickle" for her picture.  Ha!

Next, we found some humongous pumpkins!  They must have outweighed Lila by a mile. 

Cami didn't like just spectating, though, so she got out of the stroller and right onto the hay. 

Immediately, I had a flashback from 2010!

Lila didn't have nearly as much hair, but they both share those baby blues, that's for sure!

Cami was a little more serious about her poses than Lila was that day.

It was either the "serious face"

or so much happiness that she just had to clap!

How can this little lady be this grown up? 

Sweet snuggles from this Mama's Girl.
She's getting so much hair!  And it's curly, too!

Memaw and Lila explored the pumpkin and gourd house...

and we all thought the Jack-o-lantern house was super cool, too.

We sure did wish that big brother could have come with us.  He would have liked running through the haybale maze with Lila.  Stinkin' school always gets in the way!

"Hey Mom, is it lunch time yet?"

We found us a picnic table that was close to all the action.  Cami loved watching the birds and Lila kept a close eye on the petting zoo.

After lunch, we sat inside Cinderella's carriage,

and then checked out her horses that were made of straw.

Then we went to pet some animals.  Turns out, Cowgirl Lila is very timid around goats.  Who knew?  It took a lot of convincing to get her to touch this friendly goat.

And this was as close to feeding this one as she got.

She did really like this "furry goat," though!  I said, "yes, do you mean the sheep?!"

After the petting zoo, we set off on a walk.  Lila said, "we're taking an adventure!" and skipped ahead of us in total glee.  We found this pretty waterfall...

and then stumbled upon this neat split-level koi pond.  How cool!

"Wait, Lila!  I want to come with you!"

Soon enough, little sister will be able to keep up with big sister.

We had a wonderful time exploring the gardens and are really going to try to go back next month.

It's just too pretty not to:)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Jammie Party

"Big sister and big brother went to school today!  What should we do?  Go out?  Nah--let's stay in and party down in our jammies."
"You're cute, Cami, but I'm getting kind of sleepy already."

"C'mon, Colby!  You can hang for a little while, right?"

"Maybe if I could sit next to you, that would help."

"Sweet!  My plan worked!"

These two were beyond precious this morning.  Their mommy and I had fun introducing them to each other, and we got some uninterrupted girl time, too.  Bonus!

"Come here my little cuddlebug!"

First kiss!  Love at first sight.

I think he liked it! 
 Will these not be the cutest pictures EVER if these two get married one day? 
It could happen!

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