Monday, September 29, 2014

Buzz on Bumblebees!

Saturday morning was SO MUCH FUN!

Meet our favorite Murphy Bumblebee--#12 Lila Lou!
Her daddy was so happy that his girly girl was all about playing soccer this fall.

Her team did their warm-ups and then had a pep talk from Coach Clay.

Maddie was so into the whole game and kept giving Lila pointers while she was waiting with Henlee for the second quarter.  So cute!

We told Lila that she had to be aggressive and go get the ball.  She's been really timid at their practices, so we had no idea what to expect at the game.  No need to worry, though!  This little girl was all over the ball!  She played good offense...

and defense, too.

Then she took that ball the length of the field...

and scored her VERY FIRST GOAL!!!

She was so proud and there was lots of "Go Lila!" from the stands!

That was all she needed to keep up the hard work:)

The Bumblebees have some work to do, like not tackling your own teammates, but they did so good!  Thank goodness Lila's used to wrestling with her brother so she stood her ground with this kid.  I think he must have wanted to score a goal, too.  Teamwork, dude!

High fives from her daddy for a job well done.

After resting during the third quarter, she went back in for the fourth.  Our #12 cut this little girl off and got the ball away from her.

Then she dribbled it down the field and scored a second time!

Her whole team came over and high-fived her.  Way to go, Lila!

She was the first one to run through the tunnel and was grinning from ear to ear.  The Bumblebees won big, too.  A very successful start to their season.

Thanks, Lila, for putting on a great show for your fanclub!  We love you, little Bee.

Happy Birthday, Meme!

We celebrated Meme's 84th birthday last week.
Say It With Sugar did the cake and it was so pretty.

Gigi took Meme to lunch and then to get their nails painted.  After school, we all met at Gigi's house for cake and presents.

Happiness all around--I love this.

Meme always likes when she gets some snuggles from her youngest great-grandchild:)

First, she opened her cards and then her presents.  Cami was a big help.

This is about as close to crawling as Cami has gotten--we've got a ways to go!

Say cheese!

Surprisingly, this little girl didn't mind wearing her party hat.  She'll yank a bow or hairband out in 2 seconds flat, but she kept this hat on for 10 minutes.  Go figure!

We sang, Meme made a wish and then blew out the candles on her chocolate cake with cookies and cream icing. 

There's a chance that her oldest great-grandchild will be taller then her by the time she turns 85 next year.  He's getting close already. 

Happy Birthday, Meme!  We love you!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Soak It Up

This little girl has my heart.
She sleeps all night, wakes up hungry, eats a good breakfast and then goes right back to sleep.

I am usually in a rush to be done feeding her, but yesterday it worked out where I didn't have to be. 

And it was wonderful!  A friend took Lila to school for me, so we didn't have to eat and then run out the door to get her there on time.  It was so great.  Sweet Cami only slept for about 5-10 minutes, but it was just enough time for me to reflect on how lucky I am to be her mama.  I really think God was saying, "slow down, enjoy this, don't rush through everything today." So I listened.   I sure hope I get some more times like this--she's our last baby and I just want to soak it up. 

A couple minutes later, this happy camper woke up with a great big grin on her face.  Love that, too!  It really started my day off right.  Even better than coffee!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wylie Rodeo--who knew?!

Friday night we decided to take advantage of some local family fun--The Wylie Rodeo!  Jackson had ball practice, so it was just me and the three little girls at first.  We parked at the football stadium and hopped on a school bus that took us to the rodeo entrance.
Lila was so excited and told everyone how "this is my first time on a school bus!"

We had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be so cool.  There were lots of vendors and had I not been going it alone, we would have come earlier to check them out, but I can only do so much!  Next time we will grab some corny dogs and funnel cakes for sure--they both looked really good.  We made it in time for the rodeo and met up with our friends in the stands. 

Both girls liked watching the "big cowgirls" ride their horses and carry purple flags.  Then we watched cowboys get bucked off their horses and it definitely kept their attention!  There was a rodeo clown, too.  So fun!  Jackson and daddy got there right after it started, so they didn't miss out on any of the entertainment.

Then it was time for the money run and all kids 6 and under were invited to come out and run around for cash.  We couldn't believe that our two cowgirls declined, but they did!

Sweet baby girl sat in my lap all night and didn't really have much use for being sticky and hot.  She spit up, too, so she was kind of stinky and she didn't want anyone to hold her but me. 
Her face says it all!

After the Money Run, it was time for the Calf Scramble.  They invited all kids ages 7-12 to come down into the arena.  Jackson, Cole and Dylan were all about it!  There were these two calfs with orange flags attached to their tails and the kids had to try and get them.

Ready, set, go!  It was total mayhem!

One kid grabbed the first flag right in front of us, but the rest of the kids kept chasing the second calf.

Boom Pa told the kids the next day that he once won the Greased Pig contest at a rodeo.  Not sure they are going to follow in those footsteps, but they sure did think it was funny!

We had to leave a little early because Cami was d-o-n-e, but we will most definitely be back next year!  It was only $25 for us five!  So much bang for your buck:)

Way to go, Wildcats!

 The Wildcats lost a close one on Tuesday night, falling to their opponent 8-9, so it was time to put one in the win column a few days later.  Right before the game started, I looked up to see our son walking up to the mound.  He was the starting pitcher!
He had his game face on the whole time, too, and did AWESOME!

This kid brought it and was in control of the game.  It was so cool to watch.  He and Matthew, who was catching for him, made a heckuva team.

He struck a few out that first inning and then waited his turn to bat.  He walked the first few times and then stole second.

Run, Jackson, run!

He's learning to watch his base coaches better this year, too.  There's so much to remember now for these boys, but they are learning more every game.

He scored a few times and then kept getting more outs at pitcher.  We thought the game was over because there were only 4 minutes left to go and we were up by 10 runs, but the ump said otherwise.  Coach Brian decided to keep J man in and let him try to pitch a complete game.
And he did it!  He got one strikeout and then had two balls hit back to him, which he threw to first base.  Wildcats Win Big!  13-1!!!  They only got 1 run off of this kid.  He was smiling SO big and came running over to me after he got the gameball.  He was really proud of himself and we were, too.  Such a neat thing to see for one of your kids.  Go #24!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Soccer Sista

Yesterday Lila went to her first ever soccer practice.
This little gal was so happy!  It's been a long time coming for her and everyone in our family was so excited to see her bust a move.
First things first, though--hugs with Henlee!

Then Brooklyn got there and the preschool trio was complete.  So fun that these three girlies are all in pre-K together.  Their teacher heard them talking about practice during lunch time and told them that she'd love to come watch a game.  Very cool!

There are 5 girls and 3 boys on the Murphy Bumblebee team.  Coach Clay introduced himself and met everyone and then they started running some drills.

Some played with the dirt and picked up the ball with their hands, but for the most part they all did pretty well!

They dribbled around the cones a few times and Lila was so careful to do it just right.  She was the pokiest one in the group, but that's ok. 

She's got the stop and pose down just fine!  Love it.

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