Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busy Bees

Last week Jackson was the Star Student for the second time this year.  He got to make a poster to share with the class using his name.  We worked hard on it, even going to Michael's to get special sports stickers to make it look awesome.
I think it turned out really nice, too!  We are seriously proud of this kid.  He got to enjoy special privileges all last week, like free computer time, sitting by a special friend at lunch and bringing his favorite snack to school--donut holes!  We even brought enough to share with his whole class.

The name poster:
J is for Jumpin' Jack
A is for Active
C is for Cub
K is for Kind
S is for Sporty
O is for Older bro
N is for Numerial
I think it sums him up quite well!
Lila had her water day at school today.  They got to do chalk, shaving cream, bubbles and play in the water.  She said it was her favorite day of school this year.  How can my baby girl only have one more year of Pre-K left?

While the big kids were having fun at school, Cameron and I were at the doctor for her 4 month check-up.  She weighed in at 13 lbs. 10.6 oz, which drops her to the 50th%.

She has been growing for sure, though!  Can you believe she's already 26 inches tall?  She's almost at the 95th% for height.

She showed her doctor that she's got great head control (75%) these days...

and thinks about rolling over...but doesn't do it very often.

And that's perfectly fine!  A girl can see so much more this way:)

She was all smiles and handled her two shots like a champ, only crying for a minute. 
Sweet baby girl. 

The Trio

We hit the water twice this weekend and the kids loved it.  Maddie and Lila are all about these new noodles that Boom bought.

They lounged a little bit...

and then zoomed all around the pool on them.

After we found another noodle, the trio formed a train.

Choo choo!  This train is headed straight for summer!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Lila's Final Revue

Thursday night was Lila Lou's Final Revue.  It's the end-of-year performance at her preschool and the kids always have so much fun singing for everyone.
Her class had three songs--Jesus Loves Me, Catch a Falling Star and Rockin' Robin.  All three were seriously cute and she sang her heart out and did all the motions, too.  Maddie told her that she was the best one on the stage.  She might be a little bit biased, but we were proud of her!

She knew just where to look for her fan club and flashed us a big smile three times.  I love it.

After the show was over, there was a quick reception for everyone.

Lila got to share her book of highlights from the school year.

She's had a fantastic year and learned SO much.  We are all thankful that her sweet teacher got to come back after two eye surgeries that kept her home for a while.  Only two more days of school left and then it's summer time for this little girl!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Surprise! 40 Years!

Last night we pulled off a surprise party for Jared's parents.  They have been married for 40 whole years, so we thought that called for a big celebration.
We had some yummy appetizers for our guests...

and Lyndsie made some of her fabulous cookies for everyone to enjoy.

She really outdid herself with the cookies AND the cake.  This little number was Mexican chocolate on the top and champagne cake on the bottom.  I refused to choose and instead sampled both:)

Maria and I gathered lots of pictures of the Hays's throughout the years and she had them all copied into black and white photos.  I think her "40" collage turned out so well!

All of their friends were on time and in place before Shelley and Warren arrived.

It's almost time!

These two munchkins hid behind the kitchen counter, ready to pop out when they arrived.

One, two, three - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

We got 'em!  They were really surprised.

We had told them that we'd like to take them to dinner to celebrate, so they came over thinking we would all ride to the restaurant together.


Cameron gave Poppi a congratulatory hug...

All of the pretty ladies

In the past 40 years they've added 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law and 3 grandkids.  What a difference 4 decades makes!

Everyone feasted on meatballs and chicken and pasta from Café Max and then it was time for dessert.

They were pros at cutting the cake...

Shelley was ready to sample some of the chocolate:)

Afterwards, we poured the champagne and Jared gave a sweet toast.

Happy Day!

Congrats, you two lovebirds:)

Amazing how happy some sparkling white grape juice can make this little girl!

Both sisters were all giggles and smiles.

And Memaw was too, getting to open some pretty gifts. 
Hope y'all enjoyed your night.  Here's to many more!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Makin' that Lemonade

The longer I live, the more I see why certain sayings just stick.  The ones that came to mind this week were "Life is tough" and "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade."  Well, I'm sure trying to make that lemonade this week and look on the bright side of things!
Last Tuesday I took our sad-looking dog to the vet.  Tyson had yellow snot coming out of his nose and sounded like he was trying to cough up a hair ball.  The vet showed me his teeth, which looked terrible, and told me that she thought one was infected.  This had caused the runny nose and cough. She said he really needed to get some teeth pulled and have the other ones cleaned, so we took him in the next morning to have this done.  When I called to check on him that afternoon, the doctor was gone, so I spoke to the receptionist.  She said, "Oh, yes, Tyson is ready to go home, but did they talk to you about how many teeth they were going to pull?  I said, "not really--she just showed me three that were loose."  She said, "well...they pulled them all."  SAY WHAT?!!  My dog has no teeth???  I was so distraught about this, although I'm not sure why.  And guess what?  Tyson is doing better than he has in years!  I used to have to make him get up by noon and then he'd just lay around all day and do absolutely nothing.  Nada.  Now he's up at 7am, running around and feeling great!  And he can't get enough of his yummy new soft dog food, either.  It's crazy, but losing his teeth might of been the best thing to ever happen to him! 
Last Thursday morning, I got a phone call from my papaw who lives in Greenville.  He didn't sound good and sadly, his wife had just passed away at home.  She was only 61 years old.  She'd had a massive heart attack 10 years ago and her body never really recovered.  But still...she was only 61.  So sad.  Since she passed away, we have found out how much she had been supporting two of her four grown children.  Her burdens were so heavy and she was working the week she died just so she could help them out as much as possible.  I take comfort in knowing that she is at peace and no longer carrying that heavy burden.  I know that God is now taking care of her.
Two days later was a bright spot of my week--Jackson got the game ball!
This was one happy kid.  He was so excited and took it to school with him on Monday to show his class. 

Saturday night, though, I started running fever.  This is such a foreign concept to me.  I just don't get sick.  I can't--I'm the mom.  Mamas don't get to call in sick.  I took some medicine and really thought I would wake up feeling much better.  Wrong!  I ended up running fever on and off for 5 days.  And it was bad, y'all, getting up to 104.1 at one point.  I finally figured out that I had mastitis and was able to get some antibiotics.  Slowly, I've gotten better over the week, but I had to miss one of J's games, which just makes me so sad, had to cancel Cami's 4 month check-up AND miss my conference with J's teacher, too.  But...I had the best nurse ever--Miss Lila Grace.  This little girl  refilled my water, brought me cold rags and ice packs, brought me my medicine, rubbed my head and neck and was so sweet to me the whole week.  I appreciated her so much.  She was the silver lining in a very dark cloud.  And I didn't have to cook dinner all week either.  Score!

Wednesday afternoon we got a visit from a very special young lady.  Karlie is back home from college for the summer.  She came to visit the kids and meet Cameron.  So sweet!  She jumped on the trampoline with Lila and Jackson and Cameron even let her hold her.  I was so thankful that my fever stayed away until after she went home:)

The next day we went to the dentist for Jackson and Lila to get their teeth cleaned.  Lila got a great report, but Jackson has three cavities.  Good grief!  Are you sure?  He's never even had one before.  I guess when it rains, it pours.  But we just make some more lemonade.   I started thinking that his normal breakfast was probably not helping keep cavities away--the kids lives on honey buns, cinnamon rolls, waffles and pancakes.  He completely shuns oatmeal and eggs or anything non-sugar based.  But ya know what?  He's going to learn to try new things.  So today he branched out and ate a sausage biscuit--and he loved it!  Baby steps to scrambled eggs, I guess.  He also is much more conscientious about brushing enough now, and has even been flossing and using the mouthwash that his daddy bought him at least six months ago.  He read the label and told me "it helps to prevent cavities, mom."  So, maybe, just maybe, getting these cavities is going to help him form much better life-long habits that will serve him well. 
 So here we are today--I woke up with no fever AND no headache.  I think it's gonna be a great day.  Stay happy, my friends, and just make that lemonade when you need to. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

4 Months Old!

Make it stop.  Seriously, time, you must at least slow down a little bit.
Yesterday our baby girl turned 4 months old!

She is so much fun to be around these days.

Cameron makes great faces like this one...

and keeps up our self-esteem with her precious smile.

I am simply in love with her baby blues, too.

Cameron Nicole, you are so special to all of us.

My trusty assistants really wanted in a few pictures:)

Lila went first, "because I asked first"

and then big brother got his turn.  Right after this, Jackson read her Fuzzy Bee and Squishy Turtle.  Love them!

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