Thursday, January 30, 2014

2 Weeks! Time to Par-tay!

Cameron's 2 week birthday rolled around and she felt the need to celebrate.  How does a wee little one do that?  By sleeping 6 1/2 hours at night!!
Oh my sweet child, thank you so much.  I felt like a new mama when I woke up at 5:15 and realized I had slept through the night!

And then she even kept up the amazing sleeping by taking good, long naps all day.  Might we finally have a good sleeper on our hands?  This girl can only dream of such--but maybe, just maybe, it'll come true.

Big sister (and doesn't she look SO big next to baby Cameron?) has just recently started sleeping in her own bed all night long.  She told us that it's what "big sisters do."  She said that she wanted to be a good example for Cameron and teach her how to sleep in her crib all by herself.  As some of you know, this is a HUGE step forward with Lila Lou, who decided about a year ago that her bed was no longer a desirable place to sleep.  She has been much happier either on a palette in our room or in her favorite spot--snuggled up right next to me.  While this doesn't make sleeping as easy as it could be, a little part of me treasures this sweet snuggle time with her because I know it won't always be this way.  That being said, I am still doing all I can to promote our sweet baby girls to sleep in their own beds!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Heads up!

"Whew!  I'm only 12 days old and already my mom is making me workout!   She put me on my tummy and while I didn't fuss or anything, I did get tired of just looking at the changing pad.

So I just lifted up my head like a big girl.  The view was so much better!  My mom and sister were so proud of me, too.  They started clapping and telling me how strong I am.  Wonder what my next trick will be?

I'd also like to send a shout out to Emily for my super comfy, yet oh-so-stylish new cream colored onesie.  I love it and everyone kept telling me how cute I looked all day.  A girl could get used to all these compliments, ya know."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week of firsts

We've now been home for a week and my, oh my, have we accomplished a lot!  Jared, the kids and I are learning a lot about Baby Cameron and I think she's learning things from us, too.
She's learned that she loves sleeping on my chest.  And really, it's hard to begrudge her this, since it just doesn't get any sweeter than looking at this face.

We gave Cameron her first bath at home on Sunday.  Not a fan yet, but she's getting there.  By the end of the week she didn't holler nearly as much!

"On second thought, maybe I do like being clean and sweet smelling!"

She's got to spend a little time getting to know her Gigi.  We've learned that if Gigi wants to hold her, it's much easier when the big kids are at school.  Otherwise, it's a fight for my mom to get her for 5 minutes!

Two beauties!

Cameron loves napping in the Mamaroo...

but told us that she's not quite ready for the activity mat.  Those toys are just too far away!

By Monday, it was time for our angel baby to have her first check-up at Dr. Betty's office.

"What?!  I've already gained 4 oz!  Say it ain't so!"

I guess she was so distraught that her bladder got a tad bit overactive.  Pee went everywhere!  Sorry, Dr. Betty.

She's learned that she has a really, really great Big Sister.  Every time Lila goes to hold her, she says, "Oh, my sweet precious baby.  Come here my sweet child!"  And Cameron really responds well to her.  It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

They've learned that it's so fun to have a sister!

We have been so blessed by lots of friends who have spoiled us rotten with dinners and gifts.  Our next door neighbor, Miss Gay, came over on Tuesday with dinner for us and presents for the baby.  She also made us dinner before Cameron was born and even made Jackson a special coffee cake because she knew how much he liked it.  Best Neighbor Ever.

Cameron has also been learning about the top athletes in the world, thanks to her sports savvy big brother.  She listened intently as he read her many facts about the sports world.

Our first milestone--1 week old!

We learned that Cameron loves relaxing in Lila's bed.  Ha!  She laid there for 20 minutes the other morning while I bathed Lila and got her ready for the day.  We thought she fit in quite well with Princess Aurora and Belle:)

Being a week old is such hard work!  It was 9:30 am she was already tired.  Time for her first nap.  Lila really wanted it to be in her big girl bed, but we settled on the bouncer instead.

On Wednesday night, Lindsey, Chloe and Carter came over for a visit and brought us Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner.  I really enjoyed visiting with her and the kids had a ball playing together.

Chloe was so sweet with Cameron, too.

The kids loved getting to make their own pizzas--such a fun idea.  Thanks, Long Family!

On Thursday morning, Hayley came over to see us and got to hold Cameron again.  She helped us pick out what we were going to wear for our upcoming photo shoot--quite a big deal!  I must have tried on 15 shirts, but I think we finally found someting flattering:)  Thanks, girl.

Cami also got another visit from her sweet cousin.  They hung out for a while and Cameron got to hear all about how cool gymnastics class was since Maddie started doing that again.

On Friday, we had two more visitors during lunchtime--Tara and Sandy came over with the cutest outfits and headbands for Cameron!  I can't wait for her to model them.  That night, Amy brought over dinner for us.  We dined on Hamburger Stew, cornbread and brownies.  And my kids cleaned their plates, too!  It was really delicious and much appreciated.  Thanks, Amy, Amanda and Julianna!

Saturday morning we had our family photo shoot and this little one WOULD NOT go to sleep for anything!  We had to wait her out and finally she gave in, but only for about 45 minutes.  Needless to say, by the afternoon, she was pooped.  We took our first stroll around the neighborhood with big sister and she slept the whole time.  Thanks, Hayley for the precious black and white chevron dress!  She was the best lookin' kid in a stroller today!

Two sweet rides.

And finally, tonight, my good friend Emily brought us dinner and another beautiful outfit for Cameron.  She made us lasagna, salad, garlic bread and her amazing chocolate chip cookies and it was all a huge hit with everyone. 

I really do have the best friends that anyone could hope for.  I sure hope that all of you know how much I appreciate you.  I am a pretty lucky gal, no doubt about it.  Love y'all!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hooray! It's Homecoming Day!

The day had come.  It was time to finally get ourselves back to Murphy!  After three days and nights with practically no sleep, I finally relented and sent her to the nursery around midnight.  I slept for three glorious, uninterrupted hours, and woke up when they brought her in at 3am.  They said that she was mad when she got to the nursery, but fell right asleep and stayed that way.  In all the bright lights, too--amazing!  After I fed her, she went right back to sleep in her bassinet and didn't wake up again until about 6:30.  I felt like a new person.  After eating again, she fell back asleep on me and I just got to stare at this little angel that morning.  Lucky.  I am so very, very lucky that I get to be her mama.  What a way to start the day!
The sweetest cheeks EVER.

Her daddy got in some good snuggles, too.  We both just took it easy and got ready at our own pace.  The nursing staff was awesome and told us not to worry about a thing--we could leave before or after lunch.  So I showered, we packed up our things and then just chilled for a bit.  We started looking at pics on our phones and came across this one that Jared had taken a few hours after she was born.

She's a Longhorn from Day 1!  I love this picture for that reason and because we have one of Jackson in the hospital doing the exact same thing.  I think it's in their genes, folks!

A little while later, Gigi arrived to help us move out of room 514.   She and Cameron discussed her wardrobe options and debated which headband she should go with.

After a few minutes of deliberation,

they settled on this adorable white outfit with light pink trim. I'd had it monogrammed with her initials on the front and found a lace headband to match.  Good choice, ladies!

After that, we got ready to hit the road.

First, Daddy and Gigi took all of our beautiful flowers out to the car.

Then, we strapped the little girly into her carseat.  She fussed for just a second and then realized that being snuggled into a minky dot blanket isn't really so bad at all!

I got her an equally soft blanket that my cousin had given us and wrapped her up.  Snug as a bug in a rug.  She also had the soft little doggy that Maddie had given her to keep her company on the ride home.

After a good snooze all the way home, we were greeted by Memaw and Lila, who were both very happy to see her.

Happiness in it's purest form.  Her real baby was finally home and in her arms!

A little bit later, Daddy and Jackson got home from school.  He got a few cuddles in before he fell asleep, too.  Big Sister had also given out and was asleep on the couch...

which meant that Big Brother had her all to himself.  They watched Sports Center for a while together...

before she told him that she was ready to try out her bouncer.  And she loved it!  She stayed asleep in it for a really long time.  Her cousin had come over to see her and waited patiently for hours for her to wake up.  Finally, we just had to take matters into our own hands.

I'm not sure she ever woke up, but Madison really loved getting to hold her:)

That night we dined together as a family of 5 for the first time.  Cameron was our centerpiece!  Of course, we had to turn her around half way through the meal, so that she could face Jackson.  Wouldn't want anyone getting more attention or anything!  And I must say, the meal was fantastic.  Memaw had been cooking a roast all day.  It had the best gravy on it with carrots mixed in, too.  She also made mashed potatoes, since she knows the kids won't eat the ones in the crock pot, and had green beans and salad for us, too.  What a feast!

They had also picked up this cute cookie cake for us, so we had it for dessert. 
Welcome Home, Cami!

After dinner, we were honored to have Aunt Maria over to meet her neice for the first time.  Unfortunately, Maria was out of town because of a family emergency when Cameron was born, but she came over as soon as she got back.  It was the perfect way to end the night.  This little girl is so very loved by lots of people. 

Lots of sleep during the day--think she slept that night?  NOT A CHANCE!  But we survived and have more pictures from this week to prove it.  Stay tuned:)

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