Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Once again, Christmas was amazing!  The kids had the best day and were so excited from the moment they first woke up. 
Our oldest was the first one up at 6:48am.  I couldn't believe he waited that long!  He actually stayed in our room until his sister woke up, too, so that they could look at everything from Santa together.  He's got more restraint than I did at that age, that's for sure!  Lila woke up about 7:20 and we turned on the lights.  J got the three big things he asked for~the Crazy Cart, Madden 15 and new headphones.
Santa also got them two new bungee chairs for the playroom--they're really cool and surprisingly comfy!

The Big Guy came through for Lila Lou as well, bringing her Isabelle the American Doll...

as well as Elsa & Anna.  Think she's girly at all?!

The big kids loved all of the loot in their stockings, too, especially these crazy light-up glasses.

A few minutes later, baby sister woke up.  Her first Christmas!  She wasn't sure what to think about this barking, walking dog,

but she loved her Minnie Mouse ball pit.

Lila thought Olaf was funny and happily played with him while Cami just rummaged thru the balls.

Cami's other big gift from Santa was this adorable pink push car.  A huge hit!

Ready?  Set?  Let's race!

J even let his mama take the Crazy Cart for a spin.  It's so much fun.  Maybe I'll take it for a spin outside when the kids go back to school--ha!

After breakfast (thanks Memaw for the cinnamon rolls!) it was time to give each other gifts--my favorite part.

While we were in the kitchen, though, we found these two notes.  One was from Santa and the other was from Johnny the Elf.  That sweet Elf even gave the kids a cute book, too!

All the kids got some ski clothes and wanted to put them on right away. 
Cami's might be a tad too big!

After they got dressed, we let them open up an envelope that had been marked TOP SECRET.  It had been sitting under the tree all week and Jackson had been trying to figure out a way into it--it was driving him batty.  They opened it up to find pictures of Steamboat, Colorado.  As they looked at them, I asked them why they thought they got ski clothes and were now looking at ski pictures.  It took a second, but then they both started jumping up and down and said, "because we're going skiing?!"  You got it!  It's still a few months away, but we thought it would be so fun to surprise them on Christmas morning with it.  We've wanted to go back for the past three years and have finally decided to just go for it--we cannot wait!

A few more favorites--Frozen tutu dress and Murray jersey (with snow boots).

Can ya tell the kid likes this?

After this sweet girl took a nap, we arrived at our first stop of the day and she got to visit with Meme.  I think she was still trying to wake up.

I helped my dad and mom in the kitchen and then we had a feast--it was good, y'all!  Turkey, dressing, ham, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, broccoli rice casserole, deviled eggs and then pecan pie, chocolate cream pie and spice cake.

When we finished eating, I asked everyone to stay seated at the dining table.  Jared, Lila and I snuck out into the garage and got on these three bikes.  Then we rode them around to the front of the house, hoping that they'd see us and come outside.  We rode in about 10 circles and then finally gave up and knocked on the front door.  They came out and were stoked to see their big Christmas gift from us--bikes for all three!

After a short bike ride down the street, everyone came back inside and got ready to open more presents.

Their cup runneth over with grandkids that adore them.

J's favorite gift was this Pogo Stick. 

Lila's fave was this Critter School House.  She has played with these little animals non-stop since Christmas day.
Cami's fave were these absolutely adorable furry boots! I love them.
Dad, Jared and Jackson are outnumbered, but they love all of these ladies!

After we opened presents, the kids were begging to go jump on Maddie's new trampoline from Santa.

It was a gorgeous day with the sun out and not too chilly at all.

Only kids could go bounce like maniacs right after Christmas lunch.

A few hours later, we arrived at Memaw and Poppi's house for Christmas with the Hays fam.  Aunt Lyndsie came through big time with these adorable cookies.  The reindeer even had all the kids' names on them!

This little girl loved talking to her Uncle Andrew...

and this kid was psyched about getting a Messi jersey!  He might of even slept in it that night.

The kids got Disney Infinity from their Aunts and Uncles.  It's a game for the Xbox where you can be different Disney characters, so they got superheroes for Jackson, and Anna and Elsa for Lila.  Looks like those chairs might come in handy in the playroom!  Santa is so brilliant.

Cami was interested in presents for about .2 seconds...

Aunt Lyndsie had to corral her and help open up a newborn Cabbage Patch doll.  Not that impressed--I think she just went in search of more tissue paper!

She did like riding on this super-cute and very soft rocking-lamb.

Her big sister thought this gift was great, too.  She had picked it out at Toys R Us, had me take a picture of it and when Memaw asked what to get her, I texted her the pic.  Little did we know, it was Barbie and her pooping dog!  When Lila realized this, she let out the biggest belly laugh of the night.  Potty humor is pretty high on her list.  Oh, dear!  It was funny, though:)

By that night, this little girl was DONE. She was just worn out from all the excitement.  The next day, she felt much better and decided we could do a little fashion show with the two new outfits she got from Lyndsie and Scott. 

Oh my goodness, this vest is so very cute!  Such a fashionista!

Merry Christmas, everyone! 
We loved giving gifts and receiving them, too, but the greatest gift we have is our love for one another.  God is so good.  Thank goodness this day only comes once a year--I need that long to recuperate!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Twas the Night Before Christmas

We went to church with Jared's parents, Andrew and Maria this year. 
Lila was thankful that her sweet uncle offered to walk her and brother down to the front of the church.  They got to listen to the pastor tell the Christmas story and had a front row seat for it. Score!
We were thankful to be able to spend this special night with some of our family.  Cameron won the award for "Loudest Baby in Church," but she was happy the whole time.  Just chatty. 
Oh, so chatty.
This little girl might be our most mischievous child yet--look closely...she's pulling her brother's hair during our family picture.  Stinker!
Aunt Maria had to work the next day, so we were very happy to be able to see her that night.  Like Lila said, "someone needs to take care of those little babies, mom."  We're glad that Aunt Maria was the one taking good care of them, but we missed her on Christmas Day.
After church, we had dinner at home--just us five.  The kids were beyond excited--ONLY 1 MORE DAY TILL CHRISTMAS!!! 

They were crazy with anticipation, and I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever get them to sleep.

We still had a few more things to do, though, like let everyone open one gift.  Jackson asked if he could give us the presents that he'd bought at his school store, with his own money. 
He gave Cami this Longhorns bib...

Dad got a "World's Best Dad" mug, and I got a pink picture frame that said "I love Mom."  Love that kid.  He got Lila something, too, but she asked to open a different gift that night. 

After we opened our presents, it was time to feed the reindeer.  Ready, set....

go!  Lila took the left side of the yard...

and Jackson took the right.  They finished in about a minute and we ran back inside where it was warm!

A few minutes later they were all in their Christmas jammies and getting ready for bed.

We couldn't go to bed without putting out some good cookies for Santa, though.  "Should we eat these or leave them for Santa?"  They made the right call.

Daddy read them two bedtime stories and then tucked them into bed.  They were fast asleep before we knew it.  Everyone slept so good that night--even Baby Cami! 

Stay tuned for highlights from Christmas 2014!

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