Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GHS Homecoming

Friday Night Lights!  One of my reasons that fall is my favorite seasons.  We took the kids to our old alma mater's homecoming game this past Friday night.  The weather was cool and crisp, but not too cold.  Just perfect for enjoying some good football and hot chocolate.  These two were so excited to be there.

"Hail Garland High School.  Your glory behold...." They pointed to Ollie the Owl for the Alma Mater and might have even yelled "Gig 'em Owls!" when it was over. 

The Owls have upgraded since our days at GHS.  Check out this fierce blow-up owl that they now get to run through!

Football, hot dogs, popcorn and good friends.  What more could these two ask for?

Although I doubt she will ever follow in her Gigi and Mama's footsteps and become a GHS cheerleader, she can still have lots of Owl pride!  We had such a fun night watching the Owls beat the South Garland Colonels and getting to visit with some of our oldest friends.  We might even do it again this football season.  Gig 'em Owls!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My favorite Murphy Mustang--not only can the kid score 3 goals a game, but he's also turned out to be a pretty good goalie, too! He got the goalie gloves and padded shirt for Christmas last year and finally got to put them to use this fall. 
This goal keeper takes his job very seriously...

and can punt the ball like nobody's business, too!

He's enjoyed playing with a few kids from his school and I love that he is continuing to get better at lots of sports.  He's also got a really nice coach who keeps us entertained on the sidelines with plenty of commentary.  He's got a tough job, no doubt about it.  I know that I wouldn't be nearly as good natured about coaching 12 six year olds!  It's very similar to hearding cats.  But J loves it, so I'm glad that there's a dad willing to take on this task.  Go Mustangs!

Who's ready for Halloween?!

I got inspired the other day and bought a few things for the kids to make at the store.  First, we made sugar cookies, and they got to choose between bats, brooms, witches, tombstones, and black cats.  We also made plenty of pumpkins and then they got to frost them all with orange icing and then decorate with sprinkles.  While the rest of the cookies were baking, they made some not-so-spooky spiders to eat.  We used pretzel sticks and mini-marshmallows and peanut butter M&Ms for the eyes.  So easy!

While they liked their spiders, they LOVED getting to eat their cookies!  And I gotta admit, they were really good!

On Sunday, I took the kids up to our church's fall festival.  They played tons of games, both won a prize in the cake walk, and both had so much fun in the bounce houses.  After all of that, we rode the train and then went to visit with the police officer and firefighters.  Such a nice way to spend the afternoon.  These kids are so ready for Halloween this Thursday.  Main mission: Get Candy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Saddle Up, Partner

Fall Break this year had a definite theme to it: Outdoor Horsin' Around Fun!  First, Lila got to ride a shetland pony at her friend Andie's birthday party.

Then she got to pet all kinds of fun farm animals, including baby chicks, rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, a baby pig and even a llama!  Ok, so maybe she didn't pet the llama, but she liked hanging out close to it.

She also really enjoyed having her face painted, too!  She close a pink horse (shocking, I know!) and was so proud of it all day. 

Andie's cake was just so darn impressive, that I had to get share it, too.  Her mom MADE this cake!  How cool is that?!  Way to go, Kelly.

Later that afternoon, we headed up to the ranch.  We hadn't been in so long and were jonesing to go!  First, Boom rounded up the cows so that we could get a good look at the baby calf.

While we were waiting on the baby to get there, J showed Buddy all of the llamas. The llamas were a little camera shy, so we had to be quick.

After a little bit of a fiasco, we finally found the baby calf!  Only three days old--so cute!

A little while later, it was time to saddle up the horses.

"Riding real ponies" is without question Lila's favorite ranch activity.  She asks to do it all the time and can never get enough!

Daddy, Lila and Jackson went on a trail ride the first day. 

We never could convince Maddie to get out into the arena, but she did at least enjoy sitting on Princess for a little while.

We also had some hula hooping...

as well as trick horsey swing riding going on!  They love to live on the edge just a little:)

The next day we went back to see the baby calf.  This time we got him in the pen and could really check him out.  He'll have two more brothers or sisters born this week, so more playmates are on the way!

This was a really big weekend for Jackson, too.  He learned how to drive the four wheeler all by himself.  Then he started a shuttle service that was really nice!  He was very cautious and showed us that he could be trusted to drive it--I was so proud.

Lila's still got a few more years before we turn her loose.  But for now, she's happy just riding with her daddy.

After dinner, the kids helped build a fire and then we got to roast marshmallows and make smores.  They loved them.  The big kids both ate two and Lila even had one as well.  It was a little chilly outside, too, which made it PERFECT weather for a good smores night. 

Monday we woke up and this guy was ready to go again.  He realized that Buddy hadn't had a turn on the four wheeler, so he took him on a little spin.

After four wheeler practice was over, it was time to go find those ponies again for Miss Lila.  She started off riding Princess with Boom...

Then she hopped on Emma with her brother.  He was so good with her--he kept his arms around her tightly the whole time, making sure she didn't fall off.  Makes a mama proud.

Then she wanted one more spin on Princess before we called it a day.  Like I said, the girl can't get enough!

Looks like she will be following in her brother's footsteps.  After being led around for a while, Boom told Jackson that he thought he was ready to ride Emma by himself.  Boom made sure to stay close to them for a while, teaching Jackson how to make her turn right and left and how to make her stop.  Then he gave them a little more freedom in the arena and they did great!  Jackson is big enough to fit in the saddle now, and brave enough to try horseback riding on his own.  I knew he was a little scared, but he didn't show it out there.  Way to go, buckaroo!  I know you can't wait to saddle up again very soon.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Say it Ain't So

I heard that Owens Farm is closing down after this month, so today we just had to go see it.  The big kids are out of school for fall break, so this was their last chance to get to enjoy it.  And it doesn't hurt that it's so close to home.  This mama just doesn't have the energy for the Arboretum right now!

Hard to believe that we first started going here when Lila was only 6 months old.  She was so precious in her black rhinestone studded onesie and orange tutu that we borrowed from a friend.  She's still a budding fashionista and loves rocking her big girl tutu.

Gigi came with us today and enjoyed herself more than she expected to, I think! The weather was perfect and the kids weren't crazy--a nice combo indeed.  Maybe we're finally making progress!

Jackson and Maddie both fed the goats...

while Lila just preferred to hang out with this cute little white one. 

After the goats were good and full, we hopped on the hay bales for a hay ride.  We saw lots of ducks and geese, along with about 6 miniature horses, too.  Oh yeah, and we found Farmer Bill, who was stuck in a hay bale!

After our picnic lunch, the kids found two huge pot-belly pigs.  Pretty stinky animals, if you ask me, so we went over to say hi to the horses.

Sweet friends--too cute for words.

And for nostalgia's sake, a few pictures in the pumpkin patch.  Madison Reese...

Jackson Warren...

and Lila Grace. 
Happy Fall, Y'all!

The Lion King!

School's out!  Party time!  Excellent.  Yes, that was our mood yesterday when I picked Jackson up at noon for early release.  Little sister was in school until 2:00, so we had a lunch date planned.  My adorable date chose for us to dine on the patio at Gloria's and we had such a great time.  He was especially happy because he got chosen to bring the class mascot home with him for the weekend.  Buddy the dog enjoyed the beautiful sun almost as much as we did, I think, although he passed on the chips and queso.

The day got even better when we arrived at Fair Park to see The Lion King!  All three of the kids were seriously excited.  They have been watching the movie for the past few weeks, so they knew just what to expect.  We got there just in time to find all the Hays crew and took our seats before the show began.

The theater is so even has these cool boosters that you can rent for $3 for the kids.  They didn't have to sit on their knees all night--genius! 

Daddy and Maddie:)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Memaw, for planning this very fun family night!  We all had a wonderful time and the kids are already asking about when they get to go see another show there.  I think that means it was a success.  Oh yeah, and Buddy liked it, too!

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