Monday, September 30, 2013

Around Town

A few things I missed in our crazy, busy, beautiful life.  

We all got together at Gloria's and had a big celebration for Aunt Lyndsie's 25th birthday.  Lila got to sit right next to the birthday girl and was in hog heaven all night.

We took dad up on his fun idea to go enjoy the park one gorgeous afternoon.  The girls brought their bikes and J brought his ball and glove. 

Too bad these pictures paint a completely different scene than was our reality.  After encountering the smallest of small hills, Lila hopped off her bike and refused to get back on.  This caused some crying from her, begging and pleading from me, all to no avail.  She would hear nothing of getting back on that bike.  Instead, she said we could push her bike all the way around the pond.  Now doesn't that sound like fun?!  After trying for at least 45 minutes, we just packed it up and went home.  Womp, womp, womp!  Hopefully we will have better luck next time:)

Last Tuesday, I joined my mom and her Aunt Ruth for Meme's birthday celebration at Pappasito's.  We did it up right, too!  Tableside guacamole, margaritas all around and a brownie sundae for dessert.  Too bad I didn't get to have a rita myself.  They sure looked good!

Why should the big kids have all the fun at school?  We took Lila, Sawyer, Carter and Temple to Kid Mania last week for some good times.  They played in the jungle gym a while and then had a blast riding these rinky dink little rides.  Who knew 50 cents could be so fun?

And finally, my sweet friend Emily had her baby girl a few days ago and I got to visit them in the hospital.  Yay!  Baby girls are so very precious.  I can't wait for ours to arrive!!

That catches us up a little bit.  There have also been many, many birthday parties in the mix too.  Lots of fun with friends for sure.  Our kids are starting to think the weekend is not complete without going to a few birthday parties. 


On Saturday morning we headed over to the soccer fields to cheer on Maddie and the Cheetah Girls.  Lila wore her best "Girls Rule" shirt and was Madison's tallest supporter for sure.

We knew that Maddie had been practicing, but we had no idea how much it had helped her until she scored two goals in a row.

That quickly changed to three goals in a row and we were beyond excited for her!

A few quarters later and she was now scoring her 5th goal of the day.  Amazing!

Two very proud cousins.  Jackson was so impressed with her that he called both of their great-grandparents right when we got in the car, and told them all about her awesomeness on the field.

The Cheetah Girls won big.  Way to go, #10!  You rocked that game!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Field Day - Fall 2013

For some unknown reason I agreed to co-chair Field Day at Jackson's school this year.  Really, I think it was a moment of weakness and Field Day sounded much more fun than being in charge of "Ways and Means," whatever that is.  I was also thinking that I signed up to do something that would be in May 2014, so it sounded even better!  Imagine my surprise, then, when I got an email this past June telling me that Field Day was going to be moved to September 27th THIS year due to construction on the school this coming spring.  Thrilled, I was not.  Another piece to this fun little puzzle is that I was newly pregnant and queasy pretty much 24 hrs a day.  I was not on my A game by any stretch.  Fast forward a few months and a friend of mine agreed to do it with me.  And then she really took the reigns in August and things started moving right along.  Thank goodness for Rebecca is all I can say! 

We really had a fantastic response from all of the parents.  We needed about 75 volunteers for the morning and shift and 75 more for the afternoon in order to allow the kids to play all 38 games.  The parents came through big time and we had plenty of help.  I also owe a big shout out to my own hubby and dad for getting there at 6am to set-up yesterday morning.  They met three other men and had everything all set up by the time J and I got there at 6:45.  And it was dark, y'all!  By the time the kids got out there at 8:15, everything was on schedule and we were good to go.   Whew!

I didn't get to watch Jackson do too many games, but I did catch him playing box hockey.

He and Liam were Field Day Buddies.  Good grief he looks huge!

They had so much fun, especially doing the two-headed race--and they even came in first!

Jackson also loved team tug-of-war.  His team of Ryan, Ben, Gage and Rachel tried so hard.  They lost both times, but they had some serious game faces on the whole time!

That is determination if ever I've seen it.

Mrs. Garner with her cool first graders.

The next team competition was the three-legged race.  Jackson and Gage started out really well...

even making this sweet three-legged jump look easy...

but on the way to the finish line something went awry!  J did the splits and Gage forged ahead!

They played a few more team games and then came over to enjoy some Bahama Bucks snowcones.

It was a great day for all of us.  Jackson told me it was the most fun school day of the year.  Jared loved participating in something with his son.  And I was just so relieved that all the madness was over!  Mark it down--Field Day Sept. 2013: A huge success!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby Love

Last week we went for another sonogram to make sure that Baby Girl Hays was doing great and was indeed a little girl.  We were so much happier with this sonogram and how thorough it was, especially compared to the first.  They really took their time measuring her brain, abdomen and femur.  She was measuring just one day ahead of schedule with the exception of her legs.  Those babies were a full week ahead!  Looks like she may take after her long-legged brother and sister.

They were also able to show us her stomach, diaphram and kidneys, and then zoom in on her heart.  We could see all four chambers working perfectly--every parents' hope.  We also learned that she weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. and is about 10 inches long right now.  So cool to think she's already that big.  My favorite part, though, was at the end of the scan when she was so sleepy and gave us a big yawn.  Precious!  Thank you, God, for continuing to bless us with healthy children.  We will continue to pray every day that our sweet baby girl grows stronger over the next few months. 

Tell me when...

this guy started looking like he was ready to head off to high school?!

And when this little girl got big enough to do carpool?  Think she likes it?!!  Makes my day every time I pick her up and see how excited she is to hop in my car and tell me all about her great day at school.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Little League Mania!

Little League Mania!

A few days ago Jackson and the Cubs Blue got to play his friend Gage and the Cubs White.  Gage's dad has an amazing camera and used to do sports photography.  He took so many cool shots of J and we are really thankful.  Here's my favorite #32 in action.

He takes his job at first base really seriously.

And is all business when he steps up to the plate, too!

Windup and...

swing!  He hit a double staight up the middle.  Who hoo!

Love this one.

The kid loves to field grounders...

and catch fly balls, too.  Holding his tounge out really helps to make the play.

Gunning it to the third baseman...

and making the out at first base are some of his favorite things to do.

I love this kid.

He tried to make the play at home plate...I don't think it worked, but it was a great try.

No matter what happens on the field, this Cub gives it his all, and that's all we can really ask for. 
Go #32!!  We couldn't be more proud if we tried.

Friday, September 20, 2013

My "big" Little Girl

Lila is growing up so fast and our life is sort of a whirlwind these days.  A few days ago Jared, Jackson and I started brainstorming funny things that she has said recently.  We wanted to always remember how fun she was at this age.  She thinks that she's a "willy big girl" now and she is right, in so many ways.  She'll always be little Lila to me, though.  She's definitely got a mind of her own and lots of opinions. 

1.  Take Monday, for example.  Even though it was 98 degrees outside did that stop her from sporting her turquoise sweatshirt and brother's old grey sweatpants?  Nah!  She also told me to do her hair in three clippies--clippies and headbands, both things that big girls use.
2.  She's become a master of the "set-up."  She'll say, "hey Jackson, do you want a honey bun?"  He'll say, "sure."  "Sorry, I just ate the last one!" Such a little stinker!  Another one--"Hey Jackson, do you want the middle seat?"  "Yeah (from the recliner)" "Sorry, I'm sitting in it this morning!"

3.  The other day she got ready for school and picked out a very brightly colored dress.  She asked me to announce her as she started walking down the stairs.  First it was, "Say, announcing Princess Isabella!" then she changed it to "Rainbow Brite Girl" and then finally settled on "Rainbow Brite Princess" which her daddy and I agreed fit her to a tee that day. 

4.  She's also a fan of potty humor.  As much as we try to discourage it, she gets such a kick out of it.  When she was going potty the other day, I was in there keeping her company.  She said "I'm the poopin-est girl you know.  I poop a lot.  But you know who poops more?  God.  He has HUGE poop.  E-normous.  Bigger than Boom."  Ha!  Had me laughing out loud.

5.  Lila also loves to make up her own songs and dance around while singing them.  She has a lot that I don't remember, but my favorite is "Shake it down, shake it down, shake it down to the ground!" While she shimmies her little booty down to the ground.  It's too cute for words.

We love you Lila Lou!  You always keep a smile on our faces and make everyone around you laugh.  Keep it up, my "big" girl! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things

Summer is over and we are getting back into our crazy, regular schedule.  Lila started gym class again on Friday morings and was so very happy about it.

She got a sticker that said "Awesome" from Coach Marina and promptly put it on her cheek. Hey, why not?!

Big brother had his season opener with the Murphy Mustangs this past Saturday.  He hasn't really touched a soccer ball in a very long time...

but his fans had no doubt that it would all come back to him.

And we were right!  He did great, despite having some seriously long legs to keep under control!

He offered to play goalie for the second quarter and didn't let the other team score any goals.  It was probably his amazing goalie gloves that he'd brought from home!

"Not in my house!"

At halftime, the Mustangs were down by 2 goals.  Coach Ado told them they really needed to buckle down and score, but that he was having a great time watching them.  I love how he's so positive with the boys.

#6 took what Coach said and put it into action, scoring two goals in the 3rd quarter.  Way to go, J man!  The Mustangs ended up tying 2 - 2, but it was a good start to the season.  Right after the game was over, we headed out to Sawyer's birthday party to join Gigi, Maddie and Lila.  We got there just in time to sing happy birthday to him, watch him open a few presents and let the kids play in the bounce house a little longer.  We headed home for a few hours and then were off to the Cubs game.

Jackson has been struggling this season with batting, but he hit a double his first time up to bat!

That's my boy!

He also made some really great catches at first, but the play he was most proud of was when he, Matthew and Garrison turned a double play.  The batter hit a grounder to Matthew at short stop.  Matthew gunned it to Jackson at first base, getting the runner out.  Then Jackson ran towards home to see if the runner on third was going to try and score.  When the kid started for home, Jackson threw it to Garrison (playing catcher) and he tagged him out just in the nick of time. Whew!  It was close, but so awesome that they made the double play!

The Cubs won 9 - 6 and his biggest fans were so proud of all the boys.  We've even got his littlest sister represented with a royal blue baseball shirt that says "Baseball Fan On Board."  And you know she will be cheering him on very soon.

As if we hadn't been busy enough, Jared wanted to keep the party going last night by having some friends over to watch the Mayweather vs. Alvarez fight!  Jackson remembered his daddy having these goofy boxing shorts that he'd bought many years ago in a Vegas thrift store and wanted to wear them.  Even though he didn't get to stay up to see the big fight...

he was happy just to get to hang out with the big boys for a while.  Thank goodness I put him to bed at 10:00.  The fight didn't even start until 11:30 and lasted a good 45 minutes.  And Mayweather won, as we thought he would.  Between watching Bama beat the Aggies and Ole Miss beat the Longhorns, it was definitely a sports-filled day.  But really, that's just the way we like it around here.  And as long as the Cubs and Mustangs play well, we can deal with a loss for the Horns!

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