Friday, August 30, 2013

Tea with Memaw

Earlier this week, Memaw called to invite Lila to tea at a local cafe.  She was thrilled, to say the least.  She got up and was ready in her fancy outfit by 7:30am yesterday morning!  Their tea party was such a success.  Lila loved her pink tea and thought her little teacup was so cute.

She waited patiently for her first course and this matching game helped pass the time.

Then her princess crown turkey and cheese sandwich arrived, along with some yummy muffins and fruit.

She really got the royal treatment and even got to wear this beautiful pink sash!

I'm so glad that these two ladies had a great time.  Thanks again, Memaw, for a fun way to spend time with Lila Lou.  She talked about it all night!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of 1st Grade!

Too cool for school?

Nah!  This kid was so pumped about his first day of 1st grade.

Afterall, 1st Grade Rocks.

We all got up bright and early to take Jackson to school today.

He led us to the 1st grade hallway...

and then found his locker outside of his classroom.

Straight A's Hays went right to work on his first assignment.

Then his teacher saw his shirt, loved it, and asked for a picture with him.  We love her!

We all said goodbye and told him to have an awesome day.

Very soon these two will be going to kindergarten themselves!  Oh my!

Fast forward a few hours and it was already time for our after-school celebration.  This year our cake had two honorees!  We all had a great time listening to their fun first days of school.  Let's hope the rest of the year is just as fantastic.
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Last days of summer

Hawaiian Falls

 I relented and finally agreed to take all three kids to Hawaiian Falls.  It was an exhausting 4 hours, but they loved it.  Well, the older two did.  Lila was in rare form and not feeling it so much!

We also made it downtown to have lunch with daddy.  First time all summer.  Better late than never, I guess!

On Friday night we got to go meet Jackson's teacher for 1st grade.  We have heard SO many wonderful things about her and were thrilled to learn that he would be in her class this year.  I can't wait to see how much he learns. 

Lila and I also went to Emily's baby shower this past weekend.  She loved the idea of picking out a cute outfit and going to a girly party. I wish I would have taken a picture of us together.  I love it that we get to do things like that together:)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Friday - Beach Olympics!

We capped off our crazy fun week at the beach by having our first ever Beach Olympics.  This was such a hit that we will for sure be doing it every year from now on.  We recruited three other kids to participate in the games, too!

Jared was the coach of the Pirates--his ferocious team included Teagan, Lila, Presley and Colton.

Price was the captain of the Hurricane Tigers and his team included Jackson, Madison and a brother/sister combo.

Jared and I demo'd the first around all the shovels in your lane, crawl under the ladder (no, I did not do that!), run around the green bucket, then do it all again until you get back to your next team member.

Ready, set, go!  Colton and Jackson were neck and neck.

The two littlest girls ran the anchor leg and both did so good!

Go, girlies, go!

The second event was "Fill your bucket with sand the fastest." 

Everyone did well again, even Lila who concentrated so hard on not dropping her sand.

Maddie was a pro...

as was J man.  I think the Hurricane Tigers won this one, so they were tied up.

The Inner Tube Relay was next.  Teagan got off to a great start...

and everyone else did great, too!

We were so glad that even the little girls could hold up the big tubes and run.

The Beach Olympics had plenty of cheering fans...

and the teams needed it as they dug for buried treasure in these sand piles.

J's team won this round, too, so they had to do a team handshake:)

The Wiffle Ball Kick was next and Lila got to put her soccer skills to good use.

Jackson ran the anchor leg this time and kicked his ball over the line for yet another team victory.

The last event was team digging.  They each had three ladder ball sets hidden in their holes.  The Hurricane Tigers found theirs first, and it actually took all 8 kids to find the last set for the Pirates.  Guess they might have been hidden a little too well!

All 8 kids had a total blast and ran into the ocean to signify the end of the Beach Olympics.

Then Taylor even brought down popsicles for everyone to they could properly celebrate.  It was the perfect ending to such a fun event.

A few last outtakes: Lila singing and dancing to her original song, "Shake it down to the ground."

A big game of sand wiffle ball

Me and Maddie Mae

And before we knew it, Saturday morning had already come.  So sad to be leaving Santa Rosa Beach again.

But happy when I reminded them that we'll be back next year!

Afterall, this sign really says it all.  The beach is my happy place.

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