Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Loving us some Lake Texoma!

Last weekend we were so excited.  Why, you ask?  Baseball was over.  No other weekend plans.  What shall we do?  Go to the lake, of course!

We invited Sawyer, Riley and their parents to come with us.  It was a bit of a circus, but we made it over to the beach!

Captain Lila took over for a little while, making her brother nervous because she doesn't exactly steer straight! Details, details...

To Jackson's delight, the boat still ended up in the right cove and we all piled out for some fun in the sun.

Hayley, Emily and I didn't get to chill too much, but we did get in some good girl talk.  Love these girls:)

All the boys--some were relaxing in their chairs, others were shoveling and making sand castles and others were playing catch.  I'll let you guess who was playing catch.

I know Jared was thankful that Matt and Adam were game for some catch with Jackson.  Their boys aren't quite old enough to really be into ball playing, so maybe it was good practice for both of them! 
It's tough to wear that kid out, though. 

After swimming for a while, the kids had a little pow wow and decided it was time for jumping off the back of the boat.   A little bit of danger = a whole lotta fun!

That night we made the kids an indoor picnic featuring hot dogs and chips, and the rest of us ate some good chicken soft tacos.

Then we were off for our sunset cruise. Such a perfect night for it!

It's hard to see here, but this sailboat looked JUST LIKE a pirate ship.  The boys were in awe!

Captain Sawyer was stoked when it was finally his turn to steer our "ship," and he did a good job getting us back home safely.

The next morning, we chowed down on some cheesy eggs, bacon and assorted delicious donuts.  The kids graduated from a floor picnic to the coffee table.  Movin' on up!

After breakfast, the boys and Boom left to go play golf.  The rest of us got our swim suits on and the kids piled onto the golf cart.  Check out Lila and Riley holding hands!  Too, too cute.  As she told me later, "Riley's cute!" Jackson was the main most safety man and kept his arm around Sawyer the whole way down to the boat. Safety first!  My meme would have been proud:)

We remembered to take our new inner tube this time and the kids loved surfing on it and jumping off of it, too.  Just a tad bit safer than the slick surface on the back of the boat.  And there's no prop for them to jump into either.  I felt like a much better parent, for sure!

They were SO good the whole morning at the beach.  Even my oldest took a half hour time out from playing ball and made 5 sand castles!  Hallelujah!

Emily captured this sweet time with all four younger kids working hard on one area of sand.

This might have been my favorite part of the beach.  Getting to relax a little with just enough water to keep us cool, and having some good belly laughs with one of my favorite girls. 
Cheers to a fantastic weekend with great friends!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rockin' with the Rangers and Roughriders!

Last week was full of baseball.  Even though the Cubs season is over, we hit up two games.  First, was the Rangers game on Wednesday night.  Jackson invited Matthew to go with us.  We decided to take the train downtown to meet Jared so that we'd only have one car at the game.

It was their first train ride and they were so excited about it.

"Whoa! We're higher than those buildings!"

After meeting Dad, we headed over to the Ballpark and made it to our seats in plenty of time.  There was a chance we were going to get rained out.  Thank goodness the rain missed us.  These two would have been very disappointed.

Let's go Rangers!

When the boys weren't eating hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy or cracker jacks, they had their gloves on.  Ready to catch those fly balls!

Our seats were underneath the overhang, so we had TVs, too.  Bonus!  These superfans read every batter's stats. Their enthusiasm was so cute.

It was a really fun night with my oldest.  And the Rangers had a great game. 
We beat the Athletics 9 - 4 and played really well.  The perfect night all around.

Two nights later we were at the Frisco Roughriders game with Wylie Baseball.  Jackson even got one of their pitchers to sign his glove.  Maybe #45 will make it big one day!

Cole, Matthew, Jackson, Caden and Garrison had plenty of time to horse around before they went down on the field.

Another great night for baseball.

They got to go down on the field with Coach Brian and see the first pitch up close.

Then they made their way back up to our seats where Blaise and Cole Odom joined them.

Hands down, we had the rowdiest row in the entire ballpark.  They cheered, danced and even made it up on the jumbotron doing the YMCA!

Jared and I enjoyed spending time with all the other parents.  He's such a cute date, don't ya think?

It was close, but the Roughriders pulled off a win.  The final score was 6 - 5. 

We ended the night by enjoying the fireworks show.  A very cool week, especially for Jackson, who is possibly baseball's number one fan!


Lila started swim class once a week for the summer.   They are seriously the cutest little swimmers ever!

It's Sawyer, Lila and these little blonde twins.

They have graduated to the deep end and spend most of their time in it now.  Lila loves swimming all the way across.  Coach Patty helps her come up for air and then sends her on across all by herself.

They also get to practice jumping off, doing a U turn and then swimming to the side...all by themselves.  Lila is a champ at this!

Then the real fun begins--the diving board!  Lila is always the first to volunteer...

and loves taking her biggest jump out to Coach Patty. 
I am beyond proud of our little mermaid. 
Way to go, Lila Lou!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day 2013.  Was dad relaxing in his recliner?  Nah!  Ain't nobody got time for that!

We started off bright and early by giving him his first "Best Dad" trophy, some new shorts and shirts and a new fun swimsuit.  He is ready for summer now!  I made monkey bread and then we went over to my parents' house for brunch.  Which was de-lish-us! Monkey bread, breakfast casserole and bacon.  Yum, yum and yum. 

After letting our food settle a bit, it was time for our first swim party of the day. 

The kids thought it would be funny to trick Dad into getting really close to the pool. 

Close enough to push him in!

Whoa!  Wait, where's Lila?

No one expected for her to get taken down, too!

Dad got lots of good exercise on Sunday, tossing these kids really high.  I liked Jackson's crane...

and Maddie got some serious hang time, too.

Lila even got in on the action.  She got up on the waterfall and hollered "I'm the tallest!" with a big grin on her face.

Then she leapt out to her daddy and did much more swimming.

What better way to end a pool party than by enjoying ice cold popsicles?  These three definitely approved.

It was a really fun way to spend part 1 of Father's Day and I enjoyed hanging out with my dad, too.  We went home, let the kids rest and then got back to work for our second party.  Jared had requested homemade meatball subs.  His mom found a few good recipes and I picked the Paula Dean one, mostly because it called for a ball of mozzarella inside every meatball.  How genius is that?!  We worked on the meatballs until Lila woke up and then headed over to Scottsboro Lane.

The pool was perfect!  Perfect for lounging...

and for catching football passes.

After a few botched attempts, the quarterbacks started connecting with their receiver.

By the end of the afternoon, all of us were a little worn out.  We had a feast for dinner, though, and the meatballs got rave reviews.  Thank goodness!  They were a little labor intensive, but oh so worth it. 

Happy Father's Day, Poppi, Boom and Daddo!

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