Tuesday, February 26, 2013

6 year stats

Hooray for a great check-up on Monday!

Jackson had his 6 year check-up with his pediatrician and passed with flying colors.  They tested his hearing and vision and said everything was perfect.  Yay!

Here are his stats:
Height: 47 inches (75%)
Weight: 50 lbs (75%)
Blood pressure: 98/54

And the best part...no shots!

World Champions?!

Sunday night we had Jackson's end of season basketball party.  Now, don't get me wrong, the little Mavericks did really well and tied for first place, but if you didn't know better, you'd think they may have won the world championship!

We started off the night by meeting at the coach's house...and hopping in this huge Hummer limo!

Of course, Jackson thought it was really cool.  And who are we kidding, Jared and I did, too!  Afterall, it was our first time to ride in a Hummer Limo, too.

Thank goodness there was a separate area in the back that was perfect for four little rascals.  Where might we be headed in our sweet ride?  Del Frisco's, of course!  Yes, we rolled up to Del Frisco's Steakhouse with these four boys and two others met us there.  For a basketball party!

Before dinner, Coach Ray gave out their trophies.  One of Jackson's favorite parts of the night, for sure. 

We were missing two teammates, but had fun celebrating with most of the Mavs.  They have come a really long way this season and learned so much.

The coaches and dads all played a big role in teaching these boys how to be great team players. 
Way to go, Mavericks!
After feasting like we have never done before, we hopped in our ride and headed back to Murphy:)
 The ride home was even crazier because the other two kids hopped in with us. 
It was a night to remember, for sure!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Meanwhile...back at the ranch

This past weekend we finally didn't have any sports, so we took full advantage of it and headed north!

We woke up Saturday morning, got all bundled up, and went down to check out the lake.  It was a pretty day, and we were so happy to be able to spend it outdoors.

Jared and Jackson decided that I didn't own any good ranch shirts, so they remedied that problem by buying me a good ole Roper shirt at Cavendars for Christmas.  Can't say I've really had the need to wear it before now, but I was game since we were going to the ranch.  Both of our outfits cracked me up.  Jared wearing an american flag t-shirt, John Deere cap and me in my Roper gear.  We had J take our picture so that Jared could send out a tweet that read, "I love America, John Deere and Cowgirls.  Yee haw!"  In hindsight, I should have made him say "cowgirl," but I doubt that any of his 6 followers even noticed!

Little Miss Fearless was all about the four wheelers and especially liked going through the "jungle," aka the trees:)

We raced the boys and had so much fun.  They threw dust in our faces one time and Lila started hollering,"come back here you stinky boys!"  Then we got in front of them and I said "girls rule!" which was quickly followed with "boys drool!" from Lila.  Ha!  She's so sassy sometimes...I love it.

After four-wheeling, it was time to brush and saddle the horses.  Maddie did a great job getting them ready.  The kids all loved brushing them and did so well.

Our trail ride went well...for the most part.  During the middle of it, though, Jackson got thrown off.  Yes, you read that right, my son fell off a horse!  He and Jared were riding Doc and they went under some branches that were a little low.  The branches broke on Jared and that spooked Doc, so he jumped and took off running.  The next thing I know, Jackson is on the ground, looking pretty stunned, but not crying or anything.  We were all in shock, but he told us he was fine, that he fell on his bottom but nearly "stuck the landing."  Good grief--my heart was in my throat for a second, but then I was so proud of him.  He got right back up on that horse and we continued on.  Such a brave little guy.

The next morning, we started the day out perfectly, and got to enjoy this beautiful sunrise.  So pretty!  We had another fun day at the ranch and then came on back home.  Lila was not a fan of this, as she has decided that we should live at the ranch full-time.  She cried and cried about how she didn't want to leave.  Sweet girl has such love for the horses, it's really cute.  We hope to get back up there soon and see more sunrises.  They just start your day out right, ya know?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Jackson's whole class got to wish him happy birthday at school yesterday.

Hooray for fun friends!

He took iced sprinkle cookies with him to share with all his classmates.  He also got to wear this cool birthday crown all day, too.  The birthday has been well celebrated, that's for sure!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jackson's 6th Birthday

It's official!  On Sunday morning at 8:26, Jackson turned 6 years old.  He had been counting down the hours for the previous 24 hours!  Think he was excited?

We celebrated by having homemade pancakes, maple bacon and some cheesy eggs.  J opted out of the eggs, but promptly put away 3 pancakes and 4 slices of bacon.  He was one happy little guy.

It was a really nice, calm way to start the day and we all had fun with the birthday boy.

Since his last basketball game of the season was later that afternoon, he and daddo needed to get in a little practice time. 

I think all that hard work paid off...

because Jackson was ready to roll by game time!  He won the tip-off and was off and running.

He played so well the whole game, scoring 12 points and getting lots of rebounds.  He even intercepted a handful of passes and played smart ball.  We were really proud of him.

Victory!  The Mavericks won 27-5.  They ended the season with 7 wins and 1 loss.  Pretty impressive!

After the game we went home and got ready for our cookout with the fam.  Uncle Scott, Aunt, Lyndsie, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Maria, Poppi, Boom, Gigi and Madison were all there to wish Jackson happy birthday one more time.  We had cheeseburgers, chips and ranch style beans--all of J's favorites.  We also went around the table and everyone shared something that they really liked about Jackson.  It was so nice and he loved it. 

A few things that were said: Jackson is a great big brother and I love him. (Lila). Jackson tries hard to be the best at everything, whether it's sports, reading or math. Jackson has great love for the Texas Rangers and can remember all of their stats! Jackson shows people how much he loves them. Jackson is a brave little guy! Jackson still gives me hugs at school and tells me that he loves me every day. Jackson has a kind heart.

I know that there were more, but I can't remember them!  To sum it up, though, we think he's a pretty cool little dude.

We had just enough cupcakes left over from the night before, so I didn't have to make another cake!  Yay!  Jackson chose a vanilla cupcake and we all enjoyed dessert with him.

Present time!  He got so many nice things from everyone.

One of his favorites was this electric guitar from Memaw and Poppi.

He also loved the Cowboys jersey and helmet.  In fact, he's worn it quite a bit since he opened it~he takes it in the car and wears it around the house, too.  Ha!  Guess you never know when a football game might break out. 

This sums up our 6 year old so well - playing soccer and wearing his new goalie gloves, basketball uniform and football helmet.  Think he's a sports nut?? 
Love it.  And we love you, J man!  So very much. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

J's Gym Birthday Party

We could think of nothing more perfect than to have Jackson's birthday party at a gym.  This kid is such a sports fanatic that it was only fitting to combine party time with his current sport--basketball!

We rented out half of the gym at the Wylie Rec Center and it was so much fun!

This was the first year for Jackson to have an "all boy" party.  And we let him do the guest list, too.  He invited kids from his school and buddies from his baseball, soccer and basketball teams.

Lots of dads came to the party and had a blast playing basketball with the little guys.

Lila and Conner preferred to stay out of harms way and had tons of fun inside the bounce house.

After about a half hour of free play, we set up a little team relay. 
Team #1: Jackson, Caleb, Matthew, Caden, Austin, Gage and Cowen.

Team #2: Brady, Garrison, Cole, Ethan, Zeke and Corbin

Both teams did great and we didn't really keep score!

After the team relay, it was time to check out the climbing wall.  You didn't have to convince these two monkeys at all--they both were all about it!

Jackson got about 8 feet up on his first attempt...

and Maddie got about 6 ft. before they both repelled down.

Guess he just needed to get warmed up, though, because not 10 minutes later I came back into the room to find my son at the TOP of the wall!  He rang the bell and declared it the highlight of the night.  Then he did it again a few minutes later!

Pretty soon it was time to chow down on pizza with his friends.  Jared and I both loved watching him have such a good time with his buddies.  They laughed non-stop the whole night.

Then it was time to break out the cupcakes that Aunt Lyndsie made and sing to the birthday boy.

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Lila chose a vanilla sprinkle donut and Memaw helped her not get it everywhere!

Jackson gave his gigantic cupcake a big thumbs up, too.

He got lots of well wishes and was so happy that his teacher was able to come to the party, too.  Jackson is friends with Mr. Gomez's youngest son, so he invited him to the party.  How cool!

Before the party was over, the boys had a very lively game of foosball.

Goal!!  They loved this so much.

We had to do a little sweeping to get the room back to normal.  Thank goodness we didn't really have to break out this industrial sized mop!

We ran out of time to open presents at the party, so we did it once we got home.  This kid got so many great gifts.  Thank you, friends, for making his party so fun!  We loved getting to celebrate with all of you.

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