Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Owens Farm

We almost waited too late, but we finally made it to Owens Farm this year!

Maddie and Jackson were both in school, but we met my friend Mandy and her two girls, Brooklynn and Finley.  This little girl was so excited when we got there!

Our first order of business, feed those hungry goats.  This is definitely the closest she got to the goats.  Most of the time she was 5 feet back.  They can get a little aggressive, so I understand her hesitation!

Both girls were much happier climbing up the fence and checking out the big white goat that had done the same.  They thought he was pretty darn funny.

Precious pumpkin pic

Me and my sweet girl.  We are becoming attached at the hip again--she loves her mama SO much. I must say, the feeling is mutual, but we now do everything together!  If she hears any mention of me running an errand, no matter how mundane it is, she loads up in the car immediately. 
"Dry cleaners?  Sure! Grocery store? Count me in!"

It was the perfect fall day to enjoy being outdoors.

We bought the girls tickets to ride the train.  They did their best "choo choo" before the conductor got ready to leave.  Brooklynn had a change of heart at the last minute, though, so I took her place.

We had a really fun time on the train.  This little girl was laid-back and loving it.

Before we went home, we got to pick out two pumpkins to take with us.  It's such a fun time of year and I'm really glad we got to spend the day with our friends.  I felt like I was on vacation only having one kid to keep up with!  It's been many moons since it was just me and the J man going around town:)

Lake Pointe Fall Fest

This year we decided to simplify a bit and only attend one fall festival. 

Gigi helped me round up these three musketeers and take them for some good family fun.

Lila was only brave enough to do one game--fishing for ducks--but she did good at it!

After that the big kids took over and racked up some serious candy.

Lila and I did the cake walk together and I won!  I let her choose the prize--she opted for a pink hostess cupcake--and was stoked about it.

Soon after I won, Maddie did too.  Poor Jackson went round and round and never won!  A little while later a sweet lady who had been working the Cake Walk came up to me, asked if he was my little boy, and then gave him a treat anyway.  She felt so bad for him.  Such a nice thing to do and an added bonus of going to a small church fall fest:)

One of the cooler things J got to do was shoot a rubber band gun.  He hit the target right off the bat, too!

He and Maddie both did good at this spooky bean bag toss...

and then all three made a beeline for the bounce house obstacle course.  Lila insisted that she go, too, but bailed out before she got through the first hole. 

We ran around to the other end of it, just in time to see Jackson...

and Madison rush down the big slide.  They loved it.  In fact, we couldn't get them to do anything else, so Gigi stayed with them while Lila and I went to ride the train.

It was much more her speed.  There's that grin that I just love.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monster Mash

Our crew went big last night at the Monster Mash!

It was so fun!  Gigi and Boom were in full 1940s regalia, we had Jaden the red Power Ranger, one little cheerleader, Wonder Woman...

and my mini-me!  She was supposed to be Minnie Mouse, but once she saw my costume she insisted on us dressing alike.  It was so cute seeing how excited it made her.

Lila's friend Brooklynn was there as Strawberry Shortcake, and she brought her cousin Wiley who was another superhero!

Wiley and Brooklynn brought their grandparents to the party, too.  How fun!  They are some of Gigi and Boom's best friends!
We had a mini Texas Tech football player and his gorilla daddy who also loves the Red Raiders...

and there were lots of hungry kiddos, too.  They took a few minutes off from going bananas in the bounce house to refuel and then it was back being little monsters.

This was originally a party for my parents' neighborhood, but when they didn't get a good turnout, we were able to invite a few friends.  It was so fun having this crew there with me--so sad that my date was home sick, though.

Jackson had a blast with his buddy Leonardo...

and I'm sure Corey, Price and Justin all enjoyed some of my dad's classic stories.

Later on in the night Superman finally arrived!  It was Wiley's dad, though, not my main squeeze, but we still had to get a picture together:)

This was such a fun party for the kids.  There was a face painter, which thrilled the girls, who loved their butterfly faces...

and the boys, who thought their shark faces were super cool.

There was also a balloon artist who helped these tough guys do battle with safer swords...

and too many delicious desserts to even get to in one night!  There were mummy cake pops, mini cupcakes that looked like roses and gourmet cupcakes.  We sure did load up on desserts to cheer up daddo when we got home:)

It was a really fun night and I literally had to drag this little monster out of the bounce house to get him to come home!  Thanks again, Mom and Dad for such a fun party!


Good thing we were ready for the cold, because it got here fast!  Maddie had a soccer game at 9am and we had to bundle up--it was 40 degrees!

Colleen, Gigi, Boom, Poppi, me and the kiddos all braved the cold to go cheer on the Angry Birds.

I guess I was so concerned with staying warm that I forgot to take any pictures of our little Angry Bird herself. I did get these too snow bunnies, though:)

And this snapshot was just too good to pass up--it was a beautiful morning and we were all smiles. 
The Angry Birds won big, too.  Yay!!

Maddie and I went back to the fields yesterday afternoon to cheer on the Murphy Mustangs.  It had warmed up a bit and we were thankful!

His team did so good--J man got 3 goals and they won about 9 - 0.

All of the Mustangs played well, with at least 4 different players scoring goals. 

Soccer is serious business!

We didn't know it until game time, but Jackson was playing Hunter's team.  It was fun to get to see him and his family.  The boys have known each other since they were born. 
How is it possible that they are old enough to be these two kids now??

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cowboy Day

Today was the end of Red Ribbon Week at Jackson's school.  They ended their campaign against drugs by having the kids dress up in western wear in because "Texans give drugs the boot!"  It was a cute way to get a very important message across to them.

My little cowboy was so pumped to be able to don his finest pearl snap shirt, big belt buckle and cowboy boots.  He looked mighty fine.

With all of this cold weather coming in, it was time to break out a new part of Lila's wardrobe, too.  I just love this silly little girl in her boots:)

Quite the pair--bring on the cold weather!  We're ready...I think!

Cubs Rule!

Last night we all braved the rain and wind to cheer on the Cubs in their last game of the season.  Unfortunately, Daddy didn't get the memo about the cold front coming in early, so he was stuck being the only guy there in shorts!

Little Miss Hollywood thought that it the cloudy, overcast evening was the perfect time to sport her shades.  Hey, whatever keeps them happy and doesn't make me have to move from my spot on the bleachers, works for me!

The Cubs had a fun season.  They had 9 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie, I think.  Either way, a successful start to the coach pitch league.  Such a fun group of kiddos.  We had a little party after the game last night at Cici's.  The kids all enjoyed getting to hang out somewhere other than the baseball field, I think. We are already looking forward to the spring season, but hopefully we can see everyone again before that:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Uncle Scott!

When the kids heard that we were going to the Bavarian Grill to celebrate Uncle Scott's birthday, they were all smiles!

The loud music, multiple TVs and train all make this the perfect spot to take kids for dinner.

We got to enjoy each other's company, the boys had some really big beers, we watched the Horns beat Baylor (yay!), and we got to sing Happy Birthday to Scott as the accordion player did her thing. 
A fun night out, indeed!

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