Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Bonanza

Christmas morning preparations began the night before.  When we got home from looking at Christmas lights, all three kids were asleep in the car.  The older two never even opened their eyes when we put them in bed.  I can't say the same for the little one.  She hates her crib like crazy and that night was no exception. So, with great angst, I brought her downstairs and laid her in our bed.  Scary, since that was going to be our workshop, but I had no other option!  Thank goodness none of them woke up while Santa's elves were hard at work.

Before we fell asleep for the night, I made sure to document all the fun things Santa had waiting for the kids.  He ate 4 1/2 chocolate chip cookies and drank most of his milk.  Then he even remembered to write the kids a nice thank you note!  So thoughtful, that Mr. Claus fellow.

Santa's elves had already assembled the two bicyles and the four wheeler, but he had to put together the doll house and kitchen.  He was very thankful they didn't require too much assembly.

Madison was our early riser on Christmas morning and ran over to the toys to see if Santa had brought her an American Doll.  When she saw this doll she got the biggest grin on her face and said, "He did! He brought me an American Girl doll!"  Well--sort of!  Let's just say that there is no need to tell this little girl that it's a Target doll:)  She loves it just the same--and she's only 3.

Lila was the next one awake and stumbled out of our bedroom with very sleepy eyes.  Those eyes immediately opened wide, though, when she saw this cool princess four wheeler, baby doll and kitchen that Santa brought for her!

J was the last one up, much to my amazement--he's usually our early bird and I just knew that with the excitement of Christmas morning he'd be waking us up at 5 am! Not so--guess he figured it was going to be a really long day, so he'd better rest up.  He was really pumped to see the cool new bike that Santa brought.  Both Jackson and Maddie were ready to take their bikes outside by 7:30 that morning:)

Jackson decided he could wait for the outdoors and instead opted to check out his new Bat Cave toy.  Everyone thought it was super cool.

"Ho Ho Ho!"  Mrs. Claus and two sweet little elves.  Doesn't Lila look like she just got here from the North Pole?!  That hat pushing down on her ears is too funny!

Jackson was really excited to get a Nintendo Wii, too.  He looked at us and said, "Johnny did good!"  Thanks, Johnny the Elf, for coming through so well and telling Santa exactly what the kiddos wanted.

Even though the magic of Santa is priceless, we still wanted the kids to pick out presents for everyone else.  Jackson went shopping with his daddy and then made sure that he got to write the name tag for my present.  Love this.  He got me the new Brad Paisely CD, some new socks and a pretty shirt.  Every time I wear the socks he asks me how they feel.  Sweet kid:)

Since Lila loves playing dress-up in my shoes, we got her some of her very own high heels.  She was trying so hard to be a good mommy to her brand new baby and still be fashionable in her heels!

Maddie gave Jackson this cool spiderman car and he gave her this barber shop chair so that she can do her doll's hair.  They both really contemplated what they should get for the other one and I think they did great.

After we opened all of our presents, it was time to sample the much anticipated Monkey Bread!!  And it did not disappoint.  All five of us just devoured it.

Then we got dressed and headed over to Gigi and Boom's for more Christmas fun.  The first thing they noticed there were these fun bean bags--a princess one for Maddie and a baseball one for Jackson.

All of us girls.  Meme was there, too, we just didn't get her in this pic for some reason. 
It was a little chaotic!

We had about an hour before lunch, so we decided to let the kids go ahead and open some presents.  Jackson got these awesome golf clubs from his grandparents.  He loves them.  In fact, he had a friend over the other day and I heard him say, "I got some new golf clubs for Christmas, but you can't play with them because they are real.  You might mess them up."  He's serious about his equipment! 
We just gotta work on his tact.

Madison loved her new Rapunzel doll...

and Jackson thought his very own shaving kit was too cool.

Lila was in heaven with her new triplets--although we all agreed that they were a lot of work! 
These babies cry, giggle, talk, etc.  Can we say high maintenance?!  Pretty appropriate if you ask me.  Payback is harsh sometimes.

Jackson couldn't even open anymore presents until he tried out his new clubs.  Boom took him to practice at the PGA store a month or so ago and said he did really well.

Both his dad and granddad are secretly hoping he's the next golf prodigy.

After lunch we got to open more fun presents--these princess Barbie dolls
were another of Maddie's favorites. 

By 2:30 this little girl was running on fumes, so we had to go home for a good nap. 

After a few hours of recharging, this girl was ready to go!  She was so excited to get this double stroller when we got over to Memaw and Poppi's house.

We were so glad to be able to see Pa and Roxie Hays.

Memaw had been busy making everyone a feast.  She even took time to bake these Santa cupcakes for Jackson because he had pointed them out in a magazine.

After dinner it was time for more gifts.  Here's a pic of the scene before the craziness began--I so wish I would have taken one after.  You couldn't even see the floor--it was amazing!

One of the kids' favorite gifts was this 5 ft fall castle from Uncle Scott and Aunt Lyndsie.  It has been residing in our study and they love to color it and then play in it with their dolls.

After present time was over, Lila made her a new BFF.  Aunt Lyndsie helped her bounce on the furniture for at least half an hour, which brought this big smile and lots of laughter. 

Whew!  It was a very big day, but so good.  We love having our familes here. 
Being able to celebrate with all of them on Christmas is a blessing.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is such a special night for our family.  It's sort of the calm before the storm!

This year we took advantage of an earlier church time and went at 4:00.  That way we had plenty of time for everything else that night and weren't so rushed.

Meme, Gigi and Boom met us at church--no pics with them, though, b/c they were already inside saving our seats.  All afternoon I had been so apprehensive about having Maddie and Jackson in "big church."  They did so good, though!  Really and truly--they both got As!!  It was a wonderful service and we all enjoyed it.  My favorite part, by far, had to have been when we were singing Silent Night.  I looked over to my right and Maddie was sweetly singing along.  Then I looked to my left and J was doing the same.  Right then they both looked like angels.  And I guess in a way, they are.

After church, we came home to get ready for dinner with the Hays Fam.

We all enjoyed the lasagna and salads from Sali's and then it was time for some birthday cake!  Earlier that day the kids and I had made a birthday cake for Jesus. 
They were so excited to finally get to celebrate.

And even though Miss Lila doesn't get that the reason we celebrate Christmas is because it's Jesus' birthday, she still loves her some good chocolate cake.  All in due time.

Before everyone left for the night, the kids got in their Chrismas pj's and got ready to go look at some Christmas lights.  They lasted about 10 minutes before falling asleep in the car. Thank goodness. 
Santa's helpers had lots to do!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Surprises

Christmas Eve brought many fun things--but it started out with an email for Jackson...

from SANTA!!  He was so pumped!

Santa told him that he'd been a good boy this year and always used good manners like his parents asked of him.  He also told him that he knew he really wanted a Nintendo Wii.  When he said that, Jackson looked at me and said, "Johnny told him!" 
(Thank you, Johnny the Elf, for relaying this very important message) 

Madison was equally as happy when she opened her letter from Santa.  It came with a very official looking certificate saying that she was on his Nice List.  Pretty impressive!  She was most impressed by the fact that it also mentioned her good friend, Bryn.  When we read that part of the letter, her eyes lit up, and she said, "He knows Bryn!"  I couldn't help but break out in a huge smile, as I remembered getting my own letter from Santa many years ago.  It talked about how he knew Amanda was my best friend and that just sealed the deal for me that Santa was indeed very real. 
I love the magic of Christmas.  So very much.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twas two nights before Christmas...

and all through the house, there were three munchkins stirring, but thank goodness, no mouse!

Sweet Lila Lou was all dressed up and ready to mingle...

and all three elves were ready to play Kris Kringle.

So we packed up our sleigh and headed over to Cantera, and the girls gave their Boom a great big reception. 

Gigi's favorite guy met her at the tree

and very soon there was unwrapping of gifts by all three.

We enjoyed our visit with Papaw and Granny and were anxiously awaiting the big visit from Santy!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Power Rangers and Cookies

Day four of Christmas break and we are doing well!  Thank goodness for the nice weather. 
The Power Rangers really needed to get outside and run...

and fight big monsters that might be lurking in our backyard.

With Casey, Emily and Mia in our house, I doubt any monsters will stick around for long!

"Mia" was not a fan of her hood and quickly hollered at "Emily" to take it off. 

After we fought off the bad guys and played a lot of football and soccer while the girls ran around on the trampoline, it was time to bake some Christmas sugar cookies.  All three kids got to choose between a bell, snowman or gingerbread man and then ice and decorate them after they were ready.

Let's just say that there's a reason I didn't get any pics of the actual decorating.  Lila and Maddie both went just a tad bit overboard with the sprinkles!  It's hard to watch them all at once!  And all three tried to eat the icing right out of the container.  Betty Crocker, we love you.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Breakfast with Memaw

Yesterday was Memaw's birthday, so the kids and I decided to throw her a little party.  We picked up Starbucks and donuts and showed up bright and early. 

It was so fun!  Memaw made bacon in anticipation of our arrival and there was a certain little boy who was very thankful.  He claims to have eaten 7 slices.  The kid loves bacon.
I know, mom of the year here, for letting him do that!

Perhaps it was a good move on Memaw's part.  Jackson was feeling so grateful, that he asked where her vacuum cleaner was--the kid was all about getting her carpet as clean as possible.  It brought back memories of a few Christmas's ago when all he wanted from Santa was a "keening cart with keening supplies!" 

When I told the kids to get their shoes on before we left the house, Lila shimmied upstairs and came out wearing her pink cowboy boots.  She is crazy about these boots!  Sometimes she puts them on for story time before bed. 

After our yummy breakfast and J's carpet cleaning session, it was time for some Christmas carols on the piano.  Who knew Memaw could play the piano so well?  Not me!

Memaw played the whole book, with some help from the little ones, and Jackson sang along with most of the songs.  It was one of the most enjoyable mornings we have had in a long time. 

Happy Birthday, Shelley!  We love you.

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