Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School

Hooray! First day of school is finally here! These two kiddos were up and at 'em this morning and very excited to go back to school. They are looking forward to a fun-filled year with their friends, and I can't wait to see how much fun they had today.

Gigi took them back-to-school shopping and bought them these adorable outfits. We set them out last night, which made getting dressed this morning a cinch!

They got their lunch bags...

and umbrellas (who knew it was going to rain?!)...

and we headed off to school. Here's Maddie in her classroom--all smiles:)

and Jackson in his--a little less enthusiastic, but I know he'll warm up to it!

I hope they have a great day. The house is so quiet with just Miss Lila in it. What shall we do now?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

GHS kiddos

Taylor, Megan and I have been good friends since high school. They went to SFA together, but we all stayed in touch and have remained good friends to this day. Megan lives in Georgetown with her family now, but they came in town this weekend to visit. After having such a fun time hanging out with everyone at Taylor's house, it got me thinking about how much has changed in the last few years.

Presley and Jackson were the first two born, with Pres being 9 months older than J. At first, they didn't really know how to play together, but we had playdates anyway:)

After a couple of years, they were pros and enjoyed getting to hang out together.

Teagan came along 8 months after Jackson, and then Miss Madison was born 6 months later.

A few years later there's a new batch of young uns! Lila is about 10 months older than Baby Claire (Meg's first) but they still played so nicely together today.

Since we all got married there have been 6 kids born, with one more on the way in about 6 weeks. What a crew!

Game Ball

Today was Jackson's second game of Little League and he did so good! The kid played short stop and then first base and there was not any of that crazy running around the infield while waving his hands!

He did so good, in fact, that he got the game ball on his team. Coach must have been impressed! I think Daddo and J make a great team. Jared helped coach today and even stepped in to pitch to the boys for the second half of the game.

The girls helped me and the grandparents cheer on the little guy today. Go Cubs!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little League

Saturday marked the beginning of Jackson's Little League career. His team is the Cubs and they did so good! He had a great big fan base--Madison, Lila, me and Dad, Gigi, Boom, Memaw, Poppi, Uncle Scott, Aunt-to-be Lyndsie and Uncle Andrew. The boy is well supported!

They got all warmed up before the game began--notice what number he's wearing. Yep, #32...

my mini Josh Hamilton!

Waiting to bat for the first time. Trying to get these kiddos to sit still and keep all their gear in one spot was a challenge, to say the least.

When it was J's time to bat he opted for the coach to pitch to him. It's not a slow pitch, either! I was so proud of him. He tried three times and didn't quite make contact, so he got to hit off the tee. Then he rocked that ball...

and took off running the bases!

He was so pumped that he crossed homeplate and scored a run!

He got to play second base in his first time out in the field. Pretty much like watching Ian Kinsler:)

Did I mention how hot it was on Saturday? 10:30 am and it was 100 degrees. No shade on our side. We were just baking out there!

Little Miss had rosy red cheeks the whole time and just sucked on ice cubes to keep herself cool. This is called Fall Ball--come on Fall!

Some more of Jackson at second base--he made a few good throws to first base.

Second time up to bat he tried the coach pitch again. No hits that way, though, so he hit off the tee again. He got another good hit and ran to first.

His next time out in the field he got to play first base. This is where things got a little what you expect to see at a little league game with 4 and 5 and 6 year olds. He wanted to make the play so bad that he would forget to go put his foot on the bag and let his teammates throw the ball to him.

Instead he would just run around all over the, as far away as home plate, and holler for them to throw him the ball! When that happened, the kids would go ahead and throw to first base, but since our first baseman was no where in sight the ball would roll all the way to the stands. Sweet kid was hustling, just not in the right vicinity! His last time up to bat he got a hit from the coach--no tee needed! We were so excited. Most of the kids hit off the tee and most of them are 5 or 6. J is by far the youngest on the team. Of course, I didn't have my camera for this one.

The game ended in a tie: 14 - 14. He's got practice tonight and Thursday night and will be all ready to go for his game this weekend. Go Cubs!

After we left the game, we all were in dire need of some A/C and food. We went to lunch with the fam and got both. All the kid meals come with ice cream and this was Lila's favorite part. Every time Jared would get a spoonful of ice cream, she'd put her arms out straight, open her mouth really wide and get so very excited.

Now that's one happy little girl.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yesterday J, M, L and I all decided to have a little pow wow in the top part of our playground. It's the cutest little clubhouse and we have big plans for it come fall. We've already decided on picnics out there and Maddie even says that she wants to sleep out there, too! We'll see about that last one...

They decided that their club name is the Wacky Club, which I think is right on the money!

You know it's a wacky club when the little one takes the wheel and the big one looks like he's smoking a pipe!

Thank goodness Madison has all eyes on deck to spot anything strange going on outside.

Captain Jax had to be sure things were going well, too, so he came on over to take a look for himself. Never can be too careful.

Everything looked great!

For some goofy reason when I asked Maddie to smile she got this dreamy look on her face and said, "I love Cason."

Cason is my friend Amanda's oldest son--just turned 5 and started Kindergarten. She's got her eye on those older boys already. Thank goodness I know his mama well!

To end the first meeting at the Wacky Club, Lila Lou insisted on wearing big bro's aviator sunglasses. The goofy girl's just gotta keep it real.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cabbage Patch Kid

I don't have many of the toys that I played with as a child, but I do still have my cabbage patch stroller. This was such a sturdy stroller that I actually used to put my baby sister in it and stroll her around our house. The frame was made of metal, so what could possibly go wrong? Wow! My mom still can't believe she let me do that. I was in heaven and really thought she was my very own living baby doll. Even brought her to show and tell once in Kindergarten! I digress...anyway, Lila has recently become very interested in this cabbage patch stroller, but not for the obvious reason.

Instead of pushing around her baby dolls and even some of my old cabbage patch dolls, she has started getting in it! She loves doing this but has yet to figure out how to get out once she's in. For now she just hollers until someone comes to rescue her...I'm hoping that she doesn't fall out on her head if she gets tired of waiting. Yet one more thing to worry about as a mom of the these kiddos!

Naptime Nonsense

This afternoon I thought that Madison was upstairs taking a nap. Foolish thinking. Little did I know that she was getting dressed for some crazy costume contest.

I found her on the stairs dressed like this: Pink leopard print bathing suit with psychadelic panty hose on over it. Accentuated by a royal blue necklace and turquoise rubber band. Made me think of Leslie on 6th street in Austin. What a goose!

12 Mitch

My son has turned into a full-fledged baseball maniac. He literally eats, sleeps and breathes all things baseball related. The first words out of his mouth are always, "Mom, turn the Rangers on for me." This is because we DVR every single Rangers game these days and he watches what he didn't get to see the next day. Since they have been playing really late this week, he's had a lot of catching up to do every day. This is serious stuff. He even asked me a few days ago if we could have a party at our house and invite all of the Rangers. His first real ball game is tomorrow. He is pumped and so are we. Go Cubs!

Here's just a taste of what goes through this kid's head on a daily basis:

1. Leaving church last Sunday - "It's 12 Mitch!" (It was 12:18 and Mitch Moreland's is number 18 for the Rangers)
2. Looking at the volume on the TV - "Is is Cruz's number?" (referring to the Ranger's Nelson Cruz)
3. Hollers "Yorvit Torrealba!" a lot - Rangers catcher - guess he just likes the sound of his name!
4. Riding in the car - "Hey mom, #2 plays for Napoli sometimes." (Random Rangers fact)
5. Also in the car - "If Mitch misses it, then Nelson picks it up." (Mitch plays first base and Nelson plays right field)
6. Discussing different muscles in our body - "Hamstring? That's what Beltre pulled - has it been 3 weeks yet? (Rangers 3rd baseman, Beltre, is out with a pulled hamstring and was supposed to come back in 3 weeks)
7. Playing catch with himself in the house at least 1000 times a day - "I ice cream-coned it, mom!" (referring to barely catching the ball with the tip of his glove)
8. And finally, riding in the car after ball practice on Wednesday - "It was Napoli's number about 8 minutes ago." (It was 8:33 and Napoli is number 25--by golly if he wasn't right!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dallas World Aquarium

Today we took a trip downtown to enjoy the Dallas World Aquarium. We went with our friends, Heather, Kylie and Austin.

Kylie and Maddie were instant buddies and held hands all the way into the aquarium.

Both kids were really excited about going this year--and truth be told, so was I!

The very first animal we saw with this Giant Anteater. Such a weird creature, don't ya think?

Austin, Jackson, Madison and Kylie. Big buds.

After seeing a few animals, we came to the feed the bird exhibit. Jackson waited for a minute, but the birds didn't feel like eating his blueberry.

Then it was Madison's turn. She waited for a little while, and sure enough, that little bird hopped right on down and snatched the blueberry right out of her hand.

When I saw we were approaching the snack bar I knew we wouldn't be able to walk past without buying something. These kids have a strong love for the cheeto...and really, who doesn't?

After our snack break we came face to face with the crocodile! It was kind of freaky being so close to such a huge creature!

It was Austin and Jackson's favorite creature of the day.

J's other fave were the manatees. Here are two lovebird manatees:)

My two rascals actually sat still for two seconds in the aquarium.

And then all of the kids were mesmerized by the sharks!

On our way out we got to see this beautiful guy. What a fun way to spend a day indoors.

Yay for the A/C!

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