Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's going on...

We have been so busy with all of the birthdays and holidays recently that I haven't really had time to share our everyday life. One thing is for sure...it's never boring around here! Here's a snapshot of what the kids have been up to recently.

Jackson is in the middle of his first soccer season and I finally got to go watch him play this past Saturday. I must say, even though soccer is not my first love in terms of sports, I adored cheering for him so very much. They began by all saying the Pledge of Allegiance...

and then shook hands with the opposing team. So cute! J's team is called The Pirates. All the other kids wear their Richardson YMCA shirts, but Jackson actually owns a pirate shirt, so he wears it every time. It is pretty darn cool.

Look at my baby out there!

Jackson and his buddy Roen from school--scoping out the other team and getting ready to bust a move.

Madison has been busy, too. She's been working on her cheers and got to practice them at the game. I can't wait to teach her some real cheers and jumps and flips. I even got up enough courage the other day to do a flip flop and back flip on our trampoline. Now that was a blast from the past!

She is also very into headbands!

She got this dress up headband from Scott and Lyndsie for her birthday and loved it so much that she insisted on wearing it to school the following Monday. She got many compliments all day and just ate it up!

And now for my little monkey...

Lila's new thing is climbing--any time, anywhere! Here she is at Maddie's class Easter party.

And here she is going up and down the curb at the Easter Festival.

Her sweet daddy did this with her for a solid 10 minutes and she loved every single step up and down.

And here she is climbing up and over the four wheeler in our house. Just look at that smile--she knows she's a little stinker!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

This past weekend we celebrated Easter in a big way. We began on Saturday by taking the kids to our church's Easter Festival.

We missed the first hunt for their age group by about two minutes, so we patiently waited for the next one to begin. The kids were all ready to go and pumped up about getting more eggs.

Right after it started Jackson took off sprinting. Maddie...not so much! She must have just been overwhelmed by all the kids...I'm really not sure...but this is the face we got and she came running back with only two eggs.

Jackson had a little bit better luck and scooped up around 20 eggs.

After the egg hunt we ran over to the bounce house and Maddie hopped right in with J. While they bounced around and a smile returned to Madison's face, Lila had lots of fun climbing up and down the curb. It's the little things in life, I guess:)

After a good solid twenty minutes in the bounce house, we got them out by telling them we could go see the animals. Madison's fave were the soft little bunnies...

Jackson's fave were the goats...

and I suppose Lila's favorite ones were the donkeys...but I'm thinking that's only because they had a cage that she could climb. This one is turning out to be such a monkey!

After some lunch and then a nap we made the bunny cake!

Then it was time to dye the eggs. After all that hard work we were finally prepared for Easter Sunday.

The next morning we woke up early and were out the door by 8:35 am. Definitely a record for our household! Since we left so early I didn't get any pics of the kids in their Sunday best. So, I insisted we do so after church. Jackson didn't even want to put his shoes back on, so we compromised on him not tucking in his shirt or putting his tie on, either.

Most of the pictures turned out like this...

or this...

but we did get a few gems like this one!

Lila wore Madison's easter dress from two years ago. My, how time flies.

After the big kids took a good nap we let them all open their presents from Gigi and Boom. I love this picture--Lila looks like she's saying "Oh, for me?!"

Then we drove over to Memaw and Poppi's house for the family get together. Lucky for the kids, Memaw had found this cute table and chairs in her attic. It's the same one that Jared and his brothers used when they were little, and it was perfect for these two maniacs! After checking out the cool stuff in their precious Easter baskets, it was time for the hunt.

This time both kids got really into it and sprinted around the yard filling their baskets.

Even Lila got to participate, and just needed a little help:)

While Lila took it nice and easy, Maddie rushed by....

and so did Jackson. They were on a serious mission!

Sweet baby girl got a few eggs.

But was way more into just carrying her cute basket.

We tried to get all three to sit down for fun pic with their eggs, but that didn't turn out so well. Even after my conference with Lila she did not really want to oblige us!

But she was more than happy to walk around the yard with Poppi:)

Then it was time for some baseball! Madison played in the field...

while Jackson batted. Love how he decided to wear the tie during the game! Easter pics? Nah. Baseball game? Sure thing. Go figure.

He hit lots of homeruns!

And probably ran the bases 63 times. He is so fast now--he likes for me to call him Quick Rick!

After we finished up the game and had dinner, it was time to unveil the bunny cake! We were going for a pic with me and kids, but then Lila just couldn't take the suspense anymore and got a big handful of icing off one of the bunny's ears. This distracted Madison and so here you have it. Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter!

We are so blessed to be able to celebrate Easter today.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Parties

It's egg hunting time again this year! Yesterday morning Lila and I went to cheer on Jackson and Madison during their class egg hunts. J's was first and he was really into it this year!

Just look at Flash Gordon go!

He looked high and low and got so many eggs.

Here's his little class showing off their loot.

Now that's a full basket--maybe mama should get him a bigger one for this weekend.

After watching the first hunt, we headed across the hall to Maddie's room. The girls were all hanging out and Lila just jumped right in and joined the girl talk.

To prepare for the hunt, the kids all wore their bunny ears. Madison was scrambling around the room searching for eggs...

while Lila found a baby doll that she was super excited about!

This was the best class pic that we could get. They were all so intrigued with their baskets full of candy!

After the hunt, they got to enjoy iced sugar cookies and apple juice. What a fun way to start the day. I really love their school. They both got really cute Easter crafts and presents from their teachers. Very lucky kiddos:)

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