Thursday, March 31, 2011

Madison meets the dentist

Today was Maddie's first visit to the dentist! She received a book in the mail last week from her dentist called, "Dora Visits the Dentist," and we have been reading it ever since.
She was very excited about getting her teeth cleaned today and was such the model patient. She listened very well to the dental hygenist and then got all ready to have those pearly whites polished up.

When the hygenist could only find Batman sunglasses for her to wear I knew it probably wasn't going to fly. Dental Hygenist: "I only have these cool Batman sunglasses for you to wear." Madison's response: "Well, I'm a princess." Ha! After that the hygenist went in search for some more girly glasses and came back with these rainbow brite ones. Much better. After getting an A plus on her teeth they went ahead and took four x-rays. All the peeps in the office were so impressed with how well she did with this. After that we had to wait a little bit to actually see the dentist. To entertain ourselves, we found these huge teeth. She told me to come close and they would bite me. Yowsers! No thanks, little girl:)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My birthday was so much fun this year. I turned 31 yesterday and have just had the BEST time celebrating with all of my friends and family over the past few days. Last night we had a family hamburger cookout at my parents and it was the perfect way to officially turn 31. The girls and I got to the party first. Madison was more than willing to pose for a pic--so cute.
Even though Lila doesn't usually flash her sweet grin for a pic with everyone, she will do it when we're not expecting it. Oh, how I adore that smile.

When she really gets going, she start's saying "Hi" and waving to everyone, too. My guess is that she saw Boom inside and was trying to get his attention.

A few minutes later the rest of the Hays fam arrived. It wasn't long before Maddie had Uncle Andrew performing tricks with her!

She usually does the flip trick with Daddo, but he was busy grilling burgers.

I was doing my main job these days, which is baby holding. No joke, Lila loves her mama. A lot! I am hoping that this is a faze and that soon she will be ok if I put her down, but for now, she is super content being glued to me at all times. Guess there could be worse things:)

All the kids at the party, big and little.

We did try to get a fam picture, but that's tougher than hearding cats, so here's the one with Boom in it. Got J to smile and Lila is at least looking at the camera.

Then we got one with Gigi in it, but by this time Jackson was done and just wanted to go inside and chow down!

After a really good dinner it was time for the cake!

They all sang Happy Birthday to me and I had two munchkins kind enough to help blow out all of my candles. The cake was most delish. Jackson and Memaw worked all afternoon baking it. So sweet.

Then it was time for presents. No, this phone is not my present from one of the kids. (Last year I got a SpongeBob CD from Jackson) I am getting a new phone--hallelujah!!

What kind of party would it be without some hot tub fun?! J and M were so excited about the hot tub and we were so glad that their uncles were willing to hop in, too. Thanks again, everyone for such a great birthday. I love all of you.

Circus Spectacular

This past Sunday Gigi and Boom had a real treat for the two older kiddos. The Circus was back in town and they bought tickets for just the four of them to go see it!! Before they got to our house, the kids were anxiously awaiting their arrival. They were standing in our front windowsill with the windows open. When my parents' car pulled into the driveway, they bolted out the front door yelling, "we're going to the circus!" and jumped into Boom's arms. Pure joy.
When they came home later that night, Jared and I got to hear all about the elephants, clowns, motorcycle riders and cannonball man. Needless to say, they were pumped up! I know that they loved every second of it, but I can't be sure if all that enthusiasm can be attributed to the circus performers, or was merely the result of the large amount of cotton candy that these two consumed!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Last night Jared went to the Mavs game, so we decided to head out to the Carnival for a little fun of our own!

First up, the cars. Jackson picked out this really cool blue jeep...
while Maddie chose the flower power coup.

Second up, the carousel. Gigi got in on the action with this one and both kids loved it.

Next, the "very bumpy" Alligator ride.

Then it was time for the Fun Slide. Now, last year at this same carnival this was the favorite ride for both of the kids. Jared took them and actually sent Jackson down first and then slid down with Maddie.

Suffice it to say that was not the case this year!

Both of them tried to bail on me, but I just told him it would be fun and we all zoomed down. I really thought that they would love it--not so much. Their faces say it all.

Good thing the ferris wheel was up next. They both made a swift recovery and we all enjoyed a fun ride together.

Despite this look on his face, the ferris wheel was J's fave this time.

The final ride of the night was this big monster go-cart. Jackson got to drive it way up high and then back down again.

Little sister was literally scaling the rail she wanted to join him so bad!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

All Aboard!

Since I got Jackson's old train out for Lila to enjoy, all three kids have been having fun with it. The older ones like to ride it around our house and love to take turns pushing each other.

Tonight little Miss Lila had finally had enough of being a spectator of this super-fun activity.

When Jackson hopped on to take a zip around the living room, Lila pulled up on the back of the train and began pushing him around!

After she'd taken big brother for a few trips around the kitchen, she made him hop off and give Maddie a turn.

It was so cute and Lila was really proud of herself! Our little girl is growing up so fast. Heaven help me when there are three of them running around.

Go Karlie Go!

This past Wednesday we went to cheer on Miss Karlie. Karlie is our babysitter and the kids adore her. She is a high school cheerleader, so normally she is the one doing most of the cheering. Last night, though, she was playing in her school's powder puff football game--and was the quarterback!

Madison put on her cheerleading uniform and I tried to teach her a few cheers. Guess Jackson got a little jealous because he also wanted in on the cheer action.

We practiced a few chants, like "Go Karlie Go!"

and then Maddie was on the move and ready to go to the game. The kids had lots of fun and we all enjoyed being outside. Karlie did really good, too, and had quite the avid fanclub!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goodbye Lake, Hello Ranch

This past weekend was very bittersweet for me. My parents bought a Ranch in Denison a few days ago and it is so amazing. There is so much for everyone to do there and the kids are going to adore getting to spend so much time outdoors. Along with this purchase, though, they have decided to sell the lakehouse. And as much fun as we are going to have at the ranch, I love the lakehouse. So, Gigi and I decided that our family needed to spend at least one last time at the lake this past weekend and just soak it all up. We arrived on Friday afternoon and the kiddos were so excited.

After unpacking all of our gear Jackson and Maddie ran out back. I found them in the hammock...well, trying to balance themselves in the hammock, really. I was pretty shocked that they didn't flip over after about .3 seconds!

Lila decided to take it a bit easier and simply enjoyed the view of the lake from the back patio. She does take after her mama.

After checking out the temp on the hot tub water, I got a surprisingly sweet picture of these two.

Not 10 minutes later, though, I walked out into the garage to find that my two angels had literally tied up Gigi--aka Captain Hook! They were all role-playing and Gigi was Captain Hook, Madison was Wendy and Jackson was Peter Pan. This charade went on for quite a while and they loved every second of it!

The next morning Jackson found this lawnmowers and immediately went right to work. After that, we all got ready and headed on over to the ranch.

We immediately found a great spot to contain wild indians!

After we let them out for good behavior, Jackson and Jared took off on the four wheeler.

They lead the way, with Jackson hopping off at every gate to open it for us. My little worker bee never misses an opportunity to work, that's for sure!

There are horses, cows, llamas, a bull...all kinds of animals on the ranch. It really is so cool. We stopped at the lower pasture and got out to pet the horses. J cracked me up by insisting on wearing his helmet the whole time.

The horses were very friendly and came right on up to us.

My dad grew up riding horses and was definitely in his element!

What a pretty view.

After petting the horses for a bit, we rode on down to the river. The ranch backs up to the Red River. Jared gave J his first lesson on how to skip rocks. Jackson did really good on the "gotta find a flat rock" part, but is still working on actually making the rock skip.

After that, the boys did some adventure walking out onto this huge fallen tree. Jackson is such a nervous ninny about things like this. He was holding on for dear life to his daddy the whole time, but he made it all the way to the end and then back again without falling into the water:)

The whole time that we were down at the river, Madison was asleep on the Mule. Not very long after she fell asleep, so did Lila Lou. Oh well, the girls will just have to check out the river the next time we go visit.

Jackson and Gigi are really looking forward to fun times on the river this summer.

We are going to have so much fun four wheeling around...

and fishing too!

The Longhorns seemed to approve of us and came over to oversee the boys in their first ranch fishing expedition.

Although Jackson first chose to set up shop on the dock, he was still standing over the land. This is a vast improvement over the last time his daddy tried to take him fishing and he ran for the hills when a small boat went by and made the dock rock back and forth!

There are lots of ponds on the property, but this one is the closest to the house. Too bad we don't think there are very many fish in it...all the boys saw were some turtles.

But they gave it a good go and looked so cute trying to catch those fish.

We are looking forward to many more wonderful memories at the ranch, but this picture is how I will forever remember the lake. What. A. View.

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