Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2010--what a wonderful time! We had so much fun celebrating Christmas this year. It's always great to spend time with your family, but I think kids are what really make Christmas super special. As I was laying in bed with Jackson on Christmas Eve, I kept thinking how amazing it was to be his mama and how neat it was to see all the wonder and excitement of Christmas through his eyes. He was tucked in bed, holding onto his three stuffed animals and whispered to me, "I'll just lay in bed and listen for sleigh bells, ok?" So cute. He was a really good boy and stayed in bed all night--in fact, he didn't get up until 8:20 the next morning!

By 8:22 we were having a blast!

Miss Lila got her first baby doll.

Jackson got lots of really fun things from Santa. Here he is showing off his Nature Explorer set and Popper Gun--both really big hits.

He wore the vest pretty much all day. He's sitting next to the milk and cookies that we left out for Santa. We left 4 cookies and they were almost all eaten. J wanted to know why he didn't eat them all. After we looked at all the presents that Santa brought, Gigi, Boom, Maddie and Meme came over for brunch.

Madison got three new pairs of dress up shoes and she insisted on bringing them all over. Here she is modeling the pink furry ones. Love it.

After brunch Lila chatted with Meme while the rest of us began opening presents.

Meme's present from the kids was this fun fleece blanket with their picture on it. She loved it and I'm so glad. Thanks, kodak:)

Lila got another baby doll, but the real highlight was getting to taste out the wrapping paper.

Jackson got this super cool fireman set. He played with it and his new trash truck that Santa brought for a big part of the day. The boy does love trash day!

Madison loved her new dolls and made sure they were all dressed properly...then she put them down for a nap in the dining room.

Since Madison will tell you herself that she is a princess, I thought it only fitting that we get her some fun dress-up clothes. Gigi's modeling the feather boa and Maddie's holding the tutu and wearing her princess watch.

Jackson's big present from Gigi and Boom was this way cool bicycle! After a few spins around our house, he was ready to go outside. He amazed me and did so good on it!

After my fam left, Jared and I baked a cake. Then it was off to Memaw and Poppi's house for some more celebrating. Right when we got there Poppi told Jackson there was something waiting for him in the backyard. Imagine the look on his face when he looked out there and saw this soccer goal. He ran outside and jumped right on into a game with his dad and uncles. Cowboy boots and all!
It was a little chilly outside, so Lila prefered to stay indoors and hang out with Uncle Scott and Lyndsie. After dinner it was present time again.

Baby dolls are nice and wrapping paper sounds fun, but chewing on the box is where the real action is at.

Lila loved this box and the green tissue paper in her next gift.

Jackson had fun trying out his new TCU football from Pa Hays.

And this lego headband flashlight came in handy while opening more gifts, too.

He also discovered Hot Wheels and loved racing the motorcycles around on this ramp.

By the end of the night we were all pretty tired. Lila got in her jammies and played with Memaw for a little while. Then we all headed home and hit the hay.
Merry Christmas, y'all!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

We began our Christmas celebrations at lunch on Christmas Eve. Papaw and Granny came over to my parents house and we had a most delicious feast.

Who wants some sweet potatoes?! Lila does! I love this picture of my baby girl with my mom. Most of the time she sees the camera, she puts out this face...

So serious!

The big kids got to sit at their table and eat off of the good Christmas china. So glad to report that none of it was broken. They dined mostly on ham, beans and rolls. Jackson is so not into any sort of casserole. Broccoli Rice Casserole? Nope. Sweet Potato Casserole? Nope. Potato Salad? Not a chance. He even asked my mom to remove it from his plate!

We all had a good visit with Papaw and Granny and then it was time to open gifts!

The first gift was to all three great grandkids. It was this Frosty the Snowman book. It's not just any run-of-the-mill Frosty book, though. This one is so special. When you open it up, Papaw's voice is the one telling the story. He begins by saying, "I'd like to dedicate this book to Jackson, Lila and Madison." Then he reads them the story. Love it.

The girls discussing what they think is in this box. Hopefully something pink!

All three kids got to open one present from Gigi and Boom, too.

Jackson got this awesome transporter truck, which he loved! He told me over and over how it was the exact same one that he put on his Christmas Wish List. Good thing Santa's helper has a good memory!

Miss Lila got this fun little toy.

She was trying so hard to reach it. Just look at that determination!

Whew! Learning to crawl is so overrated.

After some good naps we got dressed up and headed to church. Needless to say, church with three kids is hard work. Like, really hard work. I bribed Jackson beforehand by telling him that if he was really good all through the service, I'd take him to get chicken nuggets at McDonalds afterwards. Let's just say I should have done the same for Maddie.

This picture pretty much sums up our time at church. Chaotic is the best word I have to describe it. Lila was a little wiggle worm, Madison just wanted to be anywhere else and Jackson was trying so hard to get those nuggets! Sort of like herding cats.

Family picture? Nah. Let it SNOW!!

Family Ties

On the eve of Christmas Eve we got a really fun surprise. Most of our family that lives in Glen Rose made their way up here for a long overdue visit.

Two out of my three cousins came (the boys on both ends of this pic) along with their families and mom and dad, who are my aunt and uncle. My papaw came over to see everyone, too, and it was so nice to all be together again. I love this picture. The girls are looking at each other, Cousin Joel is making a goofy face and J man is smiling so hard!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Warm weather, how I love thee

Yesterday was awesome! I am so much a warm-weather girl. Sunny, 80 plus degrees and not too windy...amazing for the end of December! Really, I'll take that weather year-round.

Since it was so nice the kids and I took advantage of it and enjoyed the outdoors. Lila loved chillin' in her swing..

and big brother joined her for a bit.

Yay! Thanks, Cali for sending a little bit of awesome weather our way.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lots of Birthdays

It's birthday time in the Hays Family! Poppi turned 60 the day before Thanksgiving and we all went out to celebrate a few days after. We went to the Bavarian Grill and had such a fun time!

Miss Lila snoozed for most of the meal...which was shocking for a few reasons...

the main one being that this is not a quiet place. There is live music playing the whole time and everyone is encouraged to sing a long! It's great for the big kids and apparantly perfect for little ones as well. And no, Jared didn't really give Lila a sip of his beer! He did think it was pretty funny to put it up to her lips, though.

Jackson got to sit right between his two Uncles and was in hog heaven.

Happy Birthday, Poppi!
Last night we all went out for Memaw's birthday at Main Street Bistro. It's a quaint little place in Richardson and was perfect for us to enjoy a good meal together. Afterwards we all came back to our house for some cake and presents.

J man was front and center for cake time.

He was so excited to give Memaw the card he picked out especially for her.

As he told me, "Mom, I want this card. It has a SUPERHERO on it!" He loved it and so did she. Happy Birthday, Memaw. We love you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gingerbread House

When I was growing up we made and decorated a gingerbread house every year right before Christmas. It was something that we loved doing and so I got really excited when Maddie and I went shopping the other night and saw this Gingerbread House Kit. I thought Jackson and Madison would have a blast with the icing and candies and I was right.

These two elves loved having their very own spatulas and spreading the icing. They
concentrated so hard and did really well!
Look at that attention to detail!

After we frosted the house it was time to decorate. I was shocked that they didn't try to eat all of the candy. In fact, they didn't even ask to eat any of it until they saw me do it!

After it was all finished I asked them to take some pictures with their masterpiece. Of course, sweet smiles with their gingerbread house were out of the question. Here they are being reindeer...

and then moving on to straight-up goofy!

A good time was had by all and we can't wait to do it again next year. Yay for bringing back a little family tradition!

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