Friday, October 29, 2010

Great day for the Arboretum!

I love the fall. I know I've said it before, but it really is my favorite season. The weather was beautiful here yesterday, so we headed on over to the Dallas Arboretum.

Jackson spotted these huge pumpkins right when we walked in and got a big kick out of them. He had to sit on lots of them and kept commenting on how gigantic they were. I can't get over how long his long legs are!

This was the best sibling shot I got--he's reaching his hand over her shoulder, so sweet. If only he were also looking at the camera. Oh well!

Lila was very intrigued with the hay. She tried to eat it the whole time. It was really hard just to get her to look up because she was so enthralled with the hay.

Oh my! I was very nearby for this one.

We did put her on top of the pumpkins once. She didn't really love it as much as we did, though.

Gigi went with us--here they are in front of one of the cool pumpkin houses.

Jackson loved showing me how big this one was!

They even had a baby pumpkin house and J thought it was cute, too, so we took Lila over to see it.

This year Jackson was fascinated with all of the gourds. He kept finding bigger and bigger gourds. I think he just liked saying that new word.

After all that gourd hunting a boy's bound to get hungry. There was a great outside eating area serving hot dogs, chips, sauerkraut and root beer floats, so we took a seat there. The best part was the german music they had playing. Jackson jammed in his seat the whole time and even came up with original songs that he performed for us!

After filling our bellies, it was time to get some pics of Lila in her halloween costume. Her big brother picked out her costume.

Isn't she such a sweet angel baby?

I love it!

Thanks again, Gigi, for going with us. J man, angel baby and their mama all had a great time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sugar babies

In the spirit of Texas Rangers day, we decided to bake some sugar cookies and let the big kids decorate them. I thought they would have fun rolling the dough and then baking the cookies.

I did a demo cookie roll for the kids and placed it on the baking sheet. They each were given four slices of dough to roll themselves. Now take a close look. Jackson has nicely rolled his and is even giving his mama a sweet smile. Madison is not so interested in forming a cookie ball.

No cookie balls for this girl! Notice how she was tearing the dough in two? It was preparation for it to go directly in her mouth. Forget the oven--let's just eat the dough! Gotta say, I'm with her. I'd rather eat cookie dough any day.

So proud of his sprinkle cookie.

It looks like the sprinkle cookie was a hit with the littlest cookie monster, too!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We've got spirit!

Yes we do! Today is Texas Rangers Day at Jackson & Maddie's school.

Madison came over this morning and told me she was a Rangers cheerleader.

Josh Hamilton and his number one fan.

Looks like they are ready for the big game tonight.

Let's Go Rangers!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Crystal the Frog

My son and his daddy found the cutest little frog outside this past weekend. They loved it so much that they decided it should become our new temporary pet.

They worked very hard (mostly Jared) getting a nice box put together for the little frog. They put some grass, tree branches and a little bowl of water in there.

Jackson didn't so much help with the box, but mostly because his time was spent guarding the frog and making sure it did not escape from the container. As you can see, he took his job very seriously!

When it was time, they made the transfer.

J watched his new pet for at least 20 minutes. He really wanted to be sure that the frog would not jump out.

See the frog? So tiny. Wanna guess what Jackson named it? Crystal. Yes, meet Crystal the frog.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Annual trip to Owens Farm

We mosied on over to Owens Spring Creek Farm a few days ago and really enjoyed ourselves. The look on Madison's face here describes how I felt, though, as we were approaching the farm. There were so many people there. Many, many school buses and about a bazillion cars. I have never seen it anywhere near that crowded before!

Thank goodness we didn't just turn around and go home, because we all had so much fun.

We got some cute pics on the haybales,

then the big kids got to feed the goats.

As we were leaving the animals, we ran into Miss Chloe and her parents and chatted for a sec. Then Lila woke up and it was time to go take some cute pictures in the pumpkins.

Chloe let Lila borrow her orange tutu and it was so very precious!

She got many compliments the whole time we were there.

Those baby blues get me every time.

Madison tried to show her how there were orange pumpkins inside her tutu. Pretty cool.

Jackson was pumpkin surfing, Maddie was trying to reach the sky and Lila was pretty much over having her picture taken!

Now on to the fun stuff. The kids rode the barrel ride again. This time, though, Jackson paid for both of them. It was so cute to watch as he told the tractor driver, "two tickets, for both of us."

For our final activity, we all took a hayride together. Such a fun family day and close to home. Best of both worlds.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

6 months

Since we moved this past weekend, things have been a little bit chaotic to say the least. I'm surprised I remembered to take Lila to her 6 month check-up today! First, here's a cute sibling pic in the living room of our new house. She's sitting up so well now--way to go, little girl!

We had a good visit with Dr. Betty. Lila is right on target with all her milestones and was in a great mood until the nurse brought out those two shots.

She is 28 inches tall, which is above the 99th percentile. No wonder I've had to break out the bigger sleepers.

And she weighs 16 lbs, which is between the 50-75%. I love this pic. She's as naked as a jaybird and is being so modest for the camera:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My little man

Jackson has been growing up so much lately. I'm afraid if I don't write things down I might forget them. And some things are just too cute to be forgotten. Here's a run down on the J man!

Direct Quotes:

On the phone with Uncle Scott: "I missed school today because I was running a fever. Yeah, it was just a fluke, though." What 3 year old uses the word "fluke"?

On why Madison didn't want to drink her Sprite: "Maybe she doesn't like the carbonation." Once again...carbonation?!

He went to breakfast the other morning while out running errands with his dad. I asked him which McDonald's he went to. His reply, "the one at Walnut and Garland Rd." He was right, too. I think he overheard Jared tell someone where he was. Too funny, though, that he was Mr. Mapsco.

New things he can do:

1. Go across the high monkey bars at the himself! Almost gave me heart failure, but he made it all the way.

2. Pour ketchup out onto his plate..all by himself...and here's the amazing part, not spill any of it.


He has renamed us. I am Megan and Jared is Travis. He now only refers to us by these two names. We have some friends, named Megan and Travis, but they live in Georgetown. He only sees them like twice a year! No idea why he has been doing this. It's been about a week, though. The scary thing is that I'm starting to answer to Megan!

My favorite:

Jackson has always had girlfriends at school--at least two or three in each class. He's so shy, though, that I'm not even sure he ever talked to these girls. I think he would just sit near them and admire their cuteness. Times, they are a changing, though. Last week I dropped him off at school and as I was chatting with his teacher he walked over to all the other kids. Then I saw a little blonde girl reach out, take his hand, and lead him around to the other table. He was holding hands with a girlfriend! I almost cried it was so cute. The next day he bent down to kiss Lila goodbye. By this time there were three little girls around Lila, so they all got to witness how sweet he is to his sister. It was like a single guy at the park with a puppy or a baby! After I picked up Lila, the three girls encircled Jackson and the littlest one took his hand in hers. This time it was Peyton, a different girlfriend! Mia (blondie) was right there, too. Wonder what she thought about that! His teacher just shook her head and said "they love him!" Oh my, I think we may have a little Romeo on our hands. Heaven help me.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Firewheel Carnival

Last night all the big kids (Jared, Maddie, Jackson and me) took a little trip up the road to the carnival that's set up in the Firewheel Mall parking lot. It was so much fun and the perfect way to spend a crisp, cool Friday night. When we pulled up, Maddie said, "I am so excited!"

We promptly bought some tickets and hopped on the ferris wheel. It was her first time on one and she loved it. I must admit, I was a little scared, but Madison wasn't at all.
Even though Jackson is a veteran ferris wheel rider, he was still a little apprehensive at first. Good thing he had Charlie (the class mascot sent home with him this weekend) to keep him company.

Oh yeah, and Daddo always makes him feel better, too.

After the ferris wheel, we hopped on the merry-go-round. Jackson chose to ride the giraffe, while Maddie went with the more traditional pretty pony.

Then it was over to the helicopters. Unfortnately Madison wasn't quite tall enough to ride this one, so J had to go it alone. Notice he's not alone, though. Just as we were getting him on the ride, a man asked if his granddaughter could ride with him. Guess Jackson looked friendly or maybe the little girl just thought he was cute:)

After his romantic helicopter ride, we ran over to the big slide. Jackson actually went down all by himself! Maddie and Jared came down right after and both kids declared it their favorite ride of the night. Now that's high praise.

The last ride of the night was the cars--as Jared pointed out, don't they look like they're driving Austin Powers' car?

Of course, we couldn't take Charlie to the carnival and not get some popcorn. As the kids munched on that, the hubdog and I polished off a funnel cake. And it was so delicious. Big kids like carnie food, too.

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