Friday, January 22, 2010

Hooray for Park Day!

The weather has been so amazing this week and now that Jackson is over strep throat, we finally had the chance to take advantage of it. Our playgroup met at a nearby park and we really enjoyed being outdoors.

Jackson loved climbing up and down this tunnel contraption. He really is quite the little monkey.

He also loved going down the two big slides.

And made many trips up this wall and another rock wall.

The wind made him look like a punkrocker, I think:)

After spending lots of time on the playground, we headed over to the pond.

Jackson found this big stick...which was actually the size of a small tree.

Creeping up on a turtle. All the other ones dashed back in the water, but this turtle let the boys get up close.
We had so much fun being outside and hope that the weather stays the same. We are definitely warm weather people!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thoughts by Jackson

Jackson is always cracking us up, so I thought I better start trying to remember some of the funny things he says. Here are a few.

1. "I'm old, mom--like Willie." Willie is my 99 year old great, great aunt and he tells me this every time he has to walk up the stairs!

2. "I like Carrie Underwood. I do. I reeeealllly do." So does his dad!

3. Every time we pray, he makes sure that these words are said, "No thunderstorms, no rain--just snow." Cracks me up every time.

4. And finally, since the Longhorns quarterback, Colt McCoy, got hurt during the game, this has been on his mind. "Why did that mean man from Alabama hit Colt McCoy?" I wonder the same thing, little guy.

Even though we were sad about Colt and the Horns losing, Jackson still has love for our friends in Alabama. Thanks, Betty and Ronnie for the Bama shirt:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Gigi!

Gigi's birthday is today! Since my dad bought them tickets to see a show downtown tonight, we helped her celebrate on Sunday night.

Gigi and the two munchkins.

We enjoyed some yummy cake

and the kids helped her open presents.

Then it was time to start the monkey business. First up, getting "locked up" in the wine room. They think this is so funny and love it whenever they finally "escape."

Then the main most monkey crawled into a crate and told Boom he wanted to ride around in it. Such a little goofball.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Silly goose

The other morning, Madison was just walking around our house wearing the cow visor upside down. It was a nice look!

She really acted as if everything were normal! Too funny!

Hook 'em Horns!!

Even though my beloved Longhorns lost in the National Championship, my little guy still gave me a great reason to smile. The day of the game, he ran into the room yelling "Hook 'em Horns!" and doing the horns all by himself!

I was so proud:)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A quieter way to ring in the New Year

Since baby Lila will be here in a few short months, we decided to head up to Lake Texoma to ring in the new year in a little bit calmer fashion this year. We loaded up Jackson and some of his new toys and went up there New Year's Eve. After a nice dinner at Braum's, we headed back to the house.

Jackson taking a bath and hollering for his dad to come take a picture of his "beard." I just think it's a cute picture:)

New Year's Day we started off by doing one of J's favorite things--taking a ride on the golf cart. He loves this thing! We're still working on his driving skills, though.

We drove down to the lake and checked out how nice it was.

Jackson didn't want to get too close--he was afraid we might fall in.

So he quickly ran back to the golf cart! Safety first!

This picture is essential to the next part of our day. This is exactly what the lake looked like for 99.9% of the day. Extremely calm, not a boat in sight.

However, when we got down to the dock to try out fishing for the first time, a lone boat decided to go across the lake. It made some waves come over under the dock and rock it slightly. We had NO IDEA this would spell disaster for our fishing expedition. Let me just back up for a minute. Earlier in the day Jared asked Jackson if he'd like to go fishing. Jackson smiled real big, said an enthusiastic "yes!" and we all headed off to Walmart to buy him a fishing rod. He picked it out at the store and was all excited about catching some little fish. When we got back to the house the entertainment began (for me, at least). Jared said, "Well, I guess Dad will now google 'how to fish.' He'd only done it once and that was a very long time ago.
10 minutes spent googling and reading 'How to fish'
45 minutes attaching the weights, hooks, etc. to the fishing rod
5 minutes getting dressed to go fish in 40 degree weather
3 minutes to drive down to the lake
.2 seconds for Jackson to decide that it was NOT time to fish and begin screaming "No daddy, no fishing right now!!"
Oh well, at least we got to enjoy a nice view on our way back up to the house!
Remember that lone boat I mentioned earlier? Well, right when we stepped onto the dock, it's waves began rocking it. Jackson completely flipped out and got so scared. I coaxed him into going all the way down the dock because I was certain that once he got down there he'd forget about the waves and get into fishing. These were not monsterous waves by any stretch and the dock was barely moving. No such luck! Jared was so defeated. To make matters worse, the second time he casted out the line, it got all tangled up! Oh dear.
Happy New Year!!

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