Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Some of you may remember that Jackson took a long time to start talking. We even had a speech therapist come to our house once a week for about 6 months and right after that ended he started to talk. He literally went from 9 words one week to 60 the next. After that we couldn't keep track anymore! During that frusterating 6 month time period, though, everyone liked to tell me how one day I would be wishing he would STOP talking. I would smile and nod my head in agreement, but inside I was thinking, "yeah, right--if he ever starts talking I will NEVER wish for him to stop." Well, needless to say, that day has officially come. I will now eat those words. Something I've learned children will make you do again and again.

Why, you ask? Why would I ever wish my sweet child would stop chattering so much? Well, let me give you a recap of some of our recent conversations.

Why go to Gigi's house, Mommy?
So that you can play there and I can run some errands.
Why run errands, Mommy?
Because I need to get the car inspected, buy some groceries, pick up the drycleaning--things like that. I'll be back to get you very soon, though.
Why come get me very soon?
Ah! Because I just am going to!

Here's another one. This past weekend Jared fixed our broken toilet.
Why Daddy make mess?
Because he's trying to fix the toilet and some black stuff came off the back of the toilet.
Why black stuff come off the toilet, Mommy?
Because no one ever cleans inside the toilet tank.
Why no one clean inside the toilet tank?
Because it's not necessary!

One more. We were driving by Poppy's office the other day:
Why Poppy go to work?
So that he can make some money.
Why make money?
So that he can pay for things like food, toys and his car.
We get money from machine at bank. Why Poppy not go to bank?
Daddy works so that we can have money in that machine at the bank.
Why daddy go to work, Mommy?

He really is such a little curious george and most of the time I'm happy to appease all of his questions. Sometimes, though, there's nothing wrong with a little quiet time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to...

Meme! Yesterday was our Meme's 79th birthday. We began the day by calling her and singing happy birthday. Jackson sang the whole thing and Maddie clapped for him! It was so cute. That afternoon we made her a chocolate cake. Here's Jackson enjoying some of the yummy icing.

He kept eating it and saying "really good cake, mom." I was so honored that he liked it, since he usually sticks to vanilla. We went over to my parents house for the party last night. I'm pretty sure that Jackson has a future in cleaning. The kid is really obsessed.

Instead of going outside to play, he stayed inside, up on his step-ladder and "cleaned" the walls. The rest of us went outside and enjoyed the fantastic fall weather.

The only way Meme could get a pic with J is if she came inside and stood by his ladder. Notice, the ladder has been moved to a different location. So many walls, so little time.

Today we went to another birthday celebration for my great Uncle Don. The kids were so darn cute in their outfits, we just had to take some pictures. Granted, it took about 10 shots to get this one good one, but it was so worth it.

I think I am about caked out right about now, which is hard for me to say since I have a serious love for dessert! Good thing there aren't any more birthdays this next week. Guess our trip to the State Fair will have to wait, too:)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shelley's Three-Day Walk

Calling all friends!

My mother-in-law, Shelley, has been participating in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the past few years. I believe this will be her 4th time to do it in a row. She walks 60 miles in three days and raises money for breast cancer research in order to do so. So far she is almost half-way towards the required $2400 that she needs in order to participate.
Here's the link to her fundraising page, which has all the info about the race.

If there is any way that you would be able to donate, please do so. It would be so worth it. You never know who will be affected by breast cancer. I for one am so thankful for this group--they very well may save my life some day.

This was during last year's walk--there are lots of cheering stations to go to during the three days and we like to go and cheer on Shelley and all the other walkers. It's really a cool experience to see everyone out there. There are cancer survivors (walking and cheering), and women of all ages who participate. Last year we even saw a good amount of men doing the walk, too. We are looking forward to going this year. Looks like I'll need to make a new sign, though, since Jackson decided her name should be Memaw instead of Grandma:)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hook 'em Horns!

This past weekend we took a little trip down to Austin with our friends, Hayley and Adam. Friday was Hayley's birthday, so we celebrated with some good Mexican food at Manuels and then headed down to 4th street.

Why didn't anyone tell me to do something better with my hair?! Good thing I already have a husband:) On Saturday we drove out to Fredericksburg and had so much fun exploring that town.

We did a little shopping in all of the cute boutiques and then had lunch at a great German restaurant. Jared is now in love with sausage sandwiches. I must admit, it was mighty tasty. That afternoon we drove back to Austin in time to watch UT play Texas Tech.

We somehow scored a parking pass and then made our way into Schultz's Beer Garden, along with about 100,000 other people. It really was insane. We got a table inside, which was great for two reasons. 1. Air Conditioning is our friend and 2. We got to watch it on some huge TVs

We ended our weekend with brunch at The Oasis out on Lake Travis and it could not have been more perfect. There was a nice breeze, the food was delicious and the view was spectacular as always.
Oh Austin, we miss you already.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Snaggletooth No More

Jackson finally got his new front tooth today! Hooray!

He was less than thrilled at the dentist office, but quickly recovered once we got home. It looks great!

So glad my two year old isn't snaggletooth anymore!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Must have died and gone to heaven

Seriously. This has been one of my best days in a very long time. Started out by taking the two little rascals to Mother's Day Out. Even though 90% of the kids at the school were crying, neither one of them did and I was so relieved!

After I dropped them off, I came home and got to work out and shower BY MYSELF!! It was awesome. Then I went to get a facial that was one of my birthday presents. It was pure heaven. If any of you are looking for a great spa to get a massage or facial, check out SkinDeep Medispa in Rockwall. The are magnificent. Ok, enough of promoting the spa...back to my day. I stopped by Schlotzsky's and got a turkey original sandwich and raspberry lemonade--two of my faves. Then it was back to to MDO to pick up the kids. They both got glowing reviews from their teachers. Jackson got all A's on his daily report card--ate good, napped good, played well with his friends, etc. Madison's teacher said she never cried, played well with the little kids and was the only one to lay down and go to sleep right away. I'm so proud! Way to go kiddos. The icing on the cake to my day, however, occured after we got home. Are you ready for this? I can hardly believe it. They both took a second nap! In almost a year of Jackson going to MDO that has never happened. I am still in shock. I got to do pilates and watch an ENTIRE episode of General Hospital. Something I haven't done in forever. Greatness. Pure greatness.

Labor Day

We celebrated Labor Day with Jared's parents and went over for a cookout that evening. Right after we got there, Jackson discovered the fresh watermelon and cantaloupe and went to town on it. The kid loves it!

Then we headed outside to explore the backyard. Here's Miss Madison checking out all the pretty flowers.

And here's Jackson helping his Memaw turn off the sprinkler.

Madison found this chair that was just her size. She was so happy to sit back and just relax in it...for a few seconds, anyway.

Jackson didn't want anyone calling him lazy, so he began cleaning the pool.

When he was finished with that, he started mopping the deck. Gotta earn your keep around these parts!

An added bonus to the evening was spotting a little gray cat on the fence.
Maddie's pointing at it in this pic. She later made friends with it and got to play with it for a while. It was so darn cute.
Right before our burgers were ready, Jackson had to get one more activity in--climbing this tree. He just got up there (with a little help from his daddy) looked around for a minute and then hopped down.

What a fun evening!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two cutie pies

The two kids before we went to Meet the Teacher for Mother's Day Out. I am SO excited about the fact that they start tomorrow!! Hallelujah!

Jackson posing in his daddy's boots.

He loves to run around and be a "nekid ninny." And I'm much more at ease letting him do it now that he's decided that the potty is his friend again. Yet another reason to celebrate:)

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