Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gigi and Boom's new pool

My parents are in the process of moving into a new house that's in our neck of the woods and we couldn't be more excited about it. The house is gorgeous and the pool is awesome. We got to try it out this afternoon and had so much fun. It didn't take but about two seconds after getting outside for Jackson to ask to go down the slide.

Waving to Gigi

He loved it!

Miss Madison hanging out in the kiddie pool and watching Jackson,

who was very busy practicing his swimming skills. He really is turning into quite a little fish.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Come on, cooler weather!

I'm all for summer, but I do miss our park days. In celebration of the cooler weather that occurs before 10am, we've been visiting our favorite parks. Jackson's been very good at showing Madison the ropes.

Looks like she doesn't need any help on the slides, though.

She's got those figured out and loves to do some good sliding.

Maddie did take a few lessons on how to look like a monkey. Monkey man himself was in full effect the other day.

Checking out the view from a really tall slide. He told me that he was going to go down it all by himself.

Eh...on second thought...maybe not!

Is it just me, or does Jackson look like a 4 year old in a baby swing?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shopping for Maddie

The other day we went over to play at Taylor's house and Jackson immediately fell in love with this shopping cart. Madison decided that she wanted it, too, so I encouraged them to cooperate....

by simply putting her in the cart. They thought it was so fun and I thought it was hilarious. They really are two peas in a pod:)

We love our Papaw!

My papaw came over to visit last week and got to spend time with two of his great-grandkids. I'm pretty sure they wore him out, but it was so good to see him!

Jackson was way too busy to stop for a photo-op, but Maddie was just pleased as pie to oblige us. She cracks me up when she does this expression.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You blink...

and suddenly your child is scaling a rock wall, no problem. We went to a park today that we haven't been to in a while. The last time we were there, I was going down the slides with Jackson and putting him in the baby swings.
Today, the kid ran over to this big rock wall and just started climbing.

In no time at all he was half way up...

No need to stop there--the view's much better from the top!

It's the little things

These past few days have been challenging, to say the least. Sweet Miss Madison just hasn't been herself. Those molars are such a bear. Maddie was pretty fussy before dinner was ready. Maybe it took so long because our propane ran out on the grill while I was cooking the pork I had to move them inside and fix them on the stove. Argh! Just what I wanted with two hungry kids waiting on me to get me their food.

Anyway, Maddie was upset, so Jackson pulled her highchair as close to his seat as possible. He spent the entire dinner catering to her. Feeding her bites sometimes, asking her if she was ok other times. It was so precious. I feel like I need to bottle these special memories because they really do make my heart melt.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Visiting Aunt Willie

Jackson and I have been visiting my Great Great Aunt Willie as often as we can. We really enjoy our time with her and it's so cute to see him interact with an older person. Seriously, they have entire conversations--for Jackson to do that with anyone is a big feat...let alone someone 97 years older than him!

Willie is 99 years old and I told her that I'm ready to send in her stuff to Willard Scott on the Today Show for when she turns 100 in March. She's such a neat lady and is still as sharp as a tack.

Most of the time, we bring Willie a vanilla milkshake from Braum's. Today, though, we decided that Miss Madison was treat enough. She wasn't quite sure what to make of Willie when we first got there...

but quickly warmed up to her and even began sharing her cherrios. Willie had to be quick, though, because a certain little rascal would try and intercept them for himself! It was pretty funny. Jackson would grab the cheerio and Willie would call him an Indian Giver!

He thought that was hilarious, so they played the game for a good while. We're looking forward to more visits and milkshakes in the future.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Girlie Afternoon

Yesterday Madison and I had our first playdate with my friend Lindsey and her little girl Chloe. Jackson was out with his Memaw at Peter Piper Pizza, so don't feel too sorry for him that he missed out on anything! The girls got along really well and we enjoyed our visit so much.

They met over at the discovery table and quickly became fast friends.

Lindsey has a really nice camera, so she just snapped away at these two little darlings.

Maddie was so sweet to Chloe--she even fed her cheerios! Nevermind the fact that they belonged to Chloe in the first place:) It was still nice.

I love Cheerios!

After snack time in the living room, the girls moved on to Chloe's room. They had fun checking out all her toys, baby dolls and books, but also really liked this cool chair.
Thanks again for the invite. We can't wait to do it again.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Uncle Scott's Graduation

We went back to our old stompin' grounds this past weekend to see Scott graduate from Texas Tech. It was such a fun weekend with the fam and really sentimental for me. I really do like that town!

The Blues Brothers going into the United Spirit Arena.

We convinced "John" to take off his sunglasses for an attempted family photo. Would have been great except for the funny face he decided to make.

Jackson wasn't really into graduation (hard to believe, I know) so this is how he spent most of those 3 hours. I think Jared was trying to talk him into NOT climbing over this rail!

Lyndsie and Scott -- Jackson really likes Lyndsie and keeps talking about her and picking her out in pictures.

The Hays Fam

Cool Man Hays with his Uncle Scott

"I graduated too, mom!"

Celebration dinner at the 50 Yard Line

Being a goofball with Uncle Andrew. He has such a good time with both of his uncles. They are so great with him--what a lucky little guy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Times

This week we have seen lots of friends and really enjoyed our time with them. First, we got together with my high school friend Marcy and her two kids.

They live in Virginia now and were in town visiting for the week. We went to Peter Piper Pizza, had some good food and fun playing all the games.

Will and Jackson driving the ice cream truck

Miss Aubrey posing sweetly for the camera

Maddie and Aubrey on the Merry-Go-Round. I think Madison went for about 6 times on this ride. Definitely her fave.
Today Taylor, Presley and Teagan came over to hang out and play with us.

The three girlies up in the playroom.
Thanks, Marcy and Taylor for such fun times this week.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Neighborhood Night Out

Last night our neighborhood threw a little get-together in the cul-de-sac down the street. We rode on down there in our double stroller and the kids really enjoyed all the cool things. First up was the ambulance.

Both Madison and Jackson took a little tour inside it.

Unfortunately, both it and the fire truck had to leave b/c they got a call.

We hustled over to the fire truck to snap this quick pic. Jackson was way too intrigued by all the lights to turn around and look at the camera.

Then we walked on over to the police car and J got to hop inside it, too. Hopefully this is the only time he'll ever be the in back seat of a police car!

After that, it was on to the bounce house. To our surprise, Maddie wanted to hop in there, too. We waited until most of the kids got out and then let her loose. She had so much fun, she didn't want to come out!
All in all, a fun neighborly night, even if it was still 95 degrees.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gettin' into the swing of things

This past weekend, Miss Madison moved in with us. We are all so delighted to have her here! She and Jackson get along well, for the most part, and she's such a sweet little girl.

Showing off her dance moves

Playing with Jared after church

I tried my hardest to get these two to both look at the camera this morning and this is the best I got! Seems that photographing two kids is a bit more challenging.

Jackson saying "hold mine hand, Maddie." It's pretty obvious her answer was no:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Greatest Show On Earth

Yesterday was one of those days where you catch yourself thinking, "Hey, it's really fun to be a parent!" We took Jackson to the Circus and had such a fun family day. It's at the American Airlines Center thru next weekend and I highly recommend going. You and your kids would have a fantastic time.

I think it's the closest Jackson's gonna get to a Vegas style show for quite a while. He was so excited about it.

Right after we got there, we did three things.
1. Let Jackson have his picture taken on an elephant

2. Let him pick out a souvenir
3. Bought some cotton candy and refreshments

His face right when the Circus started. He really was awestruck.

Opening parade--there were so many performers! Some crazy things included in the act were...

goats riding on small ponies...

and 7 dirt bike riders all riding inside this steel cage AT THE SAME TIME. I was convinced that they were going to crash. Thank goodness they did not:)

During intermission Daddo got us some hot dogs and popcorn. Jackson shunned the hot dog and instead proceeded to eat at least 1/2 of this container! No joke. All the kid ate that day for lunch was goldfish and popcorn. Then it was time for more performances.

First up were the big cats.

Then the trapeze artists...

and finally it was time for the elephants. Jackson had been waiting to see them the whole show. This is his pose when I told him to stand there and take a picture with the elephants. I'm pretty sure it means, "hey mom, I really wanna just watch the show."

What impressed us the most about these huge beasts (by the way, they weigh between 10,000 and 12,000 pounds...I had no idea!) was that the one in the center did a handstand. Check it out!

Right after the elephants were done, they started bringing out everyone for the finale.

And Jackson wasn't awake to see it!

Guess he just had too much Circus!

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