Tuesday, June 30, 2009


While Jared and I were eating dinner together tonight, Jackson decided to spice up his outfit. First he got his cowboy boots out of the closet, then he found his cow visor, and last he fished out his Elton John glasses and put them on, too.
One thing's for sure...there is never a dull moment when the J man is in the house:)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wild Walrus Wednesday

Yesterday Jackson and I headed on over to Gigi's house for some fun in the sun. Papaw, Sharron and Andi all came to visit, too, and we had a great afternoon in the pool.
Mom got some super-cool water toys for the summer. Here they are playing with the water-soaker...one of Jackson's faves:)

She also got two cool new floats. Here's Papaw hanging out on the gecko.

The gecko finally had enough of that, though, and threw him off!

Then it was time to try out the walrus. This really was a wild walrus. Not sure how anyone is supposed to ride him in the water! Jackson gave it a go, but didn't last for long without Gigi holding him up.

Then I decided to hop on.

Pretty sure I lasted about 4 seconds!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesdays with Memaw

Every Tuesday Jackson and his Memaw have a standing lunch date. They began this tradition by going to Bible Study Fellowship at church. Since that only runs during the school year, though, they wanted to continue their weekly get-togethers.

When they used to go to BSF, Memaw would pick up Jackson at 8:15am, take him to church and then to lunch afterwards. They'd always meet Poppy at Sali's for some yummy pizza since Jackson is such a big fan of it.

They've kept the pizza theme going this summer, but moved the venue to Peter Piper Pizza. I think everyone has a great time...especially Jackson:) He gets to eat good pizza and drink a sprite....

and then enjoy playing all the cool games.

What a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

On days like today I feel so blessed. I am such a lucky girl. I have a great dad, am married to a wonderful husband who is a fantastic dad to our son and have a super father-in-law who dotes on the J man. Today we got to spend Father's Day with all of the above and more.

We began the day by giving "Dadd-O" (Jackson's nickname for Jared) his presents.

What a sweet card:)

After breakfast we were off to church. Uncle Andrew was in town and went with us. He's attempting to wrangle the rascal in this pic. Pretty sure Jackson won that round.

After church both families came over for some tasty BBQ.

We wolfed that down just so we could get to the really good stuff:)

Then it was time to hit the pool. Poppy and Jackson enjoying the water.

The whole gang...notice how Jackson is the only one refusing to look at the camera. He really is getting a wild streak and right now that involves avoiding the camera like it's the plague.

Oh well! Guess candid shots like this will have to work for now.

The Hays men chillin' in the pool.

Me and my dad. You know, everyone has ALWAYS said that I look just like my mom and I definitely see it. But I really think that I favor my dad a whole lot in this picture.
Pretty solid gig you got there, Dadd-O.
What a fun day! Hope all of you had a good one, too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Boom!

Today was Boom Pa's birthday and we celebrated with the fam at our house tonight.

Madison and Jackson helped make Boom's birthday really fun:)

After dinner Jackson started hollering "Cake! Blow out candles!!" The kid loves him some good birthday cake.

He also was a big fan of ice cream tonight. He didn't eat much dinner and I think it was because he wanted to save room for all that yummy dessert. He started out in Boom's lap and got him to share his cake and ice cream.

Then he moved over to Gigi's lap and started in on her food.

Then the little weasel noticed that I still had some left and came over to eat the rest of mine! He probably had more dessert than any of the adults...which is probably why it's 11:45 and he's STILL not asleep. Oh well, guess we learned that lesson the hard way. It was really good cake, though:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Milk, Please!

Jackson has always liked milk, but he has now become slightly obsessed with it. He had two full glasses this morning, a little before his snack and is now working on an other glass. In fact, his first words when I went up to get him after his nap were "more milk, please!"

I have to say, I attribute Jackson's new love for milk to his daddy. When I asked him why he wanted so much milk today, he said "make Jax strong!" Jared told him this a few days ago and I guess it really stuck with the little guy. Nevermind the fact that I tell him all the time that milk is very good for him...oh well, guess he just thinks that Father knows best:) I'm just glad he likes something other than apple juice today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fiesta time!

Last night Jackson and went went to a birthday party for two friends of mine. Since both of them are expectant mamas-to-be, they wanted to have a party with little kids around. Now they know what they're in for!

All the girls

Mr. Blue Eyes

Hanging out in the backyard with all the kids

That blue cupcake sure was good!
Happy Birthday April and Kelly!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My child, the 6 year old

No, I did not have a child 6 years ago...mine just looks like he could be in the first grade now. Our sweet little boy had to get one of his front teeth pulled yesterday and it was so sad. He had cracked it a few months ago and this past weekend the crack split all the way to the gum.

Here's our little man right after we got back from the dentist. He had some laughing gas, which is why he looks so out of it. Poor Jackson...it was a rough morning.
Didn't take long to perk back up, though, and soon he was in his bathroom admiring his new "first grade" smile.

The day got better when Gigi came over for a visit. She brought some cool books about going to the dentist.

Then we all headed off to Braum's for some much-deserved ice cream:)

Feeding Gigi a very big bite!

Loving him some "white" ice cream.

Playing with his new Handy Manny toolbelt that he picked out at Target. Glad to report he's back to his little rascally self and doing much better today.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Swimming Success!

Today was a big day in the life of Jackson Hays. It was his first introduction to floaties. So, without further adieu...check out how much more fun the pool just got for this little guy.

He can hang out and chat with me...

swim on out to the middle of the pool...

the smile really says it all...he was so happy about this new-found freedom!

He got so brave, he even swam all the way across the pool to the little waterfall steps. I was so proud!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wild Weekend

Jackson was all smiles when he arrived at the "party" on Saturday night. He had spent a fun-filled day with his daddy, but was ready to hang out with the gang. He even wore his new party shirt. Jared said that he insisted on putting on his red hawaiian shirt--I love it!

Jackson got to meet JP for the first time and really had fun scoping out all of his new cool toys. This bulldozer was a fave for a while...

Then it was time to move over to the conference table and do some light reading. Jackson's "reading" to JP here and showing him the pages.

JP decided he could hang with the big boy and picked up a book himself:)

These two dudes weren't still for long, though, and soon had talked JP's mommy into taking them on a ride. They saw all kinds of wildlife on their neighborhood safari.
Since it was such a pretty day on Sunday, we decided to continue our time outdoors and invited the fam over to go swimming.

The water was a little cool to begin with, but then it felt AWESOME!

Madison did great--she even went under 4 times and never cried one tear...we're hoping that Jackson takes some pointers from her!

I was so excited, though, b/c Jackson actually went swimming! Last year we could not keep him in the water--he was much more content to just play with the water hose. Here he is taking a jump off the spa.

"Wow! This really is fun, mom! Way better than that water hose."


After all that jumping, this little guy was ready to take it easy. He took in some rays in his turtle float and enjoyed the Sunday afternoon. Ahhh, how nice. Can't wait to do it again.

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