Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where's Jackson?

One of Jackson's all-time favorite games has made a come-back in the last few days. He loves, loves, loves to play 'Where's Jackson?' Every night this week as I cook dinner, Jackson hides in the pantry and waits patiently for me to start saying "where is Jackson? I don't see him anywhere--where could he be?" After about 30 seconds of this he will pop out of the pantry and holler with the biggest grin on his face. So funny to me. This was him on Sunday after a fun time in the pool. He was lounging with his daddy...

and then all of a sudden he just 'disappeared.' I wonder, where did Jackson go?

There he is! Notice how happy he is with himself for surprising us:)

Later that evening during his bathtime he discovered that the shower curtain is a great tool to use in this game. Now, where is that crazy little guy?

Ah! There he is!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hawaiian Falls, take 2

Success!! We went to Hawaiian Falls a few weeks ago and Jackson was not a fan, to say the least. We decided to give it one more try today and I'm so glad we did. Here's a shot of the kiddie play area.

Notice the huge bucket at the top of this structure. It fills up with water and then dumps out all over the place with an enormous force. A scary run-in with this contraption is the main reason Jackson did not like Hawaiian Falls last time. Now that we (i.e. me) are experienced with this, we had much more success in avoiding the sudden downpours.

Jackson and Presley ready to head off to the pool.

Me, Presley and Jackson sliding down the big slide. Jackson LOVED doing this and would squeal with delight right after we got finished.

Hands up, hollering...I think he was telling everyone how much fun he just had on the slide!

C'mon, mom! Let's slide again!! We did the slide many, many times:)

Us with The Pointer girls and Carole and Hunter. Notice baby Teagan has a bucket over her head. She actually fell asleep with it on her head and still had a tight grip on it! Too funny.

Jackson had so much fun and ran around so much that this was him BEFORE I even got in the car to drive us home. Now that's tired. Thanks for the invite, Carole--we'll have to go again soon!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Swim time with Cason

Today Jackson had a very fun playdate with Cason. Amanda (Cason's mom) is one of my very best friends and is in town for a few days, so we decided to get the boys together. They are almost a year apart so it was really fun for me to see what all Jackson will probably be doing by the time he turns 2. They started playing outside of the water...

but quickly decided that the action was much closer to the pool. For a while, Jackson played with his favorite thing, the water hose, but eventually let loose and joined the rest of us in the water.

After watching Cason swim like a little fish all over our pool, Jackson finally decided to brave the waters himself! He loved it and so did I. Hooray for Jackson!

Cason swam on out to hang with Jackson and the duck.

This is the closest we got to both kiddos looking at the camera--they are busy little bees to say to the least! We can't wait until we get to see Amanda and Cason again--thanks y'all for such a fun day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July weekend

Happy 4th of July! We had such a great weekend. Here's a little recap. It all started on Friday morning when our good friends, Mike and Stephanie, came in town from El Paso. We hadn't seen them in a year and a half, so it was really exciting!! After brunch at Breadwinners, we came home and got in the pool. That evening, some friends came over and helped celebrate the 4th of July.

Me and Stephanie during the pool party

Guys' group shot--John, Scott, Jared, Andrew, Jeremy and Nick
I would have posted a girls pic, but it came out all blurry:(
The next morning, we all drove up to my parents lake house.

Jackson working on his driving skills--he took us down to the lake, with a little assistance from his daddy

Jackson playing with a rope in the water

Us with "Uncle Mike"and "Aunt Steph"

Jackson had no use for Madison's little car until she got in it. Then he decided he needed to take it for a spin...even if was was hot pink.

My fam hanging out on the beach. We had a covered area with chairs and a blanket for the kids. It really was the perfect set-up and fun for all. Thanks mom and dad for such a great weekend at the lake!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catchin' some rays

Yesterday Colleen and Madison came over to visit. We went swimming and enjoyed being outside for an hour or so and really had a great time. Of course, Jackson still prefers to be out of the pool and would rather play with the water hose.

I convinced him to at least wear this swim suit just in case he got a wild notion to leap off into the pool.
Since Jackson wasn't enjoying his new "ride," we decided to let Madison go for a spin. It was perfect for her! She got to relax and have her feet in the water and be completely in the shade. She was lovin' life for about a half hour in the float:)

Every now and then Jackson would notice how much fun Madison was having and decide to get in the pool.

Here he is swimming next to Miss Madison..this lasted for maybe 4 seconds!

Colleen and Madison enjoying the pool.

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