Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Winstar Weekend

 For Christmas this year, my parents gave us great seats to Brad Paisley's concert at Winstar Casino.  Such a fun gift!  We had not spent a night away since last June when we went to Oregon for a wedding.  It's just so hard to get away!  We had the tickets, though, so we had to do it.  Some of our best friends got tickets at the last minute, so they met us there.  Bonus!
We had a nice dinner at The Grill...

then walked through the casino and up to the front of the concert.
A few minutes later, Brad was on the stage!

Singing a duet with Alabama--I just loved every minute of the show.

March 24, 2017.  Such a great night!
Brad played for two hours and we enjoyed the entire show.
After the concert was over, we hit up the casino. Bring on the Blackjack!

It may not have been Vegas, but it was still such an entertaining night.
I got to hang out with this guy all night, too!

We didn't make it back in time for Lila's game at 9:30 the next morning, but they still pulled off a win against the only other undefeated team.  This little girl has been on fire lately!
Last week she scored three goals!

We did make it home in time to see Madison play with Texas Spirit, though.  She's such a competitor.  I just love watching her play.  And I love that new glittery headband, too!

Monday, March 27, 2017

You're All My Favorite

 This kid went to the symphony with his fourth grade class last week.  It was a fantastic reason to dress nicely!  It's the first time he's ever worn a tie to school and I just loved it!  
When did my first baby bear get so big, though?

Although he despised shopping for and trying on ("Do we have to, Mom?") these new clothes, he was so proud to wear them to school.  It was really cool watching him leave for school, his head held high, feeling all grown up.

My second baby bear is a nurturer by nature.  When Baby JP came to hang out last weekend, she loved every second of being his babysitter.  She's such a precious, sweet soul.

My third baby bear is the entertainer, for sure!  It might be a chilly night by the fire, but she will be rocking her fancy bikini and performing her songs.

As our children grow up, it's so fascinating to see the little people that they are becoming.  They are all very different and have such special qualities that make them unique.

They are all fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139 13-14

I am grateful beyond measure.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Angel

Opening Day!
Softball is Lila's third sport.  We just started practicing a few months ago when Reagan's dad asked if she would like to play on his team.  First time to use a glove to catch a ball, first time to bat, first time to field ground balls.

These girls have grown up at the ball fields, but it was always to watch big brother.  Last night was Lila's turn to be on the baseball diamond.  Everyone wore their red, black and white.  We were just a tad bit excited!  The cuteness that is this kid in her red visor is almost too much for me.

Our team is so official, too!  Banner hanging on the dugout and almost 100% of parents in their Angels shirts.  Drifit, nonetheless!  I like it already.
We met Reagan a year ago when a friend told me she might be interested in soccer.  We have loved having her on the Bees.  The girls both played basketball this winter and now they are playing softball, too.  Reagan's brother is the same age as Jackson and also plays competitive baseball, so she's been around it just as long as Lila.  These girls have so much fire and drive to excel--love it!

My #12 was really nervous all day long.
We made sure to get there early so she had plenty of time to warm-up. 

The girls did some hitting drills, then played catch in the outfield.

They were the first team up to bat, so they got their batting helmets on even before the game began!

This girl played hard!  She played 2nd base, 3rd base and right center field.  Her best play was actually when she was in center.  The ball was hit to the short stop, who fielded it and looked to make the throw to second base.  No second baseman was in sight though. Oops.  Lila saw that someone needed to make the play, so she ran towards the base and made the catch!
I was SO PROUD!  That's my girl, y'all.

The Angels ended up losing 6-3, which was much better than we expected!
The team they played was all 8 year-olds and huge!  We can't wait for the next game.

We finished at 7:30, ran into Whataburger and scarfed it down.  Jackson changed in the truck and we were off to his flag football game at 8:30.  This kid was on fire, too!  I'm so happy that I chose to keep the girls out late.  I would have been so sad to miss his game.  He played great at quarterback, made some impressive receptions as a receiver, AND made two interceptions, one of which he ran all the way back for a touchdown!  The Cowboys won 45-26.  I think 12 must be their lucky number!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Last Day in God's Country

Our last full day on the slopes was amazing.  The sun was out and it was the perfect day for Jackson to wear the Go Pro on his helmet to film everything.
I really enjoyed skiing with this kid this year. 

Our entire ski crew did so well.  By the final day, we were easily skiing blues and they had no problems at all keeping up.

We enjoyed it all, from looking around at the gorgeous trees while riding the lifts...
to skiing down exciting runs like this one.

We spent a lot of time on Tomahawk and One O'Clock.  Just look at that view!

It really is the most entertaining vacation, for all three generations.

And I got to spend a week with this guy--always fun!

Go Lila Lou!

Get it, Maddie Mae!

Sweet stop, Daddo.

We rode the Gondola a few more times.
These girls couldn't get enough of the slopes.

How is it almost time to go home?!

After a quick break for lunch, this little lady decided it was time for her to ski for real.
We put the harness on her and away she went!  Slowly at first...

but then she started picking up speed.
She hollered, "this is so FUN!" as we went down the mountain.
It's one of my favorite memories of the entire week.

We made it all the way down the mountain and she only tipped over three or four times.  Such a great experience for her.  When the big kids and Boom Pa skied over to say hi, she pointed up at the mountain and told them, "I skied that mountain!"
Since our little ski bunny was content with her time on the mountain, the rest of us got to go back up for a few more runs.  It was so bittersweet--we just love zooming down so fast and having a fantastic time together, but we knew it was quickly coming to an end.

The lifts all start to close by 3:45 or 4:00, so we made sure we were back at our condo by then.  The small lift that services Little Rodeo, though, doesn't close until 4:30.  The three amigos begged us to let them do it "just done more time!"  How could we say no?  They made it down the first run, doing some sweet jumps and the halfpipe.  Lila came in, but Maddie and Jackson kept going.  Maddie came in after the next run, but J did not.  She told me, "I sure hope that Jackson makes it on that lift before it closes, because when I got on it last time, there were only 53 seconds left."  Sure enough, Gigi spotted Jackson from the balcony a few minutes later.  This time he wasn't on his skis though.  Those were over his shoulder.  And he was hiking back up the mountain.  He had missed the last lift!  I met him halfway and carried his skis back up for him--poor kid was huffing and puffing like crazy.  And that's how we ended things.  Last people to ski on the mountain!

Until we meet again, Steamboat!  Stay cool.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Let's Ski All Day!

After our super-cold Monday, then non-skiing Tuesday, we were really ready to hit the slopes on Wednesday.  We began our day by taking the Gondola up to the top so that we could have some professional pictures taken of all eight of us.

Everyone enjoyed the ride to the top!

Cami felt like such a big girl getting to do this with Maddie and Lila.

When we arrived at the top, we immediately found a guy to take our photos.  Keep in mind, there had been much preparation for these treasured pictures.  Showers were taken that morning, hair was styled, a backpack was taken to ensure we had cute toboggans for all kids...you get my drift.  Well, even the best laid plans can be foiled by a three year old!  Cameron Nicole would have none of a random stranger taking her picture.  Every single one of our group includes the back of her head.  Argh!  Imagine my surprise, then, when I asked the big kids to pose for a few pictures with my good camera, and she came running over to us saying, "I want to be in the picture, too!"

"What's that?  I thought you were anti-camera this morning."  "Well, that's just because I didn't want him taking my picture," said the little rascal.  Ah.  I see!
Turns our she wasn't anti-group photos after all!  This might be my favorite photo of the entire week.  All 6 of these people are so very happy.  Love it.

She was even down for different group photos, and let both Gigi and Boom take turns snapping pics of us.

Who loves the snow?  This little snow bunny!

My sweet mama is just a natural beauty.  Dad, you did good, snagging her all those years ago!

We all got ready to head down the slopes and began saying goodbye to Gigi and Cami.

But first, Cami needed to ski with dad for a minute.

As we went down the mountain on skis, Cami and Gigi took the Gondola back to the bottom, where they found this enormous polar bear!
This was probably my very favorite ski day of the trip.  The sun was out and it was gorgeous!

We usually split up, three and three, on the lifts.  I got the pleasure of riding up with my girls most of the time.  

Our ski team did so well staying together.  

Little Lila was able to keep up most of the time, and loved racing her big brother.
We were having so much fun that we didn't even go back to the condo for lunch.  We ate on the mountain and then got right back out there.  Jackson was in charge of mapping out our afternoon destinations.
He took us up to the top of Sundown Express and the view was magnificent.
Jared even declared it his best day of skiing ever.  Ever!

We skiied the top half of the mountain a lot and then came down to the terrain parks by our condo.  We hit up the half pipe...

where all three kids zoomed ahead of me on their way to the bottom.

Then we went back up and found another terrain park that was full of tee-pees and small structures that we could ski through.

J zipped through a tee-pee and then right through the General Store.

We ran this terrain park at least 5 times and the kids loved every second.

By 4:00 that afternoon we were beat.  Happy tired--the best kind of tired.

Only one more day left!

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