Friday, November 22, 2019

Fabulous Fall

Fall might very well be my favorite season.  Too bad it only lasts for about a week in Texas!  
We tried so hard to soak up the fall, even if it was for a short time.

Playdates at the park are especially sweet with this little 1 year old.


They bring so many smiles when we get to meet up with old friends from Pre-K.

Family Fit Night is a hit, especially when you start it off with some shaved ice fromn Bahama Bucks.

These girls played basketball, volleyball, tetherball and then showed off their impressive hoola-hoop skills.  Jackson and Madison played soccer the whole time:)

I volunteered for Kinder a bunch in October.  I just love seeing Cami and getting 10 big hugs each time I come to school. She gives great hugs.

We celebrated Uncle Scott's birthday at their beautiful new home in Wylie.

The girls had crazy hair day at school.

On the last day of October I volunteered in the Art Center.  It was a free-project day, so I helped them create some Halloween art.  Love these girls!

Next up, Halloween night!


Wow!  Words cannot adequately describe Jackson's first season of tackle football.  It was a time of many firsts, in fact.  First time playing a school sport.  First time having to wake up super early for practice every day of the week.  First time having school coaches, who mean business!  First time having a Mom and Dad (and probably grandmas, too) praying hard for Jackson's safety out on that field.

We ordered shirts, but when they weren't available in youth sizes, I had these made for these two football sisters.  Their shirts said "Jackson's sister" on the back.  Love it.
Every game day the boys were required to dress up.  Greatness!  Another thing I love about school sports at MMS.  The coaches are trying to teach them to carry themselves with confidence and respect.  You know what's funny?  I think a lot of the boys even liked getting spiffy every week.

Every week, this kid's confidence grew a little more.

I loved cheering for my favorite quarterback!

Reagan, Cami and Lila, did too!

I also enjoyed helping out the team with the end-of-season breakfast.

Sandy did so great with the decorations!  They even had donut hole centerpieces!

These boys loved their feast!

Throughout the season, Jackson had many fans come cheer him on, including Mason, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Maria.  He's always so appreciative of the support.
Boom Pa was most definitely one of J's biggest supporters.  He tried to teach little Mason a bit about what it takes to be a good QB:)

Cami always had friends wherever she went, too!  

We began the season with 100 degree temps.  The weather began changing quickly, though, and games 4 and 5 were chilly.  Actually, perfect hoodie weather.  The last game was a mess--rain and so cold!


OMG, it was so cold!  Despite the awful weather, Memaw, Poppi, Gigi, Boom, Madison, Uncle Scott, Connor, Sofia, Angie, Olivia, Melissa, Emery and Stephanie all came to see Jackson and the Mavericks play.

This kid still managed to throw a few touchdown passes and ended the night with a big grin and a big WIN!

His new girlfriend, Sofia, was proud of him, I'm sure:)

The Murphy Mavs ended their season undefeated!  I'd say that's one for the books.

Goooooo Team!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Reasons to Smile

We are always on the go, but are trying to be more intentional about time spent at home.

We all loved it when Mason and his mommy came over to visit one Saturday afternoon. 
He's got such a contagious smile!

And when the first cold night of the year hit, you can sure betcha that we made a fire, got out our toboggans, made some hot apple cider, turned on College football...

and enjoyed a little show by our newest guitar-playing family member!  Such a great night!

Lila went to Madi's birthday party the next night...

and was all smiles there, as well. She just loves time with her girls so much.

That same weekend it was fall break for the kids.  Cami loves slime a lot.  A whole lot.  I finally broke down and bought a giant container of glue and let both girls go to town with their slime factory.  I only had a few rules--they had to be in the garage, and had to use newspaper.

Turns out, if you give kids some bowls, tupperware, giant glue, some laundry detergent and a little food coloring, they'll be SO entertained for hours!

And "Fun Mom" didn't stop there.  Next activity was pumpkin painting!  Who am I?!  Even Jackson got in on the action and painted himself a little pumpkin, too.

The next day we were still out for fall break.  It was such a nice day that we decided to spend some time at the park.  These three monkeys loved it!

Monkey bars bring big monkey smiles.

And once again, Fun Mom was all about new letting her children climb trees!  Oh my!

Lila went first and Jackson quickly followed suit. 
They just needed a little boost from me to get up in that tree.

It wasn't long before the littlest monkey started begging to do the same, so up she went, too!

Thank goodness we escaped with no broken arms or legs!  I was definitely scared when Jackson started going much higher, but he was in hog heaven.

Slime making, pumpkin painting and tree climbing. 
You know, I sorta like Fun Mom, and I know my kids do, too!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Life's More Fun with Friends

It's a fact--you simply have more fun when you've got great people around you!  Our kids are blessed with the best.

Fabulous birthday parties, like this one for Siena...

where Cami learned that she could scale the wall just like the big kids!

Guess what?  She made it all the way to the top!  Two thumbs up, kiddo.

Next, she tackled the ropes course like a pro.  Never even got nervous...amazing!

Life's more fun when your friend invites you to their family birthday dinner.  I just love these two.

Your sister's soccer games are more fun when you get to play with slime and be silly with other little sisters, like Evelyn.

Football games are more fun when old friends come to watch you play.

School field trips are better when your best friend gets put in your group.

Friday Night Lights are better when you and your teammates get to be on the field with the Varsity!

Lunch with your mom is more fun when Allie and Nathan's moms join you.  Party of 6!

And your first year of being a Daisy is definitely more fun when two of your best friends are in there, and also when you've got two awesome moms to be your leaders.

Learning the Girl Scout Pledge...

and handshake. 

This little girl is game for anything...sports, dance, running club, daisies, she says "yes!" to all. 

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