Saturday, May 26, 2018

Disney Jr. Dance Party!

Cami has now been to her very first concert.  When I heard that the Disney Jr. dance party was coming to town, I knew it would be the perfect Mommy/Daughter event. Jenny and Dylan bought seats a few days after us, so they were a few rows behind...

but Mallory and her mama were right next to us.  Good thing, because these two girls were on fire with all of their dancing!

What's a concert without a sweet treat?  

The show opened with two DJ's, who were quickly followed by Mickey and Goofy.  Princess Sofia arrived shortly thereafter...

along with so many other characters.

This girl danced and sang the entire 90 minutes!  I loved every second that I spent watching her.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer and more!

Cami wasn't the only one trying a new sport this season.  Madison was asked to play volleyball with some of the 5th grade girls from Jackson's school, and she readily accepted.

I love that she is willing to try something new and give it her all.  

We love watching the Volley Girls play!

When Madison isn't playing soccer, volleyball or singing in the honor choir, she's the assistant coach for this kid.

The Superheroes had their last game of the season and everyone was hopeful that they could get a win.  They were all about running during warm-ups...

and sat on their bench when it was their teammates turn to be on the field.

The score was close for a little bit and then my favorite player got in the game.

She tried her best and hustled to the ball, but no goals were to be had.
Somehow this kid or another one in a light blue jersey always managed to take the ball away from our little Superheroes!

That's OK, though. 
Their sweet teacher, Mrs. Abernathy, came to cheer them on and that made everyone smile.

And they got their trophies, too!!!

This girl could not have been any happier if she tried.  Her team may not have won any games, but they had the cutest uniforms and the best coaches! 

And they really had fun, too.

Gooooooo Superheroes!

Cameron was on cloud 9 after we left the game.  She has every intention of playing soccer again next season and learning to score some goals.  I have a feeling she's going to be a force. 
Great job, baby girl.  You rock!

How 'bout them Cowboys?!

Jackson's flag football team did it again.  
They played up against 6th graders and still came out on top.

So many people showed up to cheer them on.  Lots of our family was there, as well as Jackson's baseball coach, his wife and J's teammate, Gage.  Very cool.

The game was pretty intense, but the Cowboys ended up winning by a touchdown.

These boys came home with the big trophy and lots of bragging rights.  Not only did they hang with the big boys, they beat them, too!

When we're not sporting it up...

we do other entertaining things!  A few weeks ago we went to Fort Worth to see Beauty and the Beast.  I was so excited!

We had originally bought tickets for Madison's birthday, but she ended up having a soccer game and wasn't able to make it.  We brought Brooklynn in her place and told her how cool the Casa Manana theatre is.

We arrived with a few minutes to spare, got our playbills and took our seats.

The show was fantastic!

Bravo! Bravo!

The next morning, it was time to kick off Teacher Appreciation week at Cami's preschool.  I was in charge of it this year and tried my best to make it a special week for the staff.
We did an emoji carnival theme with a fun menu for the week.

Some of my favorites were these twinkies that looked like corny dogs!

The popcorn bar was super cute and matched our decor just perfectly.  On each dot on the bulletin board were quotes about teachers from all of the students.  Cami's said, "I love Mrs. Abernathy and I want her to be my teacher forever!"

We had emoji cookies with the Cafe Max lunch.  
They weren't made by my favorite baker, but they were still nice!

We provided lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday...
and every day they had quite the spread!

We did breakfast on Thursday and served croissant sausage rolls, emoji donuts and egg casserole.  Yum!

My main-most little helper was so pleased that she earned herself a donut.
We ended the week with a fajita buffet...

and emoji cupcakes.

And each staff member was given a monogrammed tote bag, tumbler and personalized stationary.
My favorite gifts, though, were our raffle prizes--$50 gift card to Cheesecake Factory, $50 gift card to Starbucks, 2 gift certificates to Make Your Mark sign-painting studio, and 2 Kendra Scott gifts!  The two teachers that won the Kendra Scott necklaces and earrings were so excited--one even cried!

During that same week, we got a surprise visit from Baby Connor and his parents.  Lila got to feed him a bottle...

and we all took turns holding him.  It's uncanny how much he favors Jackson from this angle!

Next up, more sports!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Super Mav with the Superheroes

 As if the Superheroes weren't already cute enough, 
they for sure were when their new mascot arrived on the scene!  Introducing Super Mav!
A girl and her pup, ready to score some goals.
Super Mav was on his very best behavior.  He assumed his position on the sidelines, making sure to sit right in front of his team's bench.

And he gave out last minute hugs to any kids feeling anxious about the game.

#12 played so well!  She kicked the ball in many times...

dribbled it down the field...

tried her best to score...

but this pesky green team was always in the way!
Good game, good game, good game.

Our team didn't win, but they still had fun.  Goooooo Superheroes!

Monday, May 21, 2018

My baby girl

Our baby is growing up so fast!  I'm trying so hard to soak it all in before she goes to Kindergarten.  That'll happen before I turn around, though.

She's old enough to have spontaneous trips to Sonic after shopping with a friend.

Old enough to be the one holding the newest member of the Hays family...

and looks so grown-up doing it!

Out of all the kids, she takes care of Maverick the best.  She's always talking with him, cuddling him, and giving him more food and water.

And definitely old enough to have a mind of her own and know exactly who she likes hanging out with the most--Miss Mallory!

I am loving my days with Cami more and more.  She is just the best and I hope she always keeps her spunk.  I simply adore this little girl.

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