Friday, September 20, 2019

Labor Day

We spent the majority of Labor Day Weekend at a soccer tournament in Dallas.  By noon on Monday it was all over, though, and we were able to accept an invitation to a Hays Family cookout.

The kids enjoyed playing volleyball in the shade...

and even tried to get Connor into the game!

Very soon, though, the pool started calling their name.

We enjoyed visiting with Aunt Bina...

seeing this little cutie eat some scrumptious watermelon...

and watching Cami soar through the air!

A rare night with all the cute little cousins.

Lila got to hang out with Uncle Andrew and was so appreciative of his protection against her big brother.  It's nice to have a bodyguard every once in a while!

Mason loved Madison, too.

This little boy has smiles for days and we just love it!

Monday, September 16, 2019

My Favorite Things

My list:
Smiles with Lilly

Musicals with my girls

Matilda was fantastic!  Very soon we are expecting to see Mallory and Cameron starring in their own show!

Lila playing soccer--this girl is on fire these days!  She has become an incredible center midfielder and now scores goals on a regular basis!

Trying to stay cool during tournaments 

These two little sisters had it made in the shade!
Jared coaching his new all-girls team.  Go Hot Shots!
Some listen better than others, but he does a great job with all.

Little sister getting to take her very own "Frog Tog" to practice.

One thing that is not my favorite--100 degree weather in the middle of September!

Lake weekends with the Rachavong Family

Watching these fearless kids do their thing!

Cousins who get along with one another

Time spent with your best friend

Lunch with new friends at school

Seeing my little girl with all her new friends just makes my mama heart so happy!

Shopping Day with Lila--and we had Paciugo for dessert!

Snow cones after a big win one night!

Cheering on this girl as her team played so well in the high heat.  Go #12!

Watching my favorite QB in his first football scrimmage

He did awesome and even threw two touchdown passes!

Friday, September 13, 2019

First Week Success

K is for Kindergarten. Cameron is rocking this school thing like no one's business, just as we expected she would!

I loved seeing her smiling face at lunch on her first day of school.  

On her second day, they got to go to the library and check out a book.  It came as no surprise that she chose a book about dogs.

On the third day, my girls wore their new Hunt spirit shirts.  Super cute! 
The last day of the week, Cami's teacher showed off her drawing skills.  No, this is NOT a self-portrait!  It's a drawing of a character in a book.  Whew!
Mrs. Martinez keeps these kids busy all day long, and Cameron loves to learn.

Friday afternoon, we picked up Jackson and Maddie from Middle School. 
Her littlest cousin was the most excited, I do believe!

Monday, August 26, 2019

First Day of School

There's just something cool about the first day of school.  No one is really all that thrilled to go back to homework and waking up early, but the anticipation of a new school year is undeniable.  During dinner the night before school, I had each one of us share something that we had loved about the stage in life that someone else was about to enter.  For example, Lila told Cami all of her favorite things about Kindergarten, like playing in Big Centers.  Jackson told Lila how much he liked changing classes in 4th grade and that PACE would be really cool this year doing Robotics.  I told Jackson that I loved learning Spanish in 7th grade, since he was about to take that class for the very first time.  And Jared told me all about how exciting going to work more often would be!  Ha! In all honesty, I like going to his office and and I like being about to volunteer at both schools.  

I was a little worried about waking up at 6:15, but they all did fantastic!

7th Grade - 12 years old

4th Grade - 9 years old

Kindergarten - 5 years old

Little Miss sported the same bedazzled "Kindergarten Rocks" dress that both Madison and Lila wore on their very first day of school.  Love it.  She chose a puppy dog theme for her lunchbox...

and new backpack.  Adorable.  And so Cami.

We were so on the ball that we were some of the very first people to arrive at the cool signs at elementary school. Yeehaw!

It only took us 8 years to accomplish this goal, but we did it!  Sweet success.

My little stairsteps going into the school...which reminded me of a time long ago...

when we first set foot on the Hunt campus.  Oh my word. 
I remember this day like it was yesterday.

Jackson's kinder class was in the very same room as Cami's is now.  They may have even had the same locker!

It's been a while since that little guy stepped inside the school. 
Now it's time for the Class of 2032 to start their journey!

Mrs. Martinez was so welcoming to all of the kids as they walked into her classroom.
Cameron loved her from the start.  We felt very confident that she was off to a great start, so we said goodbye and walked Lila to 4th grade.

She's almost at the end of elementary school.  How in the world can this be happening?!

We met up with lots of her friends and took a fun first day of school pic, then she walked into class and got to work.

I wanted to take one last peek at Cameron, so we ran back to her class.  She was busy working on her paper and wanted to show me that she had already written her name.  I wonder how many other kids wrote their's in cursive?! #sostinkinsmart

We arrived at Middle School just in time to find Jackson's friends.
These boys are looking so much older to me these days!

They joined the girls for a group pic and then said goodbye to all of us.  I hope they all have a fantastic year in 7th grade!

I had signed up to help out the 6th graders with their lockers, mostly so I could see Miss Madison.  I found her in her classroom and was so excited!  She was smiling from ear to ear and was very eager about the new school year.  I know that she will do great things.

A few hours later, Maverick and I were at the bus stop.  Cami had insisted that I bring Mav and he was super happy about this plan.  His girls missed him...

and he missed his girls!

Jackson and Madison arrived a little later.  We ate the first day of school cake and they each shared something about their day.  First day of school was a huge success!  Whew!

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