Friday, August 26, 2016

Goodbye Santa Rosa Beach!

A few more of my favorite beach photos before we get to the sad part.
My snaggle-tooth girls!  

They loved their new beach dresses and couldn't resist a mini-photo session.

When did Baby Lila get so grown up?!

And now, for the sad part.  It was finally time to leave.  And of course, it was a gorgeous day.
With sun!

We can come back next year, though!

How could we not return to this little slice of heaven?

We had another successful road trip home.  We made it to Vicksburg, Mississippi and had dinner overlooking the Mississippi River.   A cool spot and it was a good time for all.  Everyone slept well that night and we were on the road by 9am the next morning.

These headphones are pretty cool!  This girl thought she was so grown up. She took a nap...

and so did Bubba.  Even big boys give out every now and then.

Goodbye, our precious Florida!  We love you!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Florida- Fun Friday

 It happened--Friday happened.  Boo!  We did NOT want to leave the beach! Every year we start to dread the end of the trip.  I guess that's how you know it's been an awesome vacation.
We made so many great memories and really enjoyed being together.

The sun wasn't out, but we could get back in the water.  Hooray!

Presley found the treasure of the day--a shark tooth!

I got to spend some time with my sweet girl.  She's grown SO much since her first trip to the beach.

She still loves it just as much.  Maybe more.

Cameron finally came around to liking the beach...of course, on the last day:)

Mermaid Cami was loving the beach life with her favorite cousin.

All of us were getting sad about leaving the beach.  We love Florida!
This is the kids' attempt at spelling out Florida.

2016 Beach Trip

Let's do a kid pyramid!  We should have perched Cami on the top!

The parents were not to be outdone--we rocked our own pyramid, too.  Bam!

We finally got to take our family beach photos.  I love them!

These people are my world.

JWH - Age 9.  He's our energizer bunny and has got such a fantastic smile.

MRR - Age 8.  Our performer, with too-die-for dimples.

LGH - Age 6.  Our sweet soul with a heart of gold. 

CNH - Age 2 1/2.  Our comedian, constant entertainer and stinker!

Even though this rascal can try my patience on any day, I couldn't love her more.

We have the best laughs together!

I love it that these four are becoming friends, too.  Most of the time, they even like each other!  And even when they are fighting, I know they still love one another.

The Beach--our Happy Place!

We simply couldn't leave Florida without dinner at the Back Porch in Destin.  It's so good!

Cameron had declined a nap that afternoon, so she was still snoozing on her daddy's shoulder when we sat down. My angel baby.

We got seated at a prime table, overlooking the beach.  Such a gorgeous view!  For our last night, we feasted.  Crab claws, oysters, fried cheese, and fried pickles, and those were just the appetizers on our table!  Most of us had fish or crab for dinner, except for my non-seafood-loving-son, who stuck with chicken fingers.  One day he will learn!  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Florida - Beach Olympics

                       We had high hopes for Thursday, but woke up to double red flags again.  
Oh well!  We can still play at the beach!

The girls stayed busy playing in the sand...

doing some cartwheels and other tricks.

Cami made more sand cupcakes...

and Jackson played with his beach bud, Brayden.

 Jackson and Lila played ball with their daddy.
The sun peeked it's head out every now and then, just long enough for us to think that it was going to stay!

We talked it over and decided that it was finally time to have the Beach Olympics.  Jackson had been literally begging for it all day long--I think the real Olympics inspired him to if he wasn't already competitive enough:)

We had the Sharks vs. Pirates.  Argh!

Baby Matthew was all smiles watching his sisters compete against one another.

Each family came up with one event.  The bean bag toss into crab nets was our first event.  
Go Jackson!

The Crab Walk was next--it was close, but the Pirates won that one, too.

Cameron had finally been won over by the sand--so much so that she wanted nothing more than to keep playing during the games:)

The Sand Bucket Relay was the third event.

Go Finley!  The Pirates won that one, too!

Water Gun Relay was our next event.  And it was worth double points.

Although the pirates tried hard, they lost this event. 

The score was 3-2 going into the Wheelbarrow Race.  The stakes were high!  It was close, but the Pirates beat the Sharks.

All ten kids tried their best, though, and we were proud of them!  

The Pirates were pumped to take home their trophies, though.  

We all went to dinner together that night at Hurricane's--yummy food and more fun with our friends.  We sat on the covered patio and watched the USA women gymnasts win big once again.  Go USA!!!

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