Sunday, July 15, 2018

I hope you dance

 Cami's first ever dance recital kicked off our summer with a bang.  She had been counting down the days since the past August, when she first started her ballet and tap classes.  For real.  The time had finally come for her to be on that big stage.  We had conquered the dress rehearsal, and now it was go time.  
This little girl was born to be a star.  
The tap routine was to "I won't grow up" from
Peter Pan and was super cute, but I still preferred the ballet routine.

It was just so sweet and innocent.  She danced to "Fireflies" by Faith Hill.

The hip hop finale to 24 Karat Magic was probably my favorite, though! 
Cameron Nicole, and all her sassiness, rocked it up there.

She even got a trophy to commemorate the occasion--winning!

And pretty flowers!

She had so many fans, too, including these peeps.  Uncle Andrew made it, but skipped out before the picture.  And despite us figuring out mid-recital that Jackson had to be at baseball hours earlier than expected, Jared didn't miss any of her routines.  He watched her tap, ran Jackson home to get his baseball bag, dropped him off with a teammate and then made it back right before her ballet routine.  Go Daddy, go!
After spending all day at baseball, Jared and Jackson both made it back to the theater to see our favorite hip-hop star.  Madison was awesome!

She has loved being in class with so many of her friends.  These girls rocked that stage and had the whole audience thoroughly entertained.

We were super proud of our dancing girls.  Thank goodness recitals are only once a year, though! 
I need plenty of time to get ready for the next one.  Being a dance mom is no joke!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My little stars!

When he grows up to be an MLB pitcher one day, this will still be one of my all-time favorite photos.

Lila hit the big time and made the local newspaper in an article about her school's field day.  
So neat!

Cameron had her very first dress rehearsal for her big recital.  
She simply couldn't wait to get on that big stage.

Summer Ball

The Angels finished their season as the champs, and had a swim party to celebrate.

Lila gave Cami her special #12 cupcake. 
Little sister did cheer for her the whole season, so it was a nice thing to do!

The party was at the Reichert's house this year.  They have such a fabulous backyard.

There was plenty of sunshine, so thank goodness the kids could swim...

or cruise down the super-fun slip-n-slide.

The next day we were in Fort Worth, cheering for the Eagles.  Uncle Scott came to watch and got to see Jackson hit an out-of-the-park HOMERUN!  Only his second one ever.  So cool.

The boys played so well and had a break for lunch, so we went to Heim BBQ, a Fort Worth gem.

It was crazy hot all day, but so awesome to see Jackson help his team win.  They were down in the last inning and came back to win it all!
Champs again!

It was late when we left the ballfields, but everyone was so happy.
Way to go, Eagles!

Friday, June 22, 2018

School's out for summer!

June 1st, 2018.  Last day of school!  I should have made myself a sign celebrating the end of waking up early, making lunches, packing snacks, getting water bottles ready, hustling kids to put on their shoes, and getting them to school on time.  Hallelujah!  I do love me some summer.

5th grade

4th Grade

2nd Grade

Who's ready for a break?  These kids!

A few hours after dropping them off at school, Jackson's 5th grade Luau had kicked off.  We had been up at school the afternoon before, decorating the entire gym.  

The island paradise turned out so good!  There was everything a kid could want, including a fun DJ, photo booth, tons of food...

and even a gaga ball pit that was brought in for the big party. 
These boys were loving life.

Such a fun way to start the day!

There was the limbo...
cool decor...

and so many smiles.

In between getting all of Jackson's former teachers to sign his yearbook, I did make a pit-stop in Lila's class.  Her party wasn't near as exciting, but it did the trick.  

A few hours later, Jackson was walking out of Hunt for the last time. Bye, Mr. Moeller!
We ran home, the kids put on their swimsuits and we arrived at Blake's house for the 5th grade party.

There was quite the crew!

It was a beautiful day.

The girls and I went to the second grade party next, where Lila could hang with her friends.

This group is a little nutty, especially the boys.

There was so much to do and then it started snowing!

Not actual snow, but there was foam being blown from the roof of the house.  So funny!

The girls swam a little, played on this cool swing...

did the cool inflatable slides...

and then went to Brooklyn's house for a girls only party.  They'd had enough of those boys! 
Cheers to summer.

5th Grade Graduation

I promise, it wasn't that long ago that Jackson took his first steps towards a big new school for his first day of Kindergarten.  I was so worried that he wouldn't say a peep all day.

My shy, quiet little boy was a little apprehensive, but also ready to see what good times were in store for him.

Madison and Lila were both there, and walked him all the way into his new classroom.

We found the locker with his name on it and he thought he'd really hit the big time.

Then someone hit the fast forward button!

Six years flew by and all of a sudden, my sweet little boy was all dressed up, handing out programs to the parents at his 5th grade graduation ceremony!  
He has had an extremely successful time at Hunt, excelling in all subjects.  He received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence.  Go Bubba!

Y'all!  I can't even describe all my emotions about my baby growing up.  
These boys are so happy to be moving on to middle school next year. 
I think they're ready--well, at least most of them!

These kids cleaned up so well, and I think even liked being "all grown up" if for just a few hours.

They were definitely in their element at the pool party that followed, though, which was full of shenanigans.  Part of me doesn't want them to grow up...guess that's what summer is for--gotta give both the kids and the parents some time to get used to change.  Middle School will be here before we turn around.

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