Thursday, January 17, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a beautiful, sunny Thanksgiving Day this year!  

I'm thankful for so many blessings, but these are some of my greatest ones. 
Three healthy kids and their new "baby brother" Maverick!

I'm also thankful for my family and was so happy to be able to spend the first part of the day with my two nieces, grandmother, great aunt Ruth and great uncle Dan.

I'm grateful for my parents,as well, and loved our turkey lunch at their house. 
All the food was simply spectacular!  And Uncle Dan's stories are always a hoot.

We are all thankful that these four turkeys are now big enough to sit at their own table. 
Cheers to drinking out of the nice glasses and not spilling anything!

Lila and Jackson are thankful for their cousin and their shared love of soccer.
Miss Lilly is thankful for her big bow and tutu...and her sweet great grandmother!

I love these ladies!

We finally said goodbye a few hours after lunch, then went home to prep for Thanksgiving dinner with the Hays family.

Jackson was thankful he got to play a little football with his dad and uncles before the sun went down!

We're all thankful that Connor joined our family this year!

Aunt Lyndsie and Uncle Scott can always count on these two to help out.

I'm also thankful for my mother-in-law, who has many great qualities.  At the top of that list, though, is the fact that she raised an amazing man--my multi-talented husband, who loves to cook...and is good at it!

Lyndsie's cookies are at the top of Jackson's thankful list!  He ranks them up there with bacon and cheeseburgers.  They really are SO good.  I think they sum this day up pretty well--we are all grateful, thankful, but most of all, blessed.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Thanksgiving Break

We kicked off Thanksgiving Break with a feast at Cami's preschool.  All the kids were so thrilled to be wearing their turkey t-shirts and hats.

Roman, Hadlie, Cameron and Callum--4 very happy turkeys!

After lunch, the kids all lined up and performed a medley of songs.

I can't remember the name of this dance, but it was so cute watching them all be little turkeys.

Avery and Cami were so precious in their festive outfits.  

The next few days were spent at the soccer fields, but on Monday or Tuesday we were ready for something entertaining.  I suggested visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  Gigi and Boom wanted to join us as well, so we made it an all-skate.  It was so cool!  They had one room decorated exactly the way it had been for Christmas in 2006.

All of the exhibits were very interactive and the kids loved learning all about George and Laura Bush.  Such good people.

One of Jackson's favorite exhibits was the baseball collection of our former president.

Everything was top notch and so well done.

We even got to sit at the desk in the Oval Office.  Hello, President Lila Hays!
We ended our fun afternoon with lunch at Campisi's.  So, so good.  President Lila highly recommends the crab claws.

We had lots of good time with Maverick, who is now much bigger than Cami!

The big kids each had a friend sleepover and got in the hot tub for a bit. 
Lifeguard Mav was on duty the whole time.

On Wednesday we had our annual family trip to the Fort Worth Zoo for Poppi's birthday.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.  Perfect for gorilla-watching!

We saw the elephants...

and got right up close to the giraffes!

One of the most recent changes to the FW Zoo is this giraffe feeding area.

These creatures are so majestic!

They've also added a really neat underwater hippo exhibit.  So cool!

We fed the birds after seeing all the animals...

then called it a day and went to eat lunch.  Happy Birthday, Poppi!  

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

League Challenge Cup

Lila played in two tournaments over Thanksgiving Break.  We kicked things off on a chilly morning at the League Challenge Cup.

#61 was ready to win.
It was so cold!  With temps in the 30's, these girls just snuggled up on the big bench at halftime.


With Lila on defense, Madi at midfield and Brooklyn as our forward, Sting '09 had a great tournament!

They came up just short in the championship game, but had such a great run.

As always, we were proud of our girl!  Go Lila!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Superheroes and Mavericks

The Superheroes outdoor season came to a close one Thursday night.

In her second soccer season, Miss Cameron really came alive!  She worked hard to get to the ball and learned that scoring goals is fun!
Coach Jared had his hands full with this group, but he did SO good!  His patience level is much higher than mine would be, and he deals with all the tears, balls kicked the wrong direction, and general craziness!

Having your dad as the coach?  Priceless.

Thank goodness for the heart of the Superheroes.  As long as Jules, Cami and Callum are there, we've got a good chance to win!

A few days later, we were enjoying watching Jackson shake the rust off of his baseball bat.  

He played in the Middle School Matchup baseball tournament with kids from MMS.

They won big in their two games the first day, but lost early on Sunday.  Oh well!  It was freezing cold with 30 mile an hour winds!  There's always a bright side:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Exploring Connecticut

I've only been to Connecticut once, and I remember it's beauty.  The morning after the wedding, we went to the brunch at our hotel that was hosted by Brent's parents.

We loved seeing Gail and Ana again and were able to thank them, along with Brent and his parents, for an unforgettable night.  Before we said goodbye, I asked Ana for some ideas on what to do in Connecticut before we left for the airport.  She had some great suggestions!

We took two Ubers down to Mainstreet in Westport, which was only a block away from the picturesque Saugatuck River.  

Exploring it was way better than shopping, so that's exactly what we did.


I'm pretty sure we all recognized that we were in a postcard-type of scene.

Of course, the kids loved the ducks...

and liked looking for giant leaves as we walked.

The fall colors were in full effect.

So beautiful!

The kids got to billy-goat up and down the hills, run around and be silly before our second round of Ubers came to take us to the beach.

Compo Beach was totally awesome, too!
Only 10 minutes away was this incredible beach with an enormous playground.

There's just something about the ocean and a big beach that's good for the soul.

We soaked up every last minute before heading back to Texas.  It was so hard to say goodbye!

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