Thursday, May 16, 2019

Reasons to Smile

This time is of year is always hectic.  
Sports seasons are winding down, with playoffs and summer seasons on the horizo, and the end-of-school is near, which means lots to do!  In the midst of all the chaos, though, there are many reasons to smile.
Class picture day is always a treat.  This girl loves to get her hair done and she was over-the-moon happy that she got to wear wedge sandals to school!

The icing on the cake was seeing little Lilly all dressed up, too.  Precious girl finally got to wear her Easter dress.

Baby Mason has learned to smile, too.  Adorable!

I took Lila and Cami to a baby shower a few weeks ago.  While Cami will get dressed up at the drop of a hat, it takes more to get sweet Lila to do so.  They were very well mannered little girls and made their mama proud.

Sunglasses on a baby--how can you not smile at that?!  Impossible.

Lila's team got beat that day by a team of fast, skilled boys, but she didn't really care.
She had Miss Lilly to hang out with, after all!

Lilly's first time in a swing...

she loved it!  Smiles for days.

Mason came to Cami's soccer game one evening.  She was so thrilled that she really tried to just stay on the sidelines so that she could be closer to him.  I told her that she had to actually play, though!

Memaw has taken Cami to Bible Study Fellowship every Tuesday this year.  I'm so thankful that she has been willing to invest in our kids and provide such a positive influence on their lives.

Cami and Callum--BFFs!  They were all smiles on our Chuck E Cheese playdate!

Cami and Maverick.  She loves him and honestly, he loves her.  I wouldn't tell the other kids this, but it's so clear that Cameron is his favorite.  He follows her everywhere and just adores all her cuddles.  So cute.

The Eagles haven't had too many reasons to smile this season, but they turned a corner at the Strikes Against Cancer tournament.  It was beyond great to see this kid's smile return on the ballfield. Go Eagles!

While we were at the tournament, Lila and Cami opted to stay with the Hays family.  Lila got in lots of good play time with Connor...

and Cami got to help take care of Mason.  Good job, girls!

And finally, after a hot day at the ballfield, it was fantastic to be able to come home and let the kids hop in the pool.  Big smiles for that!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Easter Sunday

Oh happy day!  He is Risen!

Three of my favorites in their Sunday best.  I just love it when they get all spiffy!

We went to church in the big tent at LP Firewheel.

Sadly, Miss Lilly was under the weather, so she and Gigi couldn't make it. We sure missed them.

No rain, which we were so thankful for.  We could have done without the 40 mph winds, though!

After church we went to see this little lady.  Even though her nose and eyes were running non-stop, she still was all smiles.  Amazing baby.

We enjoyed a really good lunch and then the girls brought out the Bunny Cake we'd made the night before.  Our kids would much rather bake and decorate the bunny cake instead of dye Easter eggs, which is more than OK by me!

After every Easter lunch comes a good old fashioned egg hunt.  This year we let the little one get a 20 second head start.  Then we turned the other three maniacs loose.

Boom didn't want sweet Lilly to miss out, so he grabbed her a basket and got to work, too.

This kid literally flies around the yard, scooping up eggs!

Little sis just tries to keep up.

They searched the flowerbeds...

the back of the yard...

and this goofy girl even got IN THE POOL to snag an egg that had blown in!

Cami took that time to poach a few eggs from Madison's basket--ha!

There was no reason for Cami to get knee-high in the baby pool, other than her cousin had just done it, but she was loving life.

Get those eggs.  Kids on a mission.

Within a few minutes, the entire yard was cleared.  They got so much loot!  Unfortunately, the good times didn't last.  We went home to regroup and get ready for dinner at Memaw and Poppi's.  Stopped back by Gigi and Boom's so I could put drops in Lilly's eyes and then the wheels started shooting off!  Within five minutes both Cami and Lilly started throwing up.  Needless to say, Cami and I didn't make it to the Hays' for dinner.  

I heard that they had a good time and loved seeing this cutie drive his car around...

and this precious boy charmed everyone too. 

Maybe all five of us will make it there next year!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Happy Birthday, Madison!

 Despite the threat of hail and tornadoes, we persevered and made it to Campisi's to celebrate Madison's marvelous 11th birthday!  Thank goodness the weather reports were wrong and the storms missed us!
This little girl entered the world on April 17th, 2008 and made it infinitely brighter.

She has been a star from the very beginning!

She has always held a very special place in our hearts.

They are technically cousins, but really more like siblings:)

Happy birthday dear Madison...Happy Birthday to YOU!

I've got so much love for Miss Maddie and her Mini-Me.

Such a great night full of crab claws and good pizza!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Every now and then...

Jared and I get to go out!  It's happening less often these days, but it makes it that much sweeter when we get to escape the chaos of every day life and just LIVE for a bit.

A few weeks ago we went the Eric Church concert at the AAC.

Such a great night and Eric did not disappoint!

Thanks, Mom and Dad for the concert tickets, and for keeping our kids all night. 
Much appreciated!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Happy Birthday, Lila!

Nine is so fine!  
On April 8th, 2010, this world became a better place.  
There is no doubt in my mind that God has big plans for Miss Lila Grace Hays.

All of God's grace in one sweet little face.

She was perfect from the start.

This precious girl went from a tiny newborn to 3 months old so fast...

and before we knew it, she was almost a year old!

We had such a fantastic one year photo shoot with my friend Taylor.

In fact, an 8 x 10 of this photo is still framed in our living room today.

Then we blinked, and our girl turned 9!
We started out her day with gifts and coffee cake for breakfast.

Her beauty shines through every day.

She loves her puppy dog, 

her mama,

and her family!  I took her a special lunch at school, and then Gigi, Madison, Lilly and Boom came over that afternoon to give her some presents.

She also loves her soccer teammates!  She was given the option to skip practice that night, but she chose to go because "I want to see my friends, mommy."

We had homemade chicken tacos for dinner and a coconut cake with lots of candles on it.

A few days later we were supposed to go to Six Flags with some of her best friends.  It was raining like crazy, though, so we opted for getting our nails done with one of them.  Izzy and Lila loved hanging out together at Villa Nail Salon and then we went to a movie afterwards.

By the next Saturday the sun was shining and it was the perfect day to embark on our adventure to Six Flags over Texas.

Cami was beyond thrilled to be part of the "big girl" group!

We rode some of the smaller rides first...

and the kids were all smiles.

We had such a fun day there, whether it was on the swings...

or Runaway Mine Train!

This little chica was game for anything.

Up, up, up we go!

Madison and Brooklyn were the only two brave enough to ride Batman.
The other three said "no way!"

Thank goodness, they loved it!

Madison was such a big fan of roller coasters that she convinced Lila and Madi Reichert to ride the  Shock Wave.  After they got over to it, though, they changed their minds.  It is really high and has two loops!

Those loops didn't deter Cami, though!  She hopped on it and loved every single second.  Fearless!  She declared it the "best ride EVER!"

We rode the Roarin' Rapids next, which were so fun, and we got completely soaked!  Then we made our way over to another few rides, followed by an ice cream break.

We ended the day with the big four riding Pandemonium.  They were so happy that all of them were brave enough to ride it and declared the day and huge success.  Mission accomplished!

We celebrated Miss Lila very well, as it should be.

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